Post Conviction Relief

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Youíve paid your debt to society, and now youíve earned the right to move on, without your DUI conviction or other criminal record following you and restricting what you can do. The expungement of criminal records is possible. Contact a skilled lawyer today to help you find post conviction relief. †Please note that post conviction relief is NOT available in every state.† Itís important to check with an attorney in your area to determine if post conviction relief is available for you.†

Post conviction relief means the expungement of criminal records and describes the many laws that can help you after your conviction, even if youíve been required to serve time and pay fines.

Post conviction relief can help you in a number of ways after your conviction. If you have a drug or sex conviction, you may have to register as an offender with local authorities. Post conviction relief can loosen the restrictions for that requirement Ė or possibly eliminate that requirement entirely. Your conviction, especially if it was for a DUI or DWI, may restrict or ban your ability to obtain certain licenses. Post conviction relief could lift those restrictions or bans. And even if your arrest didnít lead to a conviction, post conviction relief can help with the expungement of criminal records or arrests.

Post conviction relief can even help with the indirect ramifications of your conviction: the remorse, the anger, the guilt. When post conviction relief is applied to your situation in the ways described above, the feelings surrounding that conviction can be alleviated because that conviction is not having such a destructive effect on your life anymore.

One huge benefit to post conviction relief can be seen when you apply for employment. Disclosure of your criminal past is necessary when applying for a job. But post conviction relief allows for ways in which you can legally hide your conviction from a potential employer.

Post conviction relief can even help in situations that require a more invasive background check. Thanks to post conviction relief, you can expunge your conviction before disclosing it. Disclosing an expunged conviction creates a far better impression than a conviction that has not been expunged via post conviction relief. If your conviction was a felony, post conviction relief could provide even more help. A qualified attorney in the field of post conviction relief might be able to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, then expunge it.

The expungement of criminal records can also be confusing. The specifics of the law have numerous variations depending on the details of your situation. Post conviction relief is different for juveniles and adults. Post conviction relief differs between misdemeanors and felonies. And, as you may have guessed, the expungement of criminal records varies from one state to another. For the best results for your case, you should talk to an attorney who is qualified to help you with the expungement of criminal records.

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