Defense from DUI / DWI in Gregg Requires More than Just Legal Expertise from Texas DWI Lawyers

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Aside from legal expertise, Texas DWI lawyers must also possess a solid technical knowledge and strong local background to counter a charge of DUI / DWI in Gregg County. Having served clients throughout the state, Atty. Jason Cassel has the skills and experience to defend the rights of clients charged with DUI in Gregg and Harrison Counties.

With his extensive experience in DUI defense, Atty. Cassel boasts of a range of accreditations from local and national legal bodies, including the National College of DUI Defense and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He has also been invited to deliver lectures on legal seminars, including the DUI seminar for the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association, and the Texas Alcohol Testing Alliance.

Combine those credentials with his experience as a Texas DWI prosecutor, and as a Gregg county assistant district attorney, the result is a well-informed local lawyer to effectively defend against charges of DUI / DWI in Gregg and Harrison counties. Contact one of the leading Texas DWI lawyers today by visiting or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Veteran Pennsylvania DUI Attorneys Can Provide Legal Advice on Philadelphia DUI Law

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Atty. Steven Kellis is a firm believer that every person accused of a crime against the Philadelphia DUI law deserves only the best defense. Considered to be one of the leading Pennsylvania DUI attorneys, he is equipped with an extensive experience in defending drunk driving cases and constantly keeps himself updated with the developments in his field.

As a former senior assistant district attorney, Atty. Kellis has prosecuted numerous DUI cases in Pennsylvania, and is familiar with the ins and outs of police DUI arrests and DUI litigation procedures in the state. He is also well-versed in Pennsylvania’s new driving after imbibing or DAI laws.

Also catering to Montgomery County clients, Atty. Kellis currently has his law offices in Philadelphia. With the help of an experienced defense lawyer, the harsh penalties imposed by Philadelphia DUI law may be minimized, if not eliminated. Atty. Steven Kellis and other top-caliber Pennsylvania DUI attorneys may be reached by visiting or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

When Charged with DUI Driving in Luzerne, Seek the Assistance of a Qualified Pennsylvania DUI Attorney

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Being convicted for DUI driving in Luzerne can lead to steep fines and other penalties. This emphasizes the need for the legal advice from an experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney such as Evan Levow, who practices in the areas of Luzerne, Northampton, Carbon, Monroe and Lackawanna.

Atty. Levow is highly knowledgeable in the technicalities of a DUI arrest. In fact, he is a qualified Standardized Field Sobriety testing instructor in both the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Aside from this, he has undergone several DUI training programs and has been invited to deliver the lectures at the National College of DWI / DUI Defense.

With his credentials and experience, Atty. Levow can easily identify non-standard arrest procedures and challenge the results of field sobriety tests. Together with his colleagues at Levow & Associates, he can formulate an appropriate defense against charges of DUI driving in Luzerne County. To contact this Pennsylvania DUI attorney, visit or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Seek the Assistance of a Qualified DUI Lawyer When Faced with a Charge of DUI in Franklin

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A charge of DUI in Franklin County can instantly damage one’s reputation and impose penalties that adversely affect the many facets of one’s life. Ohio DUI laws do not only differ in terminologies, they also have their own set of litigation procedures that can be confusing without the assistance of a legal expert such as Atty. Ben Luftman.

Also called OVI, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a drunk driving conviction in Ohio can result in fines, suspension of driving privileges, an increase in insurance premiums, and in some cases, imprisonment. Atty. Luftman has extensive training and experience in handling DUI cases. He will examine every aspect of your case, including the validity of the field sobriety tests in order to create an effective DUI defense strategy.

Atty. Luftman can help safeguard against enhanced repercussions arising from a charge of DUI in Franklin, Ohio. To learn more about Ohio DUI laws, especially in the counties of Franklin, Fairfield and Delaware, get in touch with Atty. Ben Luftman at 1-800-DUI-LAWS, or visit

Counter Chatham DUI Case with the Help of an Experienced Georgia DUI Lawyer

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If you are faced with a Chatham DUI case, Georgia DUI lawyer Doug Andrews can help you defend your rights in court. For more than 15 years, Atty. Andrews has focused his law practice on defending DUI / DWI charges in the state, which has served to enhance his knowledge and skills in his chosen field.

As in any other counties and states, countering a DUI charge in Chatham, Georgia calls for high familiarity with the laws and practices applied in the locale. Before shifting to private law practice, Atty. Andrews served the Chatham County state court as chief assistant district attorney for three years.

Atty. Andrews has an extensive list of DUI defense lectures that he has delivered to law enforcers, members of the Georgia Bar, and other legal practitioners. He applies his technical knowledge in every Chatham DUI Case he handles to safeguard his clients against enhanced repercussions.

Contact this Georgia DUI Lawyer by visiting or by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

A Conviction for DUI Driving in Hennepin can Lead to Harsh Penalties

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DUI driving in Hennepin can result in fines, mandatory attendance to DUI school, license suspension, and imprisonment of up to 90 days. This is why it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable Minnesota DUI attorney who can safeguard against enhanced repercussions which can arise from a drunk driving case.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the lawyers at Halberg Criminal Defense firm offer topnotch legal representation for clients in Minnesota. The firm’s founder, Atty. Marsh Halberg, has been hailed by more than 18,000 Minnesota attorneys as a “Super Lawyer” for years, together with his colleague, Atty. Tom Rothstein.

Aside from their individual credentials, the lawyers at the firm have access to the latest legal research tools to verify or challenge existing evidences relevant to a DUI / DWI case. With their collective years of experience, they can help formulate a solid defense strategy against a charge of DUI driving in Hennepin, as well as in the counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Ramsey, Scott, Washington, and Wright.

Minnesota DUI attorney Marsh Halberg and his team by can be reached by logging on to, or by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Safeguard Against Enhanced Repercussions in a DUI First Offense in Brevard County with Help of an Experienced Florida DUI Lawyer

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A DUI first offense in Brevard County, Florida, can lead to a number of far-reaching consequences which can have an impact on one’s personal and professional life. The drunk driving laws and practices in the county are particularly complex, hence the need to employ the legal advice of an experienced Florida DUI lawyer such as Steven Casanova.

A first time conviction for drunk driving in Brevard can entail a fine of $250 to $500, and the vehicle may also be held in custody for 10 days. In addition, the offender may temporarily lose driving privileges from 180 days to a full year. During the license revocation period, the driver may be required to attend a DUI school. There is also the possibility of jail time of up to six to nine months, depending on the person’s blood alcohol content.

Eighty percent of Atty. Steven Casanova’s total caseload is made up of DUI cases in Florida. He has also completed a breath test maintenance technician certification and has over 100 hours of DUI defense training. Atty. Steven Casanova has the training and experience necessary to safeguard his clients from the enhanced repercussions of a DUI first offense in Brevard. To reach this Florida DUI lawyer, visit or dial 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

A Charge of DUI in Northampton Can Be Challenging with the Complex Pennsylvania DUI Laws

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A charge of DUI in Northampton, Pennsylvania can be particularly hard to deal with, given the litigation procedures specific to the state. Apart from following complex rules, Pennsylvania DUI laws also impose steep penalties on individuals convicted of DUI charges.

A DUI arrest in Pennsylvania results in two separate cases. The first is the more common court case, which can lead to harsh repercussions such as fines, compulsory alcohol education program, and imprisonment. The second case is filed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or PennDoT, which can result in one year license suspension.

Because of these possibilities, it is critical to employ the services of a highly skilled defense lawyer such as Evan Levow in order to safeguard against enhanced repercussions which can arise from a charge of DUI in Northampton. Pennsylvania DUI laws can be complicated, which makes it necessary to consult with a skilled and experienced DUI attorney, such as Atty. Evan Levow.

To schedule a free consultation with Atty. Levow, visit or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Seek Immediate Help on Ramsey DUI Law Concerns from Skilled Minnesota DUI Attorneys

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In Minnesota’s county of Ramsey, DUI law carries a number of harsh penalties. For instance, if you are arrested for drunk driving in the county, you only get a limited time to act to prevent your license from being revoked. Hence, it is important to contact professional Minnesota DUI attorneys to defend your rights and privileges.

Minnesota is also unique from other US states in that it allows you to call a defense lawyer prior to taking a chemical test, which determines your BAC or blood alcohol content. Refusal to take the test merits another criminal offense, and so the best course of action is to get in touch with a local DUI attorney at the soonest possible time.

To help you through the technicalities of the chemical test and the other complexities of Ramsey DUI law, contact one of the most experienced Minnesota DUI attorneys. Atty. Marsh Halberg, together with his colleagues at the Halberg Criminal Defense Firm, also practices in the counties of Hennepin, Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Scott, Washington and Wright. Contact Atty. Marsh Halberg by visiting or by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Columbia County DUI Lawyer Jonathan Rands is no less than an expert in Washington DUI Law. For quality legal representation, contact him at 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

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Columbia County DUI lawyer Jonathan Rands is nothing short of a seasoned expert in Washington DUI law. The attorney has all the necessary credentials and experience under his belt to be considered an authority in the field of DUI defense.

Atty. Rands currently practices at the renowned Fox Bowman Duarte Law Firm. To date, he has impressively handled over 100 drunk driving cases, which comprise approximately 85 percent of his total caseloads. Clients consult with Atty. Rands because of knowledge of the complex legalities of DUI arrests and proceedings. He and his colleagues have also been invited to conduct trainings, as well as provide commentaries for industry-related TV and radio shows.

Atty. Jonathan Rands is well-equipped with all the knowledge and experience as a Columbia County DUI lawyer to help clients navigate the complexities of Washington DUI Law. Schedule a free consultation by visiting or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS today.