Celebrating Responsibly


What was a special reunion between a soldier and his wife, suddenly became a DUI arrest. In Tacoma, Washington, a young solder named Adam King returned home from his time at a military base. He and his wife, Sara, went out to celebrate, only to have a little too much to drink. A night of celebration ended with a DUI arrest.

This happens all too often. I’ve read stories about DUI arrests that happen before wedding days or graduations. Whereas some incidents end up okay, there are others that become terrible tragedies. I don’t know why this story struck a chord with me. Maybe it’s something about reuniting with a loved one and how it’s supposed to be a special moment.

This led me to thinking about Thanksgiving as a lot of people will soon reunite with family and friends. Just because a reunion or a holiday is a joyous occasion does not put you outside the law. And, believe me, a lot of DUIs happen during holidays.

Even if you’re spending time with family and not going clubbing with a group of friends, it’s still a good idea to have a designated driver. You never know what the alcohol situation is like, so you should have someone in your group to rely on for a ride home.

I’ll probably be giving some more tips, soon, as well as some checkpoints. So, keep checking back!

Also, if you’re currently dealing with a DUI, be sure to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. With someone by your side as you deal with this difficult process, you’ll find yourself being very thankful in the end.

FDA Warns Against Caffeinated Alcohol and I Will Too.


I was shocked to see the most popular headline this morning is the FDA’s warning against caffeinated alcoholic beverages. Given that Four Loko cans are easy to miss in 7-11s and the drink tastes like licking a melted popsicle off a garage floor, I was shocked to see how many people consume the product and, therefore, put themselves at risk.

Whether you decide to drink it or not, that is your business. Many people put dangerous chemicals in their bodies daily and there is little anyone can do to stop it. Four Loko has a 12 percent alcohol content and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It is pretty much like having five beers plus a coffee. If a person decides to imbibe this drink, I say fine, whatever, at least you are not jumping off a building. It is the subsequent behavior and decisions that people make that scares me.

So, I’ll put myself out there and say that I drank half a can of Four Loko a few weeks ago. As I mentioned earlier, it tastes gross. Furthermore, because the malt liquor drink has caffeine, you cannot tell how intoxicated you are. Being a lightweight, I am now very thankful I had a ride home that night. Although, I am pretty unthankful for probably one of the worst hangovers I ever had the next day.

I did not feel drunk at all that night and neither do the tons of college students who drink Four Loko. Because of the feeling of soberness, people are more likely to get behind the wheel or continue to drink more, leading to alcohol poisoning or death. Any responsible drinker knows that caffeine is not the answer to sober up. Mixing alcohol with caffeine is even worse for you. Both substances dehydrate your body, making you even drunker than you think.

A few states have already outlawed caffeinated alcohol beverages. The makers of Four Loko have announced that they will no longer put caffeine and other dangerous substances in their drinks. However, other brands have not.

This brings me to my following piece of advice, and I am looking at you, young drinkers of America. Now that caffeinated alcoholic beverages have become illegal, don’t embrace your rebellious spirit by deciding to drink this stuff. We all want to prove our badassery to impress others, but can’t you accomplish this by wearing a leather jacket or something? Okay, that’s a pretty bad suggestion, but you know what I mean. Be smart. And if you aren’t smart, hire a lawyer.

Seattle's Raheem Brock Gets DUI, Plus More News


Raheem Brock, the defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence. He was arrested right before the Seahawks were to face the Arizona Cardinals.

DUI Checkpoints not only keep our roads safer from drunk drivers, they also find wanted murderers? Michael Anthony Mitchell has been on the run since 2003 when he murdered a man in Cincinnati. He was even featured on America’s Most Wanted. Apparently, Mitchell fled to Tampa Bay, FL, where he was arrested for a DUI. Once jail officials received his fingerprints, they contacted Ohio officials after charging him with a Florida DUI.

An interesting incident in Maryland occurred the other night, where a driver, Taylor Cole Vanderhook, drove her car into a canal. A nearby restaurant worker, Christopher Sullivan noticed the car and helped Vanderhook to safety. However, Vanderhook took off once police arrived and they later found her at a bus stop. She tried to pay off the police from arresting her to no avail. She was charged for a DUI and for bribery. Sullivan was praised by authorities for saving her life.

Drowsy Driving

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We all know that drinking and driving is very dangerous, but what is equally as dangerous is drowsy driving. In a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, around 51% of drivers have driven drowsy. One percent of these drivers admitted to being in an accident because they fell asleep at the wheel. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that around 100,000 reported car accidents are caused by drowsy driving. (Source: “Drowsy Driving” on 1 800 DUI Laws)

Even if there is no alcohol in your system, if you get into an accident while falling asleep at the wheel, you can still face jail time and heavy fines. Trials for drowsy driving can be very difficult, as there is no test, similar to a breathalyzer, to determine whether or not a person is drowsy. It is best to hire a lawyer to help you navigate this tough situation and fight your charges.

It may not seem like it, but there are ways to prevent drowsy driving. If you are on medication, take precaution when getting behind the wheel, as many side effects include drowsiness. Make sure to have the number of a cab in your phone so you can quickly call someone to give you a ride if you’re unfit to drive. A lot of people will pull over to take a nap in their car if they are feeling drowsy. Be sure to do this in a safe area where you are not breaking any parking laws. Another option is to pull over to a coffee shop or rest area. Finally, getting the proper amount of sleep every night can definitely prevent drowsy driving from happening. If you can, take your sleeping time more seriously so you can stay healthy and safe.

Weekend Sobriety Checkpoints, November 12 – 14th

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Saturday, November 13: undisclosed location within the city limits
9pm to 3 am

Loma Linda
Saturday: within city limits
6 pm to 2 am

Santa Barbara
Tonight: Crackdown from 6 pm to 2 am
Sunday: Crackdown from 6 pm to 2 am

Saturday night: Checkpoint within city limits

Palm Springs
Tonight: Undisclosed time
Checkpoint within city limits


Lee County
Tonight: Undisclosed time/location


Washington County
Saturday: Roving patrols from 7pm to 3 am

Kansas City
Tonight: Time/location undisclosed but will take place in an area known for large quantity of drunk drivers


Prince George’s County
Tonight: 9 pm to 3 a,
Lanham area – 7900 block of Annapolis Road

Man with Cerebral Palsy Arrested for DUI

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Is this a fair arrest?

It was reported that an officer in Utah pulled over a man on a bike and arrested him for a DUI. The biker has cerebral palsy and takes medication for his condition. After learning of this, the police officer took him in for operating a vehicle under the influence, the “influence” being his medication.

In an ironic twist, the biker, Mike Tilt, had not taken his medication that evening. Additionally, a local defense attorney has represented many clients who claim to have been wrongly arrested by the officer, Lisa Steed. The attorney claims that Steed wants to rack up the number of arrests with little regard to following UHP procedures.

Although Mike Tilt is not going to be prosecuted, this is not the first case where physical conditions and medical issues come into play during a DUI arrest. Instances like these are why it is so important to hire a lawyer to defend your case. DUI charges can be very complicated and a lot of factors, including health conditions, are important to investigate in determining your innocence.

Sobriety Checkpoints for November 5th to the 7th – CA, MA, IN

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Jefferson County
There will be a checkpoint at an undisclosed location on Friday from midnight to 3 am.


Chula Vista
DUI Saturation patrol will being at 8pm, Friday night

Los Angeles
Friday from 8pm to 2 am
Van Nuys – Roscoe Blvd between Woodley Ave and Haskell Ave


Bristol County
A DUI Checkpoint will take place an an undislosed location starting Friday night into Saturday

Alcohol Deadlier Than Heroin


I feel that a lot of people were astounded yesterday after finding out about a study that states alcohol is the deadliest drug, more so than heroin. Britain’s Centre for Crime and Justice Studies funded a research project that wanted to discover which substance commonly used was the most lethal. Researchers looked into physical reactions as well as the substance’s role in civil society.

Because of its wide use (as a result of its legality), alcohol ranked number one above heroin, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. According to the study’s results, not only does alcohol have the capability to do significant damage to one’s body, alcohol is also associated with a greater percentage of death rates and criminal activity.

I feel that because alcohol is so prevalent and acceptable in our culture, it makes perfect sense that it would be the worst substance of them all. The same holds true for prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs. While it may seem that taking illegal drugs is the worst thing you can do, we forget to realize that the more dangerous hazards are legal and possibly right under our noses.

Arrested for a DUI? There is Hope.

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Anyone who has been arrested knows that getting arrested is one of the most overwhelming and scary experiences he or she has ever had to endure. Naturally, panic takes over and it is difficult to stay calm and collected through the next few days after your DUI arrest. You may feel as if your life is over and there is nothing you can do.

This is not the case.

If you’re freaking out over your arrest, let me offer some advice to help you put things in perspective.

First of all, it is important to remember that a DUI arrest is not a conviction. You are innocent until proven guilty. There is no need for you to suddenly convince yourself you’re a hopeless criminal, which takes me to my next point.

There is a DUI lawyer waiting for you to call. If you’re feeling overwhelmed now, you can’t imagine how difficult it is if you were to plead guilty and navigate the judicial system on your own. An experienced DUI lawyer has represented so many people in the same situation as you and can expertly fight your charges. There are many details of a DUI arrest that need to be examined and a lawyer will thoroughly go through these details to improve the outcome of your trial.

Next, you may be worried about losing your license. It is important to understand that if you contact the DMV to set up a hearing within about ten days (more or less, depending on your state) you will improve your chances of saving your license.

If you’re still panicking, try and write everything you remember about your arrest. Write down who was there, the questions the police officers asked, and where you were at the time of your arrest. Not only will it help your lawyer come up with a defense, but it will also help you to put everything in perspective.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to take to the internet. There are plenty of articles and online communities that can help during this stressful time. 1 800 DUI Laws is a great resource to bookmark, as it has everything you need to fight your DUI, including assistance in finding a lawyer. Additionally, you should join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter, as we provide information on a daily basis that you may need as you get through this difficult process.