July 4th Checkpoints

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Here’s a few checkpoints that will be happening this holiday weekend.

Orange County
Checkpoints in multiple locations from July 2nd through July 5
Part of the “Avoid the 38″ campaign

Nashville, Tennessee
Checkpoints in multiple locations from Friday July 2 at 6pm through July 4th at 11:59 pm.

Missouri – Statewide
Checkpoints from July 2nd to the 5th

Part of the “The HEAT is ON” Campaign that is happening through out the summer until Sept. 21

Lincoln, Nebraska

Statewide checkpoints from July 2 through the 4th
On Saturday the 3rd from 1 to 3 pm, there will be vehicle checks on Highway 136, east of the city of Auburn in Nemaha County.

Victorville, California
Saturday, July 3rd
Saturation Patrols – Be on the look-out!

Idaho – Statewide
DUI enforcement from July 2nd through the 4th

Don't Watch Fireworks From Behind Bars!

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This weekend is going to be a fun one for a lot of Americans and America- enthusiasts. With Independence Day comes celebration and with celebration usually comes alcohol.

DUIs are high during holiday weekends, so it is important to be safe. Don’t drink and drive. Furthermore, I can guarantee that a bunch of sobriety checkpoints will be popping up this weekend.

If you do get arrested at a sobriety checkpoint, not all is lost. There are many factors that a skilled DWI defense attorney could argue if a sobriety checkpoint doesn’t meet the following guidelines:

- A sobriety checkpoint must always be announced to the public in advance.
- There must be command law enforcement officers and not field officers administering the checkpoint.
- The vehicles stopped must be selected using a neutral mathematical formula.
- The checkpoint must be maintained in a safe matter.

During holidays, there are many services that offer a free shuttle home to people who are unable to drive. Check your local news to see if there is one available near you. Also, be sure to have the number of a taxi company in your phone.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend. We’ll be posting some checkpoints soon!

DUI Tidbits for June 29th, 2010

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Donald Duck Gets Arrested

Donald Duck Gets Arrested

What is worse than actually being named Donald Duck? Being named Donald Duck and getting a DUI.

Amy Locane, a star of the original Melrose’s Place and Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp, has been charged with second degree vehicular homicide, third degree assault, and has admitted to drinking and driving.

Here is a story for those of you who like an extra dose of pathetic. A Tennessee woman has been arrested for DUI four times in the past four months. Even worse? She turned 21 six months ago.

Vince Neil DUI!


Say it ain’t so, Vince!  He was busted this weekend for DUI in Las Vegas.  TMZ sources say Vince had been sober for three years before the incident.

You may remember the 1984 incident in which Vince pleaded guilty to DUI and vehicular manslaughter after a crash that killed one man and seriously injured two others. Neil served 15 days, worked 200 hours of community service and paid $2.5 million restitution to the victims and their families.

According to Nevada law, he won’t be charged with a second DUI since the first DUI was more than 7 years ago. However, he could be ordered to serve 48 hours to six months imprisonment, or, at least 96 hours of community service.

Vince Neil mug shot from TMZ

Vince Neil mug shot from TMZ

Weekend sobriety checkpoints

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It’s that time again!  Weekend DUI checkpoints.  Be safe.  Please add a comment to this blog post if you see more checkpoints while you’re out and about.

Santa Rosa California Police will be conducting a Friday night checkpoint from 7 pm to 2 am Saturday morning.

Kansas City police will hold a sobriety checkpoint this weekend.  The exact location hasn’t been announced.

Huntington Beach, California Police will be cracking down on impaired drivers Saturday night with a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint on Main Street.

California Highway Patrol officials will conduct a sobriety checkpoint in the unincorporated county area of San Jose Hills from 9 pm to 3 am.

Fort Wayne District of the Indiana State Police will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint during the early morning hours in Noble County on Saturday, June 26, 2010.

Las Vegas police say they will conduct a drunken driving checkpoint Saturday from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Sunday. It will be near Flamingo and Rainbow in the southwest Las Vegas area.

The San Fernando Police Department will establish a DUI/Drivers License checkpoint on June 25, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., on Hubbard Avenue and Second Street in the city of San Fernando, California.

The Northern Delaware County DUI Task force will be conducting a DUI checkpoint during the weekend of Friday, June 25, 2010 within Upper Darby Township.

The Hesperia, California sheriff’s station will be conducting a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint on Friday, June 25, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the city of Hesperia.

A DUI checkpoint will occur Saturday night in Redlands, California. The roadblock will be set up between 10:30 p.m. Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday along Colton Avenue between Tennessee Street and Tri-City Center Drive.

The Stockton, California Police Department will hold a checkpoint from 6 p.m. today to 2 a.m. Saturday at Harding Way and Sutter Street.

Weekend Checkpoints June 24 through the 27th.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Wisconsin – Madison. Time/location undisclosed.

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Los Angeles, CA – Crenshaw Blvd at W 57th St. 8pm to 2am

BUI (Boating Under the Influence) Enforcement in New York – all weekend – For more information, visit Operation Dry Water.

Florida – Lee County. Time/location undislosed.

Louisiana – St. Martin Parish. 8pm to 4am.

Massachusetts – Plymouth County. Friday the 25th AND Saturday the 26th. Time/location undisclosed.

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Los Angeles, CA- Ventura Blvd at Big Oak Drive in Studio City. 8pm to 2am

Indiana – Wayne County. Time/location undisclosed.

Nevada – Las Vegas. Flamingo Rd and Rainbow Blvd. 7pm to 3 am.

DUI Tidbits for June 23rd, 2010

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Nothing speaks more to global unity then knowing there are people from other countries getting ridiculous DUIs, as well. A man in New Zealand wrecked his car, and while waiting to be saved, decided that having a beer was appropriate at that time. Compared to some of the things I read about U.S. citizens, maybe we’re not that different from New Zealanders after all.

A man got a DUI on his bike in Boynton Beach. If he had only been reading our blog, he would have known that you can get a DUI on anything with wheels.

Here’s a bizarre one: A woman in Oklahoma got a DUI while attempting to lure a raccoon in her car. Her BAC level was also five times the legal limit, meaning she could’ve thought the raccoon was actually her friend.

Oh, the things we do when we’re drunk! Well, not me. I’m pretty normal…

Celebrity DUI Tidbits for June 22, 2010

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Lindsay Lohan is likely to be jealous of Nicole Ritchie‘s motherhood. According to Perez Hilton, Ritche’s probation for her 2006 DUI has been extended for another year. Ritchie had an approved leave of absence from her alcohol classes due to giving birth to her two children. The judge saw this as a reasonable excuse and ruled in favor of extending her sentence.

Speaking of Lindsay, our girl may have to pose with her SCRAM device. Lindsay Lohan will be posing nude for promote her new line of handbags. Richard Luna, who licenses Lohan’s fashion products, is trying to see if Lohan could have her SCRAM removed for the photo shoot. We have yet to see if the judge will be as lenient to Lindsay as she was to Nicole.

Finally, Chris Klein has checked into rehab following his DUI arrest and Marley Shelton, the hottie from The Sandlot, has just pleaded no contest to her DUI.

Tips for the Designated Driver

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I feel like being the designated driver has become some sort of social stigma. I understand not wanting to be one. I’ve used the my-car-stalled-today-and-I-probably-shouldn’t-drive-it excuse more times than I can think. However, we all have to take our turn being the designated driver unless you enjoy being a jerk, in which case, you may end up being your own designated driver one day.

Things to Remember:

* You can be an interesting and cool person without alcohol.

* Being a designated driver is lame only if you think it’s lame. Don’t harp on it. It’s one night.

* For some people, it’s not the alcohol that makes people more comfortable at bars and parties, it’s just holding a drink. I know it’s weird, but it’s psychosomatic. Everyone else is holding a cup or bottle of something. Doing the same could make you feel like less of a sore thumb.

* Make sure you have a cab number handy in case you do get drunk. Be judgmental. This is your one night to make fun of drunk people in your head. Whether they’re slurring about how much they love you or making out with that random old person, you have a ridiculous comedy taking place in front of your eyes. Enjoy it.

Have any other tips? Share them below!

Top Five Crazy DUI Stories of the Week

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Here’s a weekly roundup of stories that caught our attention.

1.) From American Pie to American DUI – Chris Klein can now add “repeat offender” to his resume.

2.) Thomas Kinkade? More like Thomas CLINKade – Okay, pretend that terrible pun never happened. Either way, the favorite artist amongst most Motel 6 interior designers got a DUI this week.

3.) Even Mobsters Can’t Escape DUI Enforcement – Joseph Gannascoli, known for playing Vito Spatafore on The Sopranos, was arrested in Tampa early this morning for drunken driving. Hopefully the jail cafeteria has heaping amounts of baked ziti.

4.) Did You Hear the One about Three Drunk People and a Goat? – Believe it or not, a Bedford County woman was pulled over for reckless driving and police found a goat in her trunk. She claimed the goat was a present for her fellow passengers in the car. How thoughtful…

5.) Guy Inadvertently Turns Himself In – A Tempe, AZ man called 911 in regards to a fight he was having with his wife. Apparently, his DUI warrant slipped his mind and police took him in for drunken driving.

Interested in Digging this story? Thanks in advance!