An Arizona DUI Attorney Can Help You With Your Case


A drunk driving arrest in Arizona can be prosecuted in one of two ways – either by one’s ability being impaired by the slightest degree as the result of consuming alcohol or by having a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater within two hours of driving. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in the state, a qualified Arizona DUI attorney, such as Daniel Kaiser can help you get the best representation possible before the law. A knowledgeable DUI attorney can question breathalyzer results and field sobriety tests, and also represent you aggressively in court. You would want an Arizona DUI attorney who is very experienced in cases like yours. An Arizona DUI attorney can also represent you in subsequent DMV hearings, which will determine the status of your license.

When You Get Arrested for DUI in Arizona, It's Time to Call an Arizona DUI Lawyer


Arizona DUI laws are amongst the toughest in the nation and there are many avenues by which you can get arrested. When you are arrested for DUI, your first call should be to a qualified Arizona DUI lawyer, such as Daniel Kaiser. An Arizona DUI lawyer has the needed experience to handle these cases and can help you avoid undo ramifications by mounting an aggressive defense on your behalf. An Arizona DUI lawyer knows about breathalyzer machine failures and field sobriety test results and can question these when your case comes up before a judge. They can also represent you at any DMV hearings you may face as the result of your arrest.

Suspected Illegal Immigrant Held in DUI Crash that Killed Arizona Police Officer


A suspected illegal immigrant is charged with manslaughter and DUI / DWI in connection with a crash that killed a Phoenix police officer.

Salvador Vivas-Diaz, 50, was ordered held without bond in a Phoenix jail after his first court appearance.

Cases such as this one are typically highly charged with emotion and difficult defend. However, there are viable defense strategies that can be employed in a DUI / DWI case involving a death.

If you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor DUI / DWI charge, you need a defense lawyer who thoroughly understands both the law and science of effective drunk driving defense. An experienced Arizona DUI attorney from is ready to review your case and develop a strategy to fight your driving under the influence charge. Please contact a knowledgeable attorney today at 1.800.DUI.LAWS for a free consultation.

Florida Anchorman Arrested on Suspicion of DUI / DWI


A Florida television news anchorman was arrested on suspicion of DUI / DWI.

WTEV-TV anchor John O’Connor was arrested on suspicion of DUI / DWI in Atlantic Beach after he was pulled over for a moving violation and the officer noted his watery eyes, odor of alcohol, and inability to stand without leaning on his car.

While these are considered classic signs of DUI / DWI driving, they aren’t definitive symptoms of impairment. A skilled Florida DUI lawyer would argue that those symptoms were caused by something other than alcohol.

If you’re facing a Florida DUI / DWI charge, you need an attorney who thoroughly understands the law and science of drunk driving defense. A skilled attorney from is ready to review your drunk driving case and plan an aggressive defense. Please contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer today at 1.800.DUI.LAWS for a free consultation.

Colorado Rockies Pitcher Luis Vizcaino Arrested for DUI / DWI


Colorado Rockies pitcher Luis Vizcaino was arrested for DUI / DWI in Tampa, Florida after police pulled him over for driving 71 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Vizcaino reportedly took a chemical test that showed his blood alcohol content (BAC) was just over the legal limit of .08 percent.

DUI / DWI cases where the driver’s BAC is close to the legal limit are especially subject to challenge by an experienced defense lawyer. The blood and breath tests used in DUI / DWI investigations are sometimes erroneous, so it’s possible that a driver whose BAC was near the legal limit wasn’t actually intoxicated behind the wheel.

If you’re facing a DUI / DWI charge, you need a skilled Colorado DUI lawyer on your side. An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer from can review your case and devise an aggressive defense strategy. To learn more about effective defenses to drunk driving charges, please contact a knowledgeable defense lawyer today at 1.800.DUI.LAWS for a free consultation.

A Missouri DUI Attorney Can Aggressively Defend You in Your DUI Case


Missouri drunk driving cases are referred to as driving while intoxicated when alcohol is involved and driving under the influence when drugs are involved. In either case, you are facing serious charges and should consult with a skilled Missouri DUI attorney, such as Christopher Angles immediately upon your arrest. An experienced Missouri DUI attorney could offer exceptional consultation to you in the face of serious repercussions, including your license being revoked or suspended. A qualified Missouri DUI attorney will also aggressively defend you in court and will pursue all avenues to ensure that your legal rights are protected. You should be able to trust your case in the hands of a reputable Missouri DUI lawyer.

A Texas DUI Attorney Can Handle a Misdemeanor or Felony DUI Case


Texas DUI cases can be treated by Texas courts as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the circumstance of the DUI and if there is a prior arrest record. With the threat of jail time hanging over your head, a wise move would be to secure the counsel of a qualified Texas DUI attorney who can handle your case right from the start. Jury trials are available to people charged with DUI in Texas. The prosecutor must convince the jurors of your guilt. A Texas DUI attorney like John Eastland can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf and question any sobriety test evidence or breathalyzer malfunctions. DUI defense is a continually changing area of law, and your case should be handled by an experienced Texas DUI attorney who is well versed in state DUI laws and has handled many cases just like your own.

When You Are Arrested for DUI in Texas, Call in a Texas DUI Lawyer


DUI is a serious offense in Texas, and could be treated as a felony if you have a prior conviction. If you are arrested in Texas for DUI, the first call you should make is to an experienced Texas DUI lawyer, such as John Eastland. DUI law is an ever changing area of law and an Texas DUI lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and possibly request a jury trial if there is enough questionable evidence from the prosecution. A Texas DUI lawyer can aggressively present your case to the jury and should have extensive knowledge about blood alcohol level testing. With jail time, a tarnished driving record, negative effects to other unrelated cases and heavy fines as among the consequences you can face, consulting with a qualified, trusted Texas DUI attorney would be a wise decision.

Help from an Experienced West Virginia DUI Attorney


In West Virginia a DWI arrest triggers two separate cases. A qualified, well-trained West Virginia DUI attorney can help you navigate your case as it moves through the courts and the DMV. The court conviction could result in fines, losing your license, mandatory driving classes and even incarceration. A highly skilled West Virginia DUI attorney like Todd La Neve can mount the best possible defense for your court case and can represent you during the motor vehicles case where further fines and license revocation may incur. West Virginia DUI laws are some of the toughest in the country, so when you get arrested for DUI, your first move should be to call an experienced West Virginia DUI attorney to handle your case. This is a continually changing area of law and experienced DUI attorneys know how to represent those charged with DWI.

West Virginia DUI Lawyer by your Side as you Face Serious Charges


As in many states, a drunk driving arrest in West Virginia triggers two separate cases, a criminal case and a DMV proceeding. You need a West Virginia DUI lawyer to help you navigate through both of these often complex proceedings. The ramifications of a DUI charge can be severe and can include stiff penalties, the loss of your license and even incarceration. A trusted and experienced West Virginia DUI lawyer such as Todd La Neve is exceptionally trained to handle DUI cases and knows many of the nuances of the law. A West Virginia DUI lawyer can aggressively defend you against charges if there is evidence of breathalyzer malfunction or failure to read Miranda rights. When you get arrested in West Virginia for DUI, your first call should be to a qualified West Virginia DUI lawyer.