Wyoming lawmakers consider tougher DUI laws

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Wyoming lawmakers are considering re-writing the state’s DUI laws.  In particular, they are debating penalties for drivers who refuse to submit to  breathalyzer tests.

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee discussed a bill that would strengthen Wyoming’s already-strict DUI law.  Currently, drivers who refuse a breathalyzer test face driver’s license suspensions for six months. The proposed bill would change the punishment to up to six months in jail and a fine up to $750.

Many officials support a tougher law for DUI, but some committee members do not agree with such tough penalties for refusals. The committee hasn’t yet acted on the legislation, but discussions will resume Tuesday.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Wyoming or been charged with DUI refusal, speak with an attorney immediately.

Kentucky Bill would require ignition interlock devices for DUI convictions

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Kentucky House Bill 58 was passed out of the House budget committee Wednesday.   If the bill becomes law, anyone convicted of a Kentucky DUI must install the device and must blow into the device each time he/she wishes to drive the vehicle. The car will not start if the device detects alcohol on the driver’s breath.

Although somewhat cumbersome, ignition interlock devices allow drivers to continue going to work, family obligations and church – as long as he or she isn’t drinking.

Numerous states, including New Mexico, currently have similar laws.  As a result, repeat DUI offenses are down 65 percent and deaths due to drunk drivers have decreased 35 percent.

If you have been arrested in Kentucky for DUI, contact an attorney immediately to get information about Kentucky DUI laws.

Not so fast … bad day gets worse for 16 Orange County drivers

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Folks leaving the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach were targeted by the Costa Mesa police Monday in an undercover court sting operation.  The officers were targeting DUI drivers and those with suspended or revoked driver’s licenses.

For six hours Monday morning and afternoon, police officers staked out drivers who had been court-ordered to refrain from driving.  The officers followed these people from courtrooms to the parking lot and made arrests. Officers followed 16 offenders to the parking lot.

If you have been arrested for a California DUI, no matter what the circumstances, it’s wise to contact a lawyer in your area.

Super Bowl traffic stops in Las Vegas net nearly 30 DUI arrests

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According to reports, The Nevada Highway Patrol arrested 29 suspects for drunk driving-related charges during the Super Bowl weekend.

An overwhelming majority of these arrests came from traffic stops. Only three of the arrests occurred after accidents.

The city of Las Vegas expected nearly 300,000 people to be in town for Super Bowl weekend.  Many of these people drove from California.

If you were arrested in Las Vegas for DUI, contact an attorney in your area for help.  An arrest is not a conviction.  Talk to an attorney about the best way to defend the Nevada DUI charges pending against you.

Washington DUI attorney, Michael Brodsky, speaks with 1800duilaws

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Renowned Washington DUI defense lawyer, Michael Brodsky, took a moment out of his schedule to speak with 1800duilaws and our listeners about the strict Washington DUI laws.

According to Brodsky, folks in the state of Washington can actually be forced to give blood after a DUI arrest by way of a search warrant!  DUI laws in Washington are tough.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Whatcom, Clallam, Kitsap or Island Counties, do not hesitate to contact Michael Brodsky for more information.

Michael Kessler, Florida DUI attorney, speaks with 1800duilaws

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Florida DUI attorney Michael Kessler took a moment to speak with 1800duilaws.com about Florida DUI laws.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin or Okeechobee Counties, contact him immediately for help with your Washington DUI.

Men's Health announces drunkest cities in America

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If you live in Colorado or Texas, you’re probably drinking right now.  According to Men’s Health magazine, Colorado and Texas cities dominate five of the top 10 drunkest cities in America.

Other statistics in the survey included the least drunk cities — places like Salt Lake City, Miami and New York City — and the toughest DUI laws, which is dominated entirely by California cities.

According to this survey (and my half-calculated results), if you live in Fresno, California, you are probably very likely to be arrested for DUI at some point.  This city boasts one of the drunkest cities in America, and it’s number four in the list of the toughest DUI laws in the country.

If you need more information on DUI laws in California or anywhere else in the United States, check out 1800duilaws.com.

Tough "no refusal" laws in effect this weekend in Illinois

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Super Bowl Sunday will be one for the record books — if you drink and drive.  Illinois police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers, and they mean business.

According to Illinois law, a driver has no right to refuse a BAC test after an arrest for DUI.  The process for this is quite constitutional, if not harsh.

After an arrest, police will contact an assistant state’s attorney to obtain a search warrant, which authorizes them to draw blood from any suspected DUI driver who refuses to submit to a breath test.

Illinois’ “no refusal” weekends have been tested on two other occasions in the last year — Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve weekend.  These crack downs led to eight DUI arrests.

Please be safe this weekend!  For more information on Illinois DUI laws, please see 1800duilaws.com.  If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Illinois, contact an attorney in your area immediately.

DUI arrests of women increasing since the 1990s

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Omaha, Nebraska police claim that more women in the metro are being arrested on DUI charges than ever before.  This increase has got a lot of folks in Omaha thinking about the reasons behind this statistic.

Since the 1990s, female DUI arrests are up more than 40 percent. In that same time period, DUI arrests among male drivers have dropped by more than 20 percent.   In 2009, 30 percent of those accused of DUI were women.  By comparison, in 1997, only 20 percent of accused DUI drivers were women.

Everyone in the community has their theories about the reason for this dramatic increase in just a little over a decade.  Some believe that the alcohol industry isn’t properly educating women of the dangers of drinking and driving.  Others believe that the difference lies in the way men and women metabolize alcohol differently.  Despite explanations, police said they want women to know that no one is off limits to a DUI arrest.

For more information about DUI laws in Nebraska, see 1800duilaws.com.  If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Omaha or anywhere else in Nebraska, speak with an attorney in your area.

Police officer accused of making false DUI arrests won't face criminal charges

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A Chicago police officer who has been accused of making false DUI arrests has been taken off the streets but will not face criminal charges.

The Cook County State’s Attorney has decided not to press criminal charges against Chicago police officer Richard Fiorito.  This decision comes after a lengthy investigation into allegations that he was making hundreds of false DUI arrests.

Allegedly, the officer would write false information into his police report about swerving and weaving.  Attorneys representing nearly 40 people arrested by Fiorito say that the officer created these charges.  In fact, these people say, the dash cam of the squad car shows exactly the opposite was true.

Several months ago, Fiorito was placed on administrative leave after video from his dash-cam was viewed and appeared to show inconsistencies with his reports.

There is a federal civil suit pending against the officer, and it will continue.

For more information about Illinois DUI laws, see 1800duilaws.com.  If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Illinois, please contact an attorney in your area.