Washington DUI Lawyer Scott E. Wonder Fights Drunk Driving Cases in Snohomish, King and Kittitas Counties

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Washington DUI defense lawyer Scott E. Wonder is a trial attorney who focuses on the defense of drunk driving cases in Snohomish, King and Kittitas counties.

Washington state DUI lawyer Scott E. Wonder has more than a decade and a half of experience in fighting drunk driving charges and Department of Licensing proceedings, particularly those involving breath tests.

Since 1994, Washington state DUI lawyer Scott E. Wonder has been a principal in the Bellevue law firm of Goddard Wetherall Wonder & Padula focusing and honing his skills as a drunk driving defense lawyer.

Washington state DUI lawyer Scott E. Wonder graduated from the University of Washington’s Law School after winning awards for the top grades in constitutional law and contracts, and the prestigious Judson Falknor upper-class moot court competition. He received his MBA from the University of Washington that same day.

To learn more about aggressive defenses to drunk driving cases, please contact Washington state DUI lawyer Scott E. at 1-800-DUI-LAWS for a free consultation.

Florida DUI Lawyer Richard A. Alexander Fights Drunk Driving Charges in Hernando and Pasco Counties

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Florida DUI / DWI lawyer Richard A. Alexander devotes 90 percent of his practice to drunk driving defense and has a phenomenal success rate. His extensive experience as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor has prepared him to aggressively defend any Florida DUI / DWI case.

Florida DUI / DWI attorney Richard A. Alexander launched his legal career a decade ago as a prosecutor for the 6th Judicial Circuit in Pinellas and Pasco counties, where he prosecuted dozens of jury and non-jury trials and hundreds of misdemeanor and felony motions and evidentiary hearings. During his time as a prosecutor, Florida DUI / DWI lawyer Richard A. Alexander honed his skills as an attorney while preparing the testimony of thousands of witnesses, victims, and law enforcement officers.

In 2001, Florida DUI / DWI lawyer Richard A. Alexander began private practice, and in 2004, he established his own firm and began to concentrate on Florida DUI / DWI law. He also has conducted scores of mediation sessions and evidentiary hearings, drafted contracts disputes, partitions, foreclosures, settled landlord/tenant matters, and mechanic’s liens.

Florida DUI / DWI attorney Richard A. Alexander has published numerous magazine articles on legal topics, and was recently a guest speaker at the Preferred Provider’s Conference sponsored by Bay Care Life Management, where he lectured on the complexities of Florida DUI / DWI law.

To ensure that he remains on the cutting edge of drunk driving defense, Florida DUI / DWI lawyer Richard A. Alexander has successfully completed numerous DUI / DWI seminars over the past 10 years, including Masters of DUI, Pre-Emptive Strike, Winning Trial Strategies, the Advanced DUI Law Seminar (1999), and the DUI Trial Advocacy Seminar.

Florida DUI / DWI attorney Richard A. Alexander is also a professor at the University of Phoenix – Southwest Florida Campus for the past six years, where he instructs graduate students in law-related classes for the Graduate Business and Management College.

You face substantial repercussions if you’re convicted of Florida DUI / DWI, so it’s critical to have an expert drunk driving lawyer at your side to fight for your rights. To learn more about effective defenses to drunk driving charges during a free consultation, contact Florida DUI / DWI attorney Richard A. Alexander toll-free at 1.800.DUI.LAWS.

Dayton, Ohio DUI Lawyer Thomas M. Kollin Focuses on Drunk Driving Defense

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Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin is an experienced defense attorney who has concentrated almost exclusively on DUI / OVI cases for over a decade. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients arrested for DUI – including the son of the chief of police.

Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin has had overwhelming success in both misdemeanor and felony DUI / OVI cases. He is a member in good standing of the Ohio Bar Association and a member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

A graduate of Ohio University, Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin earned his law degree at the University of Dayton School of Law. He practiced DUI / OVI law at Butros, Killon & Schulte for eight years before forming the law firm Cicero & Kollin.

Because he focuses his law practice on drunk driving defense, Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin takes pride in the fact that he never stops learning about driving under the influence law and how to better help his clients.

Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin received specialized training at the following drunk driving defense seminars: Ohio OVI update, traffic law practices and the impaired driving law issues in Ohio and Ohio traffic laws, alcohol testing, and license suspensions and forfeitures.

Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin is serious about drunk driving and criminal defense and he wants everyone to have the best advice possible. To that end, he hosts LegalTalk, a radio program on WHIO 1290 that discusses drunk driving and other legal issues throughout the Miami Valley and Dayton areas in Ohio.

If you’re facing a drunk driving charge, contact Dayton, Ohio DUI lawyer Thomas M. Kollin at 1.800.DUI.LAWS for a free consultation.

Pasco DUI Attorneys Help Protect Your Rights in a DUI / DWI Case

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If you are charged with drunk driving in Pasco County, Florida, scheduling a consultation with Pasco DUI attorneys is the first step you should take. A Florida DUI / DWI conviction can lead to very serious consequences which can affect your personal and professional life, and should not be taken lightly.

There are a number of important factors that an experienced DUI lawyer needs to consider in order to effectively defend your case. DUI law is a very complex and technical area, and without the aid of a qualified attorney, it’s very possible to lose your driving privileges, as well as be forced to pay fines and even imprisonment. The Law Offices Richard Alexander has helped many individuals charged with drunk driving in Florida successfully defend their case, and is dedicated to the aggressive defense of driving under the influence charges with compassionate advocacy to clients.

The field of DUI Law can be very confusing to anyone who has not received the proper training and experience, and there are many complex issues that only a professional Florida DUI / DWI attorney can comprehend. To get in touch with Pasco DUI attorneys in Florida State, visit www.1800DUILaws.com.

A Hernando County DUI Attorney Can Help Defend Your DUI Case

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For residents and visitors to Hernando County, Florida, a DUI stop and subsequent arrest can be a difficult and stressful experience. This is why it’s important to immediately get the assistance of a professional Hernando County DUI attorney in order to safeguard against enhanced repercussions which can arise from a Florida DUI case.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, a DUI lawyer will make recommendations on the best possible course of action to take in order to prevent the loss of an individual’s driving privileges, as well as formulate a defense strategy to possibly minimize and even avoid excessive penalties and conviction. Each successive DUI conviction carries increasingly severe penalties, which is why it is important to try and prevent the first guilty verdict.

Hernando County DUI attorney Richard Alexander has more than 10 years experience defending Florida DUI cases, and has successfully represented hundreds of clients arrested for DUI in the state. To schedule a consultation, visit 1800DUILaws.com or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Ohio Man on Lawnmower-Mounted Barstool Arrested for DUI

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An Ohio man was arrested for DUI after spending too much time on a barstool – the one mounted on his lawnmower.

Kile Wygle, 28, told police he drank about 15 beers  before taking his homemade contraption for a spin around his Newark neighborhood. He reportedly wrecked the lawnmower, which he said can travel about 38 mph but was going only 20 mph at the time, while making a U-turn.

Wygle, who reportedly refused a chemical test, was arrested on suspcion of DUI and driving with a suspended license.

While Wygle’s exploits are amusing, a DUI charge is extremely serious. A drunk driving conviction carries repercussions that include fines, a driver’s license suspension, and sometimes even jail time.

However, it’s possible to aggressively fight a DUI charge. A knowledgeable drunk driving lawyer from 1800DUILaws.com has the skills and experience to fight your driving under the influence charge. Please contact a top drunk driving attorney today at 1-800-DUI-LAWS for a free consultation.