DUI Law in Clinton – Missouri DWI Lawyers

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Complex DUI Law in Clinton Requires Topnotch Missouri DWI Lawyers

Troubles with DUI Law in Clinton, as in the neighboring counties of Caldwell, Clay, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Jackson and Platte, can be faced with the help of veteran Missouri DWI lawyers such as Christopher Fink.

DUI is a highly specialized area of law, particularly in states like Missouri where the “per se” law is in effect. Under the per se law, it is illegal for a driver to operate a vehicle if his blood alcohol content or BAC exceeds the prescribed level. The BAC is determined through blood, urine, or breathe test. Some refuse to take the field test, which may lead to a driver’s license revocation. Others take the test, and find the results leaning to their disadvantage.

Having more than a decade in criminal defense, Atty. Fink is equipped with the skills and expertise to suggest and execute the best course of action to address a DUI charge, even if it means challenging the results of a sobriety test. With the complexity of the DUI Law in Clinton, as in the rest of Missouri, DWI lawyers of the finest caliber are required.

Contact Atty. Christopher Fink at 1-800-DUI-LAWS, or log on to 1800DUILaws.com for more information.

DUI checkpoints planned throughout Delaware for Halloween weekend

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Sobriety checkpoint scheduled for this weekend in Delaware
Sobriety checkpoint scheduled for this weekend in Delaware

According to local television affiliate WBOC News, The Delaware Office of Highway Safety is coordinating statewide stepped up enforcement of Delaware’s DUI laws throughout Halloween weekend as part of the state’s Checkpoint Strikeforce campaign.

Five sobriety checkpoints are planned for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. In addition, there will be an 8-hour checkpoint in the Wilmington area.

The DUI checkpoints are scheduled for the following areas:

Friday, Oct. 30

Wilmington (New Castle County DUI Task Force);

Smyrna (Smyrna Police Department);

Harrington (Harrington Police Department);

Saturday, Oct. 31

Millsboro (Millsboro Police Department);

Clayton (Clayton Police Department)

Seaford (Seaford Police Department- DUI patrols)

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being pulled over in a DUI checkpoint this weekend in Delaware, it’s important to know your rights.   Contact an attorney immediately if you are arrested.  The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner you can begin fighting the Delaware DUI charges against you.

Interview with New York DWI attorney Rachel Kugel

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Rachel Kugel, a noted New York DWI attorney, is interviewed by 1800duilaws.com for information about New York DWI laws.   In her interview, Rachel answers the following questions:

1.What to do immediately following an arrest for DWI in New York?

2. Why should someone hire a lawyer to help defend against DWI charges?

3. What type of experience should someone look for in a DWI attorney?

Listen here:


Do you have a question about a New York DWI case? Contact attorney Rachel Kugel for help.

DUI / DWI in Boone – Missouri DWI Lawyers

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Counter a Charge of DUI / DWI in Boone with the Help of Missouri DWI Lawyers

It is imperative for anyone facing a charge of DUI / DWI in Boone to consult with Missouri DWI lawyers as soon as possible. The drunk driving law in Missouri is among the most complex in the US since it implements the “per se’ law and imposes a different set of penalties depending on the DUI history of the accused.

Being a former prosecutor, Atty. Jason Korner has the ability to examine a DUI case from both perspectives. As he shifted to private practice, he experienced handling a variety of criminal cases. However, he currently focuses on defending DUI and drug-related cases in Boone and Jefferson counties. As a testament to his skills and expertise, the attorney has been invited to deliver lectures on aggressive drunk driving defense at a Continuing Legal Education seminar for 150 lawyers.

A defendant only has 15 days to prevent license suspension or revocation following an arrest for DUI / DWI in Boone. To help protect an accused from the loss of driving privileges and suffering the steep penalties of a DUI case, it is critical to get the legal representation of one of the finest Missouri DWI lawyers immediately. Contact Atty. Jason Korner by visiting 1800DUILaws.com or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

DUI First Offense in Clay – Missouri DUI Lawyers

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Prevent Enhanced Repercussions of DUI First Offense in Clay

DUI first offense in Clay, Missouri can impose harsh penalties to a convict, including imprisonment and suspension of driving privileges. For this reason, it is best to seek the help of Missouri DUI Lawyers such as Christopher Fink immediately. With over a decade in law practice, the attorney can help safeguard against the enhanced repercussions of a DUI case.

A DUI / DWI charge in the state of Missouri is considered a Class B misdemeanor. If proven guilty for the first time, the person may end up in jail for up to six months. A conviction will also require a fine of up to $500 and undergoing a probation program to a maximum of two years. Local laws may also temporarily suspend the driver’s license, or require the installation of an ignition interlock device.

To minimize, if not totally eliminate, these consequences of a DUI first offense in Clay, it is best to seek the legal representation of one of the finest Missouri DUI lawyers as soon as the person is arrested or the charge is filed. Aside from Clay, Atty. Christopher Fink also practices in the counties of Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Jackson and Platte. Contact him by visiting 1800DUILaws.com or calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS.

Fraudulent Breath Tests may be to Blame in 4000 Wrongful Drunk Driving Convictions


The lynchpin of most drunk driving prosecution cases is a reliable breath testing program.  Prosecutors have big problems proving guilt when the reliability of the breath tests is legitimately called into question.

This is exactly what has happened recently in Texas where it is reported that between 1200 and 4000 breath tests were fraudulently verified.

According to the Houston Chronicle a Department of Public Safety contractor fraudulently manipulated the state’s breath testing machines causing thousands of wrongful DUI convictions.  Instead of changing the reference sample every month as required, the contractor instead falsified the tests and pocketed $146,000 in profit.

Similarly, not long ago in the state of Washington, the state police faced fraudulent breath testing on an even larger scale.  The breath test scandal in that state caused the director of teh Washington State Patrol Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau to resign.  According to the Seattle Times:

Logan’s resignation comes just two weeks after a panel of King County judges ruled that the state toxicology lab — one of the two labs overseen by [the director] — engaged in “fraudulent and scientifically unacceptable” practices while preparing and analyzing breath tests used to prosecute suspected drunken drivers. The judges called for the suppression of the tests and laid much of the blame on [him], finding he bore “a good deal of the responsibility for [the lab's] shortcomings.”

Michigan has not suffered from a similar debacle, but Michigan’s breath testing program is certainly not immune from such problems.

Michigan’s breath testing administrative rules, in part, read as follows:

Rule 3. (1) An evidential breath alcohol test instrument shall be verified for accuracy at least once at any time during each calendar week, or more frequently as the department may require, by an appropriate class operator pursuant to R 325.2658(4). The tests need not be performed within 7 days of each other, but shall be performed less than 14 days apart.  The test for accuracy shall be made in a prescribed manner using an alcohol standard that is approved by the department.  For the instrument to meet the requirements for accuracy, a test result of .076 to .084 shall be obtained when using a controlled device that delivers an alcohol vapor concentration of .080 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of vapor.

Typically Class II operators of the various police departments, jails and other law enforcement agencies prepare and run the weekly simulator tests.  These are simply police officers who have only a single 6 hour day of training with at least a 70 percent on the written test.  There is no proficiency testing and no oversight regarding this aspect of Michigan’s breath testing quality assurance program.

A Class IV operator will run the 120 day inspections.  In neither case is there a state agency charged with oversight.

If fraud is ever to be uncovered it will be due to the efforts of the criminal defense bar. Without oversight thorough discovery and exhaustive cross-examination is the only hope a falsely accused driver has to vindicate his wrongful drunk driving charge.

What are your thoughts?  Have you been charged with DUI?  Do you suspect fraud?  Contact a DUI attorney today to speak about the details of your case.

Charge of DUI in Boone – Missouri DUI Lawyers

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Personalized Legal Advice to Counter a Charge of DUI in Boone

Facing a charge of DUI in Boone County, MO can be one of the most difficult times for any person. It is crucial then for Missouri DUI lawyers to not just simply display competency in their field, but also show compassion for their clients. This kind of personalized legal service is exactly what Atty. Jason Korner delivers.

Every client is given ample attention by Atty. Korner in order to fully understand their unique situation and come up with an aggressive defense plan to counter the drunk driving charge. Atty. Korner has defended clients against a range of charges, from minor traffic violations to complex felonies. He uses these experiences as he personally represents each client in court.

Also practicing in Jefferson County, Atty. Jason Korner is ready to help battle a charge of DUI in Boone. The attorney is listed among other Missouri DUI attorneys at 1800DUILaws.com. Call 1-800-DUI-LAWS to schedule a free consultation.

DUI Case in Jackson – Missouri DUI Lawyer

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Protect Your Rights against a DUI Case in Jackson with the Assistance of a Missouri DUI Lawyer

If you or your loved one is facing a DUI case in Jackson, it is crucial to get the services of a Missouri DUI lawyer at the soonest possible time. Following the arrest, you only have up to 15 days to request for a hearing, after which time, your license may be suspended for a whole month.

If convicted, you can face harsh repercussions even if you do not have a prior drunk driving history. These consequences may include a two-year probation, installation of ignition interlock device in your vehicle, and dropped auto insurance if not a significant hike in premium rate. All these still do not account for the damage in reputation brought about by the conviction for misdemeanor or felony, which is how a DUI case in Jackson is categorized.

With over 10 years of defending criminal and felony cases, Missouri DUI lawyer Christopher Fink can help in your battle against a drunk driving charge in Jackson, Caldwell, Clay, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb and Platte counties. Visit 1800DUILaws.com to learn more about the lawyer, or call 1-800-DUI-LAWS for a free initial consultation.

Charge of DUI in Caldwell – Missouri DUI Laws

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DUI First Offense in Jefferson Leads to Harsh but Not Unavoidable Penalties

DUI first offense in Jefferson can lead to penalties that get steeper with subsequent convictions. Missouri DUI laws impose a different set of repercussions depending on the number of times the person has been found guilty of drunk driving.

In Boone and the rest of Missouri, DUI first and second offenses are considered misdemeanors, while succeeding convictions are treated as felonies. Imprisonment, fine, probation, and revocation of driving license are common in all occasions. As for the jail time, first- and second-time offenders are looking at a maximum of one year, but further offenses are dealt with more severely. The same escalating scheme applies to the amount of cash fines.

The bottom line is that these repercussions are too steep for anyone to suffer from, especially those faced with DUI first offense in Jefferson. While Missouri DUI laws may be tough, an equally unyielding defense lawyer such as Jason Korner can help safeguard against the enhanced repercussions of a drunk driving case in Jefferson. Also catering to clients in Boone county, Atty. Korner can be reached by calling 1-800-DUI-LAWS or visiting 1800DUILaws.com.

New California Laws will Require Ignition Interlock Devices

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed two laws requiring drivers convicted of driving under the influence to install ignition interlock devices that prevent vehicles from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath. This is a huge step for the state of California, and it will almost certainly improve safety for all Californians, including those who have made mistakes in the past.

The first bill, written by Assemblyman Mike Feuer, is a pilot project that will be tested in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare Counties, and it requires the installation of ignition interlock devices on any vehicle owned or operated by an individual convicted of a DUI offense. Thousands of Californians will be affected by this bill. There are approximately 200,000 DUI arrests each year in the state.

The other bill, authored by Sen. Bob Huff will, allow repeat DUI offenders to apply for restricted licenses if they install such devices. This bill will give opportunities to those who have made mistakes in the past to continue with their lives and get back on track. After such an arrest, it’s important to offenders to continue to work and care for their children.

The pilot project begins on July 1, 2010 and will extend to January 1, 2016. By July 1, 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will report to the Legislature on the pilot project’s effectiveness in reducing the number of repeat DUI offenses.

What are your thoughts on these bills? Will they be effective? Will they achieve safer roads? Do they strip those convicted of DUI in California of their rights?