This Week in Unusual DUI Arrests

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This week in unusual DUI arrests

Woman Gets DUI On the Way to DUI Hearing – Sharry M. Long of South Charleston, OH was due to appear in court this passed Wednesday. However, on her way Long was pulled over and arrested for another DUI. The police report said that she seemed to be under the influence of prescription drugs.

DUI Suspect Really Needs Fourth Meal – In North Royalton, OH, police tracked down a drunk driver in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell. After being ordered to get out of the line by police, the intoxicated driver proceeded to drive up to the second window to pick up her food before she followed police’s orders.

Ditka’s Son Thinks He’s Important, Also Gets DUI – The son of Mike Ditka, Michael P. Ditka, was arrested for a DUI in Deerfield, IL. While the police report claims they saw Ditka drive his Hummer into a parking lot, Ditka states that he was not even driving the car when police approached him. Ditka believes that the police are after him because of his name and his association with the famous Mike Ditka.

Hey Californians, Have you been arrested recently in Ventura County?

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Then, you might want to read this:

According to the LA Times, nearly 300 drunk-driving cases will need to be reviewed due to a faulty breathalyzer being utilized by police since this January. This means that a huge number of cases can possibly be dropped.

According to the Ventura County sheriff’s department, it seems as if there may be a problem with the mouthpiece that drastically affected BAC readings. The breathalyzer manufacturer, Intoximeters, has yet to issue a statement.

This is why it’s imperative to fight your charges. Even though this story was big enough to make the presses, this incident is not the first time a breathalyzer has malfunctioned. This can happen anywhere, so it is important to have a lawyer on your side so you don’t get screwed over.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, find a lawyer in your state today.

How Will You Be Seen After Your DUI Arrest?

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There has been uproar in Wisconsin this week when Governor Scott Walker hired Brian Deschane – an unqualified candidate – to work in the Department of Commerce. Deschane has no college degree and has a few DUI convictions on his record. Apparently, Governor Walker hired Deschane because Deschane’s father donated quite a bit of money to Walker in the past.

Whether or not Deschane deserved the job (he doesn’t and has since gotten demoted), it is interesting to see how many articles and blogs point out that Deschane was arrested for multiple DUIs. Yes, some sources include details about Deschane’s lack of education, but almost every site I’ve seen regards Deschane as “DUI offender” or “person with a criminal past”.

I’m not trying to sympathize, but I just think it’s important to notice how the public regards someone who has gotten a DUI. Not only is a DUI on your criminal record, you run the risk of ruining your general reputation, as well. People may think of you differently if you’ve been convicted for a DUI. It’s a sad truth, but you can work as hard as possible to stop this from happening. Fight your DUI charges. Contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

DUI Checkpoints for Friday, April 1st – CA, FL, MO

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There are no DUI checkpoints happening the entire weekend.

April Fool’s! Let’s get real. Here’s some checkpoints that are happening in your region tonight:


Bakersfield – Exact time/location undisclosed

Riverside County – Coachella – Exact time/location undisclosed

Inland Valley – Ontario – 6pm to 2am – Exact location undisclosed


Volusia County – Deland – 1551 East International Speedway Blvd, Beginning at 8pm


Kansas City – located in an area “known for drunken driving related crashes or arrests”