Six DUI Arrests Not in Cars


Barbie Car

Back in the Spring, Paul Hutton got arrested in England for driving a Toy Barbie car. He studies electric engineering and was performing an experiment with his son. I think it might’ve been to see if you can get a DUI in a Big Wheels.


In 2007, a woman was riding a horse through the streets of Sylvania, Alabama. As policed asked her to get off the horse, she kept trying to make the horse go faster. It worked to no avail. After she rammed the horse into a police car, she attempted to get off the horse to make a run for it. However, her foot got caught in the stirrup.

Walking a Bike

In many states you can get a DUI on a bike. However, there is also a case where a man in Ohio got a DUI for walking his bike across his own front lawn.

Motorized Bar Stool

Poor guy. He almost figured out a way to get home from the bar without driving. Yet, the second you are operating something motorized, you ARE driving. Sorry.

Holiday Float

In Columbia, South Carolina, a man was driving a holiday float and decided to pick up the speed and see if he could pass another float. Parades don’t work like that, buddy.

So, what can we learn with this? If you are drunk and are around some device that takes you from point A to point B, it’s best to avoid it all together. Find a designated driver.

What Are Miranda Rights?


I am sure you’ve heard the term Miranda Rights here and there, but you may not know exactly what they mean. Angie is our resident legal expert around here and whenever she explains a law to me, I always want to slap myself on the head and say,”Duh!” You’ll probably do the same thing after reading this post. Trust me.

You’ve heard a Miranda warning said time and time again in movies. Basically, Miranda Rights incorporate the 5th and 6th amendments and the police are required to remind you of them at the time of arrest (also known as the Miranda Warning.) The police officer tells you that you have the right to remain silent (5th Amendment) and the right to an attorney (6th Amendment.)

Police officers can be intimidating. Except for maybe him…

When you are pulled over and interacting with a non-Carl Winslow police official, your mind might go into panic mode. Officers will often subconsciously encourage you to speak by stating what he or she sees or describing the evidence that indicates you were doing something criminal. They’re not explicitly asking you questions, however. Therefore, a word of advice is to stay calm and know that you do not need to answer.

However, this does not mean you cannot state your name, provide your documentation and submit to a breath test. These three things do not fall under your Miranda rights.

Police officers are required to read or tell suspects of their Miranda rights. Additionally, they must get confirmation from the suspect that he or she understands their rights. Back in June, the Supreme Court passed Berghuis v Thompkins. This gives you the right to use your Miranda Rights even if the police officer has already begun interrogating you. This means that if you understand your Miranda rights and agree to questioning, you still have the right to stop answering questions mid-way through until you seek legal counsel.

Other Dumb Things You Can Do While Drunk that is Not Driving


If you or a friend has dealt with a DUI, you may at first believe that alcohol is the root of all evil. You will only make terrible mistakes while drinking alcohol and it should be something to avoid all together. If this is true for you, then it is important you stay responsible. If you or a friend is dealing with an alcohol addiction, please read my post about how to get help.

However, some people are able to drink and know better than to get behind the wheel. Plus, the urge to do something silly while intoxicated is as prevalent as the air we breathe. I was going to give you some tips of other silly things to do while drunk that doesn’t include driving, when I stumbled upon the site, Dead Drunk But Trying.

Dead Drunk But Trying is a reality webseries created by some guys in Iceland who get each other to compete in “weird” competitions while intoxicated. The first three episodes include assembling Ikea furniture (which, for me, is impossible to do even while sober), chess-boxing, and making a pizza.

I got in touch with the show’s host, Magnus, and was able to ask him a few questions about being safe while drinking, but also being able to have a good time.

RK: Do you guys take any safety precautions before you take on a task?

M: The only safety precaution we take is [the host/crew] being sober while the two drunk contestants compete. Instead of us being drunk at the same time, we’re just making sure they don’t hurt themselves. Also, we make sure they get a ride home after the show and have someone watch out for them. Usually they just fall asleep as soon as the competition is over.

RK: Where did you get the idea for this series?

M: We got the idea for our web series while sober, which is probably a shocker. One of my friends was putting together two identical IKEA cabinets and I just stopped him and told him to do it drunk and against someone else and 4 hours later we taped the first episode. After that the ideas poured out of people around us and we are foreseeing at least 3 more episode for the first series.

RK: What is your favorite part about doing the series?

M: The best part is probably getting recognized for something like this. I live in Iceland and we’re not that many here, only 300.000 inhabitants that live in Iceland, total. So, right after the first episode was published we got a bunch of calls from the local news media and I got recognized on the street as “The Dead Drunk but Trying dude!” So that’s probably the best part about doing these episodes.

RK: What things should you definitely NOT do while drunk?

M: You shouldn’t try to put together IKEA furniture, compete in Chess-boxing or bake pizzas – that’s for sure! But also we don’t recommend swimming in the ocean, doing heart surgery, having a baby, writing an essay or calling your mom. But on top of that we don’t recommend driving while drunk, let’s face it, that’s probably the stupidest thing you can do and the consequences can be devastating so I personally try to stay as far away from my car as I possibly can after the first beer.

Above all, the most important thing you can do while drinking is to ensure your safety. Make sure you have a trusted friend to take care of you if things get out of hand.

To check out some episodes of Dead Drunk But Trying, visit their website.

If you’re on Facebook, you can also join their Facebook page. And heck, while you’re on Facebook, maybe join our brand new 1 800 DUI Laws page.

Top US Cities with the Most DUI Convictions

Comments compiled a list of the top US cities that have the most DUI convictions in the country. Both California and Texas had multiple cities on the list.

It’s important to note that this list does not indicate which city has the most irresponsible drivers. Many factors contribute to this list including the amount of public transportation the city provides and the cities’ enforcement of DUI laws.

Top 20 Cities with the Most DUI Convictions

1. San Diego
2. San Jose, Calif.
3. Charlotte, N.C.
4. Phoenix
5. Columbus, Ohio
6. Indianapolis
7. Los Angeles
8. San Francisco
9. Austin, Texas
10. Jacksonville, Fla.
11. San Antonio
12. Dallas
13. Houston
14. Fort Worth, Texas
15. Memphis, Tenn.
16. Philadelphia
17. New York
18. Baltimore
19. Chicago
20. Detroit

Lindsay Lohan, Substance Abuse, and You


So, I was going to write a news post about Lindsay Lohan to keep you abreast of her jail/out of jail situation. However, I am sure you already know what’s going on. Heck, my grandma knows what’s going on and she doesn’t even know what a TV is. (Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean.)

Then, I began feeling bad for Lindsay Lohan. Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies and it is sad to watch a talent destroy herself.

That being said, there are many people who ruin what they have going for them because of substance abuse. Just because a famous addict is in the spotlight, does not mean we should ignore the millions of other people who struggle with addiction. We all have families and friends who care for us and don’t want us to ruin our lives.

For some people, get a DUI can be rock-bottom for them. For other people, it is different. Either way, if you have an ounce of concern about your alcohol intake following a DUI arrest, you are not the only one. has a list of substance abuse resources if you want to seek help. Additionally, I would recommend reading this pamphlet by Alcoholics Anonymous. AA has helped a countless amount of people and may be a perfect place to start on the road to getting your life back together.

DUI Checkpoints for September 24 through September 26, 2010


Here’s a list of some sobriety checkpoints happening this weekend. Please be safe. If you’re the designated driver, check out a list of the best non-alcoholic beers that Rebecca put together yesterday. Drink in moderation or don’t drink at all.

Santa Maria, CA
Sunday, 9/26 6pm to 10 pm

Fargo, ND
Saturday, 9/25
Checkpoint within City Limits
Time undisclosed

Northern Delaware County
9/24 through 9/26
Participating Townships: Marple, Haverford, Newton, Radnor, Springfield, Upper Darby

Checkpoints from 6 pm Friday (9/24) to 6 pm Sunday (9/26)
Participating Counties: Adams, Lancaster, York

Monmouth County, New Jersey
9/24 from 11 pm to 3 am
Northbound lane on Rt. 34 into Investor’s Savings Bank parking lot

The Best Non-Alcoholic Beers


Being the designated driver can be difficult. You watch your friends with drinks in hand, having fun and letting loose. You crave for something alcoholic just to take the edge off, but you have a duty to your friends to get them home safely.

So, someone recommends non-alcoholic beer. For me, it brings back an embarrassing moment of when I ordered non-alcoholic beer at a P.F. Chang’s and the waiter laughed at me. You may know someone who believes that non-alcoholic beer tastes like something I find too crass to write in this blog post right now. (What can I say? I’m a classy lady.)

However, when the music is on and the night is young, beggars can’t be choosers. You decide to take a leap of faith to order a non-alcoholic beer to make you feel part of the group. But which beer do you purchase?

Before I go into what I’ve found regarding the best non-alcoholic beers, there are a few important points I should mention. Non-alcoholic beer is not 100% non-alcoholic. Most non-alcoholic beers have 0.5% alcohol in them. Because of this, drinking non-alcoholic beer is not a good way to help with alcohol addiction. The little bit of alcohol, and even the taste, can trigger a relapse. Additionally, if you were drinking non-alcoholic beer, you should drink as much as you would (or less, even) if you were drinking normal beer. Drinking non-alcoholic beer does not mean you can increase your intake. Because it does have alcohol, drinking a large amount of non-alcoholic beer can be a risk.

And now, designated drivers, after asking around and combing through the internet, here’s what I’ve found to be the five best non-alcoholic beers.


Clausthaler is a German beer that has 0.45% alcohol. Clausthaler is brewed in a different way than most non-alcoholic beers and many people find it to be the best substitute. For a richer, darker taste, try the Golden Amber, which is only 0.3% alcohol.


Buckler is a product of Heineken and has 0.5% alcohol. This has gotten a few good reviews and oddly enough, I learned on Wikipedia that it was once the beverage of choice for both Joe Biden and George W. Bush. See? Democrats and Republicans maybe do have something in common


Kaliber is brewed by the so-called beer gods themselves, Guinness. Kaliber gets so-so reviews online and a lot of people find its sweet taste to be… interesting, to say the least. Kaliber is brewed as a regular beer and then the alcohol is removed after. The total alcohol content is 0.5%.

St. Pauli Girl

St. Pauli Girl is probably the most well-known non-alcoholic beer in the United States. With 0.5% alcohol as well, a lot of people find this beer to light and crisp. Like Kaliber, it has an “interesting” sweet taste.

O’Doul’s Amber

I’m going to call this the dark horse of the list. A lot of people I know are not impressed with O’Doul’s. However, I found a surprising number of people online who say that O’Doul’s Amber isn’t terrible. Since it is an amber ale, the caramel malts give it more of a flavor than the tasteless original. However, you may need to try it for yourself. It can be hard to find at most places, I hear, so if you’re ever in a situation where it is the best option, you may as well give it a try.

Notable People Who Were Drinking and Driving


* Well, that guy from that show is going to jail. Joe Guidice, the husband of Theresa Guidice on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is headed to jail today for driving with a suspended license and also driving under the influence. Despite the couple claiming their innocence, Guidice will spend 10 days in jail along with a 7-month license suspension.

* If you live in Washington D.C. I hope you’re not holding a ticket in your hand for driving with a cellphone. Since the driving with cellphone ban took place this morning, D.C. police already caught a bunch of drivers breaking the law.

* New York Jets’ wide receiver, Braylon Edwards was arrested early this morning for driving drunk. Police pulled him over after spotting that his Range Rover had tinted windows. He was tested for alcohol and blew twice the legal limit on the breathalyzer. Not only is it likely Edwards will receive criminal charges, he may also find himself in trouble with the NFL.

* The assistant coach of the Baltimore Ravens has been arrested again for driving under the influence this past Saturday. Andy Moeller was arrested back in May and was acquitted of his charges in August. This time he was pulled over for seven traffic violations, including driving while intoxicated.

Finding the Right DUI Lawyer


While the world is feeling sorry for poor Lindsay Lohan for failing her drug test, we forget to realize that we may have our own legal woes.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, one of the most common pieces of advice is to act quickly. We tell you to schedule your DMV hearing right away or get a lawyer right away.

As important as it is to act swiftly, it is important that you get a qualified lawyer to handle your case. If you hire the first lawyer you meet without interviewing him or her, there is a bigger chance of losing your case.

After working with people who have experienced a DUI trial, if I were to hire a DUI lawyer, I have a few qualifications that I would want my lawyer to have. Here is what I think makes a good DUI lawyer and these are very important qualifications that you should look for when trying to find a lawyer to defend your case.

Does your lawyer specialize in DUI cases? If you have a lawyer who only dabbles with DUIs, you may not get the full representation you need to fight your case. You want someone who knows DUI laws in-and-out and who has previously fought many cases like yours.

Does your lawyer have many cases that settle without going to trial? This is a great quality to look for in a lawyer. If you find a lawyer where most of his or her cases never go to trial, you know you have an experienced lawyer on your side who knows how to argue your case.

What else has your potential lawyer done in the world of DUI defense? Many experienced DUI lawyers have written articles for criminal defense publications or have lectured at DUI defense seminar. You want a DUI lawyer who is an expert in his or her field and who other people go to for their perspective. It is an added bonus if your lawyer has been interviewed for TV or radio about DUI defense issues. Since not all qualified DUI lawyers can speak at seminars or on TV, you should also look to see if your potential attorney is a member of any DUI defense organizations.

Above all, just because you need to act quickly, it does not mean you should compromise your legal representation. If you are in need of a lawyer right now, take advantage of our free consultations today.

DUI Checkpoints for 9-17-2010



Friday, September 17, 2010

- Checkpoint in Newark
- Patrols in Millsboro and Laurel

Saturday, September 18th

- Checkpoint in Lewes
- Patrols in Milford


Friday, September 17, 2010

- Checkpoint in Vallejo, 6 to 11 pm
- Checkpoint in Salinas, 6pm to midnight
- Checkpoints in Greenfield and King County Areas, 6 to 10pm

Saturday, September 18, 2010

- Checkpoint in San Pedro- Harvard Blvd and 1st St, 8pm to 2am