Let an Experienced Baker County DUI Lawyer Fight for Your Rights

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Baker County DUI lawyer Ron Sholes is a firm believer that every driver charged with DUI should get the legal representation he or she deserves. Florida DUI Law has its own set of rules that a defense lawyer must know about, such as the Ten Day Rule and the fact that aside from the criminal case filed against the defendant, a separate administrative case will be filed with the DMV.

Atty. Ron Sholes has been living in the state for more than 20 years. He is qualified to practice in all Florida state courts. He has extensive experience in handling DUI cases, and currently provides legal defense services for misdemeanor and felony charges.

As a Baker County DUI lawyer, Atty. Sholes can help defend your rights and safeguard against enhanced repercussions. Let an experienced defense lawyer who is highly knowledgeable in Florida DUI law handle your case or that of your loved one. Contact Atty. Ron Sholes through 1800DUILaws.com, or by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Alachua DUI Attorney Can Help Defend Your Rights in a Florida DUI / DWI

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Alachua DUI Attorney Ron Sholes has served the military for 10 years before he became a full-time defense lawyer. Florida DUI / DWI law is a very complex field that can have grave consequences for an accused driver. Florida imposes steep penalties, including jail time and vehicle impoundment even for a first-time conviction. Atty. Sholes can help to aggressively defend your case, and help safeguard against enhanced repercussions.

While he was on active duty, Atty. Sholes served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm during the Gulf War. He was also part of a number of counter-narcotic operations in the Pacific and the Caribbean. During his service, he received the National Defense Service Medal and the Southwest Asia Service Medal, among other awards that attest to his dedication to work and caliber of service.

Today, as an Alachua DUI attorney, Ron has established his own law firm consisting of other war veterans who are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights. If you or your loved one requires help with the Florida DUI / DWI law, contact Atty. Ron Sholes by visiting 1800DUILaws.com or by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

A Charge of DUI in Bradford Country Requires the Assistance of DWI Lawyers in Florida

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An individual faced with a charge of DUI in Bradford County, or in any other county for that matter, requires the assistance of DWI lawyers in Florida who have ample legal expertise on the technical aspects of a drunk driving arrest and the subsequent court proceedings in the state.

Atty. Ron Sholes and his colleagues at the Law Offices of Ronald E. Sholes, P.A. are well-equipped with the experience and technical skills to properly defend a DUI charge in Florida. The attorney has completed an intensive certification course intended for law enforcement instructors, who in turn train DUI enforcement officers to properly administer and evaluate field sobriety tests. He also keeps himself updated with the latest developments in the field by attending trainings and seminars conducted by experts in the field.

Atty. Ron Sholes can help individuals faced with a charge of DUI in Bradford County safeguard against enhanced repercussions. To get in touch with him and other DWI lawyers in Florida, call 1-800-DUI-LAWS or visit 1800DUILaws.com.

Prepare Against a DUI First Offense in Baker County with the Help of Experienced DWI Lawyers in Florida

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A conviction for a DUI first offense in Baker County can have a wide-ranging effect on almost all aspects of a person’s life. Because of the potentially harsh consequences that can arise from a DUI case, it’s best to employ the services of experienced DWI lawyers in Florida immediately after an arrest.

The fines for a first-time DUI offense in the state can range from $250 to $1000, depending on the result of the breath test, with the possibility of jail time of up to six months. This may be extended up to nine months if the person’s blood alcohol level is .15 or higher or if a minor is in the vehicle.

In addition to fines and imprisonment, a DUI first offense in Baker County can also result in vehicle impoundment of up to 10 days, revocation of license from 180 days to a year, and the requirement to attend DUI School. These potential repercussions highlight the need for the expertise of DWI lawyers in Florida such as Atty. Ron Sholes.

To help counter DUI charges, contact Ron Sholes ASAP by visiting 1800DUILaws.com or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Port Angeles DWI Lawyers Can Assist You through the Technicalities of a DUI First Offense in Washington

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Port Angeles DWI lawyers must be highly informed of the technicalities of a drunk driving arrest. A DUI first offense in Washington State follows complex guidelines that determine the corresponding penalties from the result of the breath test and the refusal thereof. For this reason, it is advisable to seek legal representation early on from Washington DUI experts, such as defense lawyer Jonathan Rands.

Atty. Rands has more than ample experience in DUI cases and he has taken more than 100 DUI cases to trial in Washington State. As a graduate of the advanced drunk driving defense course from the National College for DUI Defense, he is considered to be an authority in his field, and has delivered lectures during DUI Defense seminars.

Don’t settle for a neophyte to handle your DUI first offense in Washington. Highly experienced Port Angeles DWI lawyers such as Jonathan Rands are ready to assist you. Visit 1800DUILaws.com or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Unrelenting Seattle DUI Laws Call for Unwavering DUI Attorney

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Seattle DUI Laws are among the hardest to deal with in the country. If a person is charged with DUI driving in Washington, especially in Seattle, immediately seeking legal representation is critical to prevent unnecessary troubles and possible steep penalties.

Following the arrest, the accused will be asked to appear in court within 48 hours of the next business day. This is unusual in other cities and states, where filing a DUI case may take several days up to month. In addition, Seattle courts often require substantial bail, which does not honor credit cards and personal checks. There is also the possibility of being required to attend AA classes, as well as being required to install an ignition interlock device.

When faced with a DUI charge in Washington, it is important to immediately get the assistance of a lawyer well-versed in Seattle DUI laws. If you, or your loved one has been charged with DUI driving in Washington, Atty. Jonathan Rands can help. To schedule a consultation, visit 1800DUILaws.com, or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Prevent Enhanced Repercussions with the Help of Columbia DUI Lawyers

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All Columbia DUI lawyers must be adeptly and continually informed of the local DUI laws implemented in their area of practice. A DUI case in Florida can lead to harsh penalties for convicted drivers, even for first time offenders. It is the goal then of defense lawyers such as Ron Sholes to safeguard their clients from enhanced DUI repercussions.

The consequences of a DUI charge are even steeper for repeat offenders or if the action causes a serious injury to another person. If convicted for the third time within 10 years, the case counts as Third Degree Felony and may be grounds for imprisonment of not more than five years, or a fine of not more than $5,000. For this reason, Columbia DUI lawyers need to be well-versed in all aspects of Florida DUI law.

Atty. Ron Sholes provides professional legal assistance for DUI cases in Florida, as well as for felony and misdemeanor charges. Contact him by visiting 1800DUILaws.com or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Top-of-the-Line Mount Vernon DWI Lawyers

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Among Mount Vernon DWI lawyers, the attorneys at the Fox Bowman Duarte law firm have some of the most extensive experience in the county. Clients who need help in defending against a charge of DUI in Washington can seek the assistance of Atty. Jonathan Rands and of the rest of the attorneys at the firm.

The attorneys at the Fox Bowman Duarte have undergone highly technical breath test training program by the Washington State Patrol. The group also co-authored the reference manual for DUI lawyers entitled Defending DUIs in Washington. Jonathan Rands, in particular, has been invited to deliver speeches and conduct trainings on his field of expertise.

Mount Vernon DWI lawyers such as Atty. Jonathan Rands and his colleagues at the Fox Bowman Duarte can defend your rights and safeguard against enhanced repercussions. To secure quality legal representation for a charge of DUI in Washington, visit 1800DUILaws.com or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.