What is Expungement?

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In addition to hearing from people currently dealing with DUI arrests, we get a lot of requests for help from people who want to remove their DUI from their record. This process is called expungment. To have a DUI expunged is different in each state. In fact, some states do not even allow expungement so it is important to be up to date on your state’s expungement laws.

If you’ve been through the process of a DUI conviction, you know the best way to go about it is to hire a lawyer. The same is true if you want to proceed with getting your DUI conviction expunged from your record. There are many factors that go into granting an expungement and you want to make sure you have an expert attorney by your side.

The expungement process can be very difficult. First, you need to qualify for one. The conditions for qualification are different for each state. In most cases expungements are not granted for most felonies, any type of crime involving sexual abuse, or any crime involving the corruption of a minor.

There is often a waiting period in order to have your conviction expunged. Therefore, you can’t try and get your conviction expunged the day after you’re convicted. You must also be in good standing order with the law and have all the terms of your sentence fulfilled.

As you can tell, you need to be very patient if you want your DUI expunged. However, I believe that having clean record is definitely worth the wait.

DUI Checkpoints for January 21st and 22nd

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Weekends are for fun, but remember the police will be out patrolling for drunk drivers. Here is a list of some sobriety checkpoints happening this weekend.



* Undisclosed location in the city of Fort Myers – All Weekend

* Undisclosed location within Lee County

* *** Springfield, OH – Friday night DUI Checkpoint has been canceled due to inclement weather.***



* Long Beach – East Division 6 pm to 2 am

* Concord – checkpoint within city limits – 7:30 pm to 3:30 am

New Mexico

Undisclosed Location in Santa Fe County – evening hours

DUI Checkpoints 1-14-2011 and 1-15-2011

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What's Your New Year's Resolution?


Sure, New Year’s Day was almost two weeks ago but better late than never.

Whether you make resolutions for the New Year or not, a lot of people still reflect on their lives in the past year and changes they want to make in the future. If you have been arrested for a DUI, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ve been mulling over what to do and how to get your life back in order. It is important to understand that there have been a lot of people in similar situations to yours and there are ways to get in control of this uncontrollable situation.

If your New Year’s resolution is to put your DUI behind you, here are a few pointers:

Get a lawyer. Yes, we are a site that advertises DUI lawyers, but it is important to understand that it is difficult to go about a DUI case without one. If you’re really serious about getting your life in order after a DUI arrest, hiring a lawyer is the best decision you can make.

Stay organized. Even though you have a lawyer at your side, this doesn’t mean you do not have any responsibility during this situation. Take good notes. Make your court dates. Keep a schedule. Try and jot down everything you remember from your arrest. You should also be sure to schedule your DMV hearing as soon as possible, so you don’t run a bigger risk of losing your license.

Learn From Your Mistake. People from all walks of life get DUIs all the time and you do not want to become a repeat offender. Be aware of checkpoints and know that cities are constantly increasing their patrols to sniff out DUI offenders. If you would like to change your bad habits of getting behind the wheel after drinking, installing an ignition interlock may be a viable choice for you. Yes, ignition interlocks are often given out as a punishment for DUI offenders. However, interlocks have become very useful for people wanting to keep themselves and others safer if they’ve been drinking.