Tragedy, Triumph, and a Myth – Today's DUI News – 12-22-2010

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Tragedy in the OC

In what is a tragedy this time of year, an O.C. teenager is charged with manslaughter after killing a father and son in a drunk driving accident. Since the driver is 18, he will be charged with two felony counts of vehicular manslaughter.

All Because of a DUI Checkpoint

A wanted bank robber was caught at a DUI checkpoint in Walterboro, South Carolina. Marvin Jerriel Bowens was driving toward a DUI checkpoint when he immediately turned around. As checkpoint officers approached his car, Bowens got out and ran but was soon caught. After realizing that Bowens fit the description of a man who robbed a bank earlier in the day, the police were able to capture the suspect.

Let’s Just Clear Something Up

The Bleacher Report has a story today in which former UFC fighter, Chris Leben, opens up about his DUI arrest. It is an interesting read. However, Leben mentions that he refused a breathalyzer test at the time of his arrest because he heard from someone that you don’t need to submit to one. This is incorrect. The test you are not required to take is the field sobriety test. When you are pulled over, you are required to take a BAC test. If you refuse, you will be charged for a refusal. When the officer asks you to take a BAC test, see if you can request a blood test, as they are more accurate.

The Highway Holiday Guide

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DUI enforcement is as popular as Christmas lights this time of year. Many states are having heavy campaigns to curb drinking and driving. If you are traveling by car this holiday season, be ready to see a lot of flashing lights. Here is a list of some DUI Enforcement campaigns that are happening around the country.

Statewide- 2010 DUI Holiday Task Force

Little Rock- Over the Limit, Under Arrest -

Tehama County – Avoid the Five
Sonoma County- Avoid the Thirteen
Sacramento – Increased Patrols

Miami- National Holiday Season Impaired Driving Enforcement Wave

Winnebago – STEP Enforcement Campaign
Buffalo Grove – Providing a Safe Run on Route 21

Statewide – Over the Limit, Under Arrest

Kansas City – Increased KCPD on road and checkpoints

South Carolina
Horry County – Sober or Slammer

Killeen – Impaired Driver Mobilization Program

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