Halloween DUI Checkpoints


There are going to be plenty to DUI checkpoints this weekend. Don’t get spooked. Make sure to stay safe to keep this weekend a treat!


San Bernardino county
Roving patrols Saturday and Sunday

Redondo Beach
Roving Patrols
Checkpoint in undisclosed location from 8 pm tonight until 3 am

Manhattan Beach
Checkpoint 9 pm tonight until 3 am
East bound lanes of Rosecrans Ave at Redondo Ave
DUI Saturation Patrols in Harbor Area from 2 to 10pm on Sunday

Costa Mesa
Checkpoint 8pm tonight until 2 am
Newport Blvd and Flower Street


Hamilton County
8 pm tonight until midnight
Central Parkway near Marshall Avenue, along border of Camp Washington and University Heights
Two checkpoints will be held in Blue Ash Saturday night.

Butler County
10 pm tonight until 4 am
Checkpoint Hamilton on State Route 4

Entire Weekend
Roving Patrols throughout area, Highway Patrol will have visible presence on state’s highways


Newton Township
Checkpoint within Newtown Township


“Surround the Sound” DUI Campaign all weekend
Weekend patrols in Clallam, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Masaon, Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish, Thurston, and Whatcom Counties


Checkpoint begins tonight until 3 am
3600 W. Commercial Blvd


PennDOT along with state and municipal police departments will step up enforcement this weekend, particularly for drivers under the influence of drugs.

Drunk in Public – Halloween Edition


If you intelligently take my advice in yesterday’s post and decide not to drive this Halloween, you should know that you can still get in trouble for public intoxication. Since Halloween is a holiday where more people want to parade their costumes around in public, it is important to understand what can happen if you were to get arrested for being drunk in public.

We’ve all seen that one drunken person stumbling around or have even been that one person. We all understand that personal safety is in danger when you are inebriated in a public place. However, in many states there are also legal consequences.

In order to be arrested for public intoxication, the police must deem you a danger to yourself and others. If your drunken antics prevent people from entering any public street, sidewalk, or passageway, you will be arrested.

Because of the nature of public intoxications laws, the specifics vary from state to state. In fact, there are a few states that technically do not even have a public intoxication law (Missouri, Nevada, and Wisconsin.) However, in a majority of states, getting arrested for public intoxication is often classified as a misdemeanor. Some of the consequences include jail time and fines that are often up to $1,000.

If you are arrested and charged for public intoxication, it is still important that you hire a lawyer. A charge for public intoxication may seem like an open and shut case, but there are many details that you may miss if you head to court without representation.

With this information stored in your noggin, I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween. Check back tomorrow for sobriety checkpoints that will be occurring in your area. Be prepared for heavy patrols this weekend.

Don't Get Pulled Over This Halloween


Whether we like it or not, drinking is a major part of a lot holidays other than St. Patrick’s Day. Since Halloween is on a weekend this year, the temptation to drink is probably stronger than the temptation to eat candy corn. After all, this website isn’t called 1 800 Candy Laws.

I firmly believe that Halloween is the most important holiday to avoid getting arrested for a DUI. Why? Who wants to have a mugshot of themselves, let alone a mugshot of themselves dressed as Snooki or an Avatar? Even if you try to eloquently argue with a cop, no one will take you seriously if you’re wearing a Lady Gaga wig.

Witty commentary aside, like any other day of the year, it is important to stay safe and act smart when you’re out. Let’s not take any chances this Halloween.

Have a trusted friend be a designated driver. Be sure that you have the phone number of a taxi saved in your phone, just in case. Also remember that many services such as AAA have sober shuttles that can take you home for free. Be sure to research those services before you head out and have their contact information saved in your phone.

As always, if you do get arrested this weekend or any other time, be sure to find a lawyer as soon as you can.

Possible Halloween Costume?


DUI Arrests for 2 College Football Stars

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The past two days seemed to get a little out of hand for a few college football stars. Oklahoma State wide receiver, Justin Blackmon was arrested early this morning on a Dallas highway. Since Blackmon is under 21, he was arrested for having any trace of alcohol in his system and not because he was above the legal limit.

Over at the University of Kentucky, wide receiver Matt Roark received a DUI early Sunday, along with a violation of failing to maintain his car insurance. Roark will be suspended for one game and his arraignment is to take place on Friday.

Sobriety Checkpoints in Delaware, Indiana, and More

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Here are some weekend checkpoints that are happening near you! If you were to get pulled over, be sure this read this article.


8pm to 10 pm.
Checkpoint on U.S. 129 at Old Railroad Bed Road, Foothills Parkway about four miles from U.S.129 Calderwood Highway and on U.S. 411 at U.S. 129.

Indiana – Monroe County
Friday evening into Saturday
Undisclosed location

Kansas – Wichita
Friday evening into Saturday
checkpoint on Kellogg / U.S. 54

Massachusetts- Middlesex County
Friday Evening
Checkpoint on a Secondary State Highway

Delaware – Newark
* Newark (NcCo DUI Task Force) – Checkpoint
* Woodside (DSP Troop 3)- Checkpoint
* Seaford (Seaford PD) – Patrols


Delware – Georgetown
* Georgetown – Checkpoint
* Bear (DSP Troop 9) – Checkpoint
* Smyrna (Smyrna PD) – Patrols
* Millsboro (Millsboro PD)- Patrols

Your First DUI


I hate using the term “your first DUI” because it sounds like we all think you’re going to get DUIs on a regular basis for the rest of your life. From what we’ve seen around here, that is definitely not the case.

It is true that a lot of people only get one DUI and learn from their mistakes and become more responsible drivers. Furthermore, we may also know a person who may have had one incident with the law and continues to live a normal life as if it never happened.

However, DUIs do take a toll on your life. Even if you’ve only been arrested once, you can risk dealing with very serious consequences. A DUI is not something to put behind you by pleading guilty and not fighting your charges. If you do this, you could lose a lot of money, your license, and the freedom to carry out your daily responsibilities.

In many states, you can go to jail, lose your license, pay expensive fines, perform community service, and attend alcohol education classes for a one-time DUI arrest. Additionally, many states are requiring first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device in their car. These consequences are extremely grave, even just for one DUI arrest.

This is why it is so important to hire a lawyer to help fight your charges. You may learn that you have a very valid defense.

Bogus DUI Arrests and More…

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* I guess the CFO of Walgreens is going to use his employee discount online because he just lost his license. Wade Miquelon will be in court Friday to face charges for his second DUI in a little more than a year after his first arrest. Because this is his second offense, he could lose his license for up to three years.

* The state of Utah has ranked number one in having the lowest amount of DUI-related fatalities. The Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice put out a report that stated only 16.4 percent of traffic deaths were alcohol related. The national average of alcohol-related traffic deaths is 32.1 percent. The report noted that the number of DUI arrests dropped, as well. However, this number may have dropped due to budgetary issues and not necessarily an increase of sober drivers.

* Talk about an awkward Thanksgiving this year! It is one thing to be charged for a DUI, but when your own mother charges you for stealing her car, a sticky situation just gets stickier. However, this is the case with Josefina Garcia, a Las Vegas mother, who is pressing charges against her own daughter for taking her car keys and going for a joyride.

Lowering the Legal Limit

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This weekend, Time had an article about lowering the legal drinking limit. They profiled people in Sweden, where the legal limit is .02. Currently, the legal limit in the United States is .08. According to the article, the number of drunk driving fatalities in Sweden drastically declined.

So, the question remains: Should our state governments lower the BAC limit? Would a lower legal limit encourage people to not get behind the wheel and find a safer way to get home?

Or do you believe lowering the legal limit is unfair? Do you believe that some drivers can function quite well after a few drinks and they shouldn’t be barred from driving themselves home if they are able to?

Now is the time to state your opinion. Take the survey!

Delaware DUI Taskforce and More DUI Checkpoints in Your Area, October 15, 2010

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*Checkpoint in Wilmington – undisclosed time and exact location
* Saturation Patrols in Smyrna, Milford, and Clayton

* Checkpoint in Franklin County – S. High Street, north of Greenlawn Avenue

* Cape Coral Area – Lee County- undisclosed time and exact location

North Dakota
* Bismarck Area – checkpoint in Morton County – undisclosed time and exact location


* Saturation patrols in Camden and Laurel counties