Washington DUI attorney, Jenifer Howson

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Washington DUI lawyer Jenifer Howson explains Washington DUI laws

Washington DUI lawyer Jenifer Howson explains Washington DUI laws

Jenifer Howson, a Washington DUI attorney who represents those arrested for DUI in Skagit county, speaks with CNN and CBS legal correspondent, Lisa Bloom.

Jenifer shares information about what to do if you are pulled over for DUI in Washington.  Among her tips, she mentions that a driver who has been pulled over should not answer police officer’s questions like “Where have you been tonight?” or “Have you been drinking?”  She also speaks about ignition interlock devices and field sobriety tests.

If you’ve been arrested for a Washington state DUI, your first step should be to watch this video: Washington DUI attorney Jenifer Howson gives tips to drivers

Your second step should be to contact Jenifer Howson to share the facts of your case.  Just because you were arrested for DUI in Washington state does not mean that you are guilty.  Fight for justice in your DUI case!  Contact attorney Jenifer Howson now for a free consultation.

Missouri Checkpoints


Kansas City Police Department conducted a sobriety checkpoint on the weekend of 11-20-09 through 11-22-09 to avoid DUI related crashes or DUI arrests in that area (Crime Scene KC).

Out of 157 stops, 4 arrests were made.  It looks like the four people arrested will need to hire a Missouri DUI attorney if they want to fight the harsh penalties that follow.

A first time Missouri DUI offense can leave you paying a fine of up to $500. It can also leave you with a suspended license, no car insurance coverage, and possible jail time. Depending on the sentence, you may need to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car.

If you have been arrested of a Missouri DUI or know someone who has, contact DUI Attorney Christopher Fink.  He is equipped with the skilled and knowledge to challenge your MO DUI, and will fight for the best possible outcome.

Avoiding a Nevada DUI

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It’s nearly Thanksgiving, which means that there will be more traffic on the roads and more police on patrol.  What can you do to avoid being pulled over and arrested for DUI?  The spokesman for the Nevada Highway Patrol suggests some of the main reasons folks get pulled over on Nevada roadways.

• Inability to maintain a travel lane

• Difficulty negotiating curves or turns in the roadway

• Speeding

• Driving without headlights during hours of darkness

• Wrong-way drivers

• Unsafe lane changes

• Throwing a lit cigarette from a vehicle

To avoid being pulled over and arrested for a Nevada DUI, it’s best to drive as safely as possible and obey all traffic laws.  In addition, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is in good working order.  A broken tail light or expired tags are two reasons that many folks get caught for DUI.

If you are confronted with a Nevada DUI checkpoint, remember to be polite, but do not answer questions such as “where have you been,” “where are you going,” or “have you had anything to drink tonight.”  Also note that, in Nevada, you do not have to perform field sobriety tests.

In the unfortunate circumstance of an arrest in Las Vegas for a Nevada DUI, please do not hesitate to contact Nevada DUI attorney Charles Diaz.  He will be happy to give you a FREE consultation.

Pennsylvania DUI attorney Kim Riester speaks with 1800duilaws

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Pennsylvania DUI attorney Kim Riester shares some of his vast knowledge about DUI laws in Pennsylvania.

If you’ve been arrested for a Pittsburgh DUI, this podcast will give you all of the information you need to help with your case.

Washington D.C. DUI lawyer, David Benowitz, speaks to 1800duilaws.com

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