Washington DUI attorney Michael Sheehy speaks with 1800duilaws

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Michael Sheehy speaks with 1800duilaws.com about Washington DUI laws.  If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Washington state, you know that Washington has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country.

Sheehy discusses the importance of speaking with an attorney, some of the potential defenses to DUI cases, blood and breath tests, field sobriety tests and more.  This is a “must-listen” for anyone arrested for DUI in Washington state.

For more information about Washington DUI laws, contact Sheehy today.

New York DWI laws harshest in the country

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Beginning Friday, New York DWI laws become the strictest in the country.  New York legislators recently passed a law that makes it a felony to drink and drive with a child 15 years or younger in the vehicle.  This law goes into effect on Friday.

The Child Passenger Protection Act, or Leandra’s Law, renders the act of driving a passenger age 15 or younger, with a BAC of .08 or higher a class E felony DWI regardless of a defendant’s prior history. The penalty for this offense is one to four years in New York state prison and a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.  In the event of serious physical injury or death the law increases penalties to a D or C felony respectively. Penalties for these charges can be up to 15 to 250 years in prison.

Jeff Jowdy, New York DWI attorney, is concerned about the effects these harsh punishments could have on New York drivers.  “The law enacted today makes a very serious offense even more perilous. Drivers must be increasingly aware of their condition and the continued health and well being of all children using the roads,” Jowdy said.

In addition, New York DWI lawyer, Rachel Kugel, says that this law is a result of strict government control over alcohol-related offenses.

“What you are seeing in this law is the continuing trend towards government harshness in DWI offenses. It is more important than ever that New York drivers make sure to have a skilled DWI lawyer protecting and defending their rights.”

If you’ve been arrested in New York for DUI, contact a New York DUI lawyer right away.

Tennessee DUI attorney, Ed Ryan, talks about TN DUI laws

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Contact Ed Ryan to speak about your Tennessee DUI.

Ed Ryan, Tennessee DUI lawyer, speaks with legal analyst Lisa Bloom about Tennessee DUI laws.  Tennessee  has strict penalties for DUI convictions.  According to Ed, even first-time DUI offenders must spend 48 hours in jail.  In addition, if you’re arrested for DUI in Tennessee, you face the loss of your driver’s license for one year.

Fortunately, there are defense strategies for DUI cases.  Contacting a DUI lawyer immediately after an arrest will help your case.  The lawyer will be able to speak with witnesses, review the scene of the arrest and get a clearer picture of exactly what happened the arrest.

In these tough economic times, it may seem impossible to find the funds to hire a DUI attorney.  However, as Ed explains, the cost of pleading guilty to a Tennessee DUI is more expensive than a great defense team.  Statistics show that someone convicted for DUI in Tennessee will end up paying $10,000 to $15,000 in fees, DUI class tuition, court fees, car insurance and more.

A DUI conviction can haunt you emotionally, as well.  According to Ed, expungement is not an option for a Tennessee DUI.  That means that a Tennessee DUI conviction will follow you around for the rest of your life.

For more helpful information about Tennessee DUI laws, watch Ed’s interview with Lisa.  If you have been arrested for DUI, contact Ed Ryan for a FREE consultation.

Arizona DUI attorney Daniel Kaiser shares info about Arizona DUI laws

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Being arrested for DUI in Arizona can be an awful experience.  Dan Kaiser, a skilled Arizona DUI attorney, shares some insight about DUI laws in Arizona.

One of the topics of discussion is ignition interlock devices.  Installation of an ignition interlock device (also known as a car breathalyzer) is now mandatory for an Arizona DUI conviction.  This IID will be in your car for at least one year!

In addition, Kaiser speaks about field sobriety tests and he explains why you shouldn’t submit to these tests.

If you’ve been arrested for Arizona DUI, please contact an attorney immediately.  A skilled Arizona DUI attorney can help fight for justice in your case.

Watch DUI lawyer, Dan Kaiser, speaks about Arizona DUI laws

1800duilaws attorney Marcos Garza speaks with Lisa Bloom

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DUI Attorney Marcos Garza

DUI Attorney Marcos Garza

Tennessee DUI attorney, Marcos Garza, took a few moments to speak with CNN and CBS legal correspondent, Lisa Bloom at the NACDL DUI attorneys conference recently.

Garza works tirelessly to defend those accused of DUI in Tennessee.  If you’ve been arrested for a Tennessee DUI, this video will give you some of the details you’ll need to know.  Garza speaks about Tennessee DUI laws, field sobriety tests, what you should do immediately after a Tennessee DUI arrest and more.  Watch this video of Tennessee DUI attorney, Marcos Garza

Please contact a Tennessee DUI attorney immediately in order to discuss the facts of your case.