Top DUI News Stories of the Day

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DUI Checkpoint to Honor Victim

Police in Navato, CA will be holding a checkpoint Friday night in honor of Melodie Osheroff, a woman who was killed by a drunken motorcyclist in 2009. Although checkpoints encourage safety and help decrease traffic accidents, is this the best way to honor someone? Does it seem as if police are exploiting Osheroff’s tragedy to nab drivers?

Caretaker Saves Toddler from a Drunk Driving Crash

In an accident that made national news, a Chicago caretaker is being honored with saving the life of a toddler in Saturday’s Gold Coast DUI accident. The toddler’s nanny was able to shove the stroller out of the way just the driver plowed his truck over a curb. Although the caretaker did get injured, the toddler suffered only minor injuries and should be okay.

NBA Star Pleads Guilty to DUI

Jalen Rose, former Michigan star and NBA player, pleaded guilty today to a DUI. Most shocking was that Rose admitted that he had six (six!) martinis that night, plus road conditions were terrible due to snow. Rose is very lucky to have come out of that accident alive. He’ll be sentenced in July where he most likely will face some time in jail.

Hollywood Beauty Gets Ugly DUI

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Estella Warren, model and star of the Planet of the Apes remake, was arrested for a DUI in Hollywood last night.

Before the police nabbed her, Warren drove into three parked cars and left the scene.

After failing a field sobriety test, Warren resisted the officers as they tried to take her to the station. Once she got to the station, Warren tried to escape again, only to get caught and have an additional felony charge added to her other three charges.

To make her terrible night even worse, her records indicate that she is actually eight years older than she has claimed to be in the past.

Guys Who Talk about Alcohol on Facebook Have More Friends, Plus Four Loko is Still in Trouble

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New Study: Talking about Getting Drunk on Facebook Can Make You Popular

The American Journal of men’s Health has released a new study that suggests young men who talk about their drinking on Facebook tend to have more friends than those who do not. In a study of 225 male students, 85% mention alcohol somewhere on their Facebook account and have more friends than those who do not. This result does not seem to depict drinking habits in young men, but it focuses on social behavior and what these men decide to post on Facebook.

Former Pastor Gets DUI

The former co-pastor of the famous Without Walls International Church in Florida, Randy White, was arrested for a DUI this past Saturday. Even though his BAC was just above the limit, his ex-wife spoke about the charges in church, saying she does not condone what happened, but will support her ex-husband.  White was released on a $500 bail.

Hand Sanitizer Can Affect Breath Test

The Miami Herald is reporting today that hand sanitizer could possibly mess up the results on a breathalyzer test. If you sanitize your hands every so often, most likely, it will have little effect on the test’s results. However, for people with jobs or lifestyles where they sanitize multiple times a day (i.e. doctors and nurses), there is the likelihood that their BAC reading could be affected.

Four Loko About to Get Sued

This past fall, the alcohol brand, Four Loko was receiving a bad rap for its dangerous mix of caffeine and malt liquor. There were terrible tragedies where young people died after drinking the beverage. Now, the parents of one of the teens, Bo Rupp, have decided to sue the company, despite the company removing the caffeine from the beverage.

Miami – Dade Tries to Get Back on Track

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Miami Dade County is beginning to create alternative sentences for one-time DUI offenders with their Back on Track Program.  This program allows first-time DUI offenders to get their charges reduced if they attend alcohol education classes, seek treatment, and pay lower fines under this new program.

For offenders who are way above the legal limit or who refuse a breathalyzer test, the program will include more monitoring and possibly the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Despite receiving a lot of opposition, most notably from MADD, if a person were to enter the Back on Track Program, his or her DUI will still be on record. This means if they were to get arrested again, the latest arrest will be treated as a second offense.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Florida, contact a FL DUI attorney right away for a free consultation.

Have you Been Arrested for a DUI in Vermont?

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This story is just one of many that prove why it is essential to hire a lawyer if you’ve been arrested for a DUI.

In Vermont, many DUI cases will need to be reexamined due to a faulty breath test device. The Datamaster DMT breath machine was not set up properly at Vermont state police barracks, giving hundreds of suspected DUI offenders a false read. This mistake could affect DUI convictions since 2008. License suspensions will have to be overturned and convictions will need to be reopened.

According to, chemists from the Department of Health did not activate the tolerance detector in the machines before it went into use. The state has been contacting lawyers and citizens who defended themselves in court to notify them of the mistake and the possibility of going back to court.

For people who didn’t fight their case and spent time in jail, this is time and money they will never get back. This is why it is important to fight your charges because the authorities do make mistakes that can cost you more than you bargained. If you are a Vermont citizen and have been arrested for a DUI, don’t let the mistakes of others cost you your life. Contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

DUI Checkpoints for May 13th and 14th

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Although we should be gearing up for checkpoints happening Memorial Day weekend, you should also be aware that the police are out patrolling for DUI offenders this weekend as well. Have a safe weekend!


Norco- Saturday, May 14, from 7:00 pm – 3:00 am within the City of Norco

Los Angeles – Friday May 13th, 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Eastbound Manchester Boulevard between Hoover Street and Figueroa Street

Santa Rosa- Friday, May 13th, 2011, from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., in location where DUI-related accidents and arrests are known to occur


Toledo – Saturday, May 14th, in Sandusky on Perkins Ave


Kansas City – Friday, May 13th,  Early morning hours Saturday in western Johnson County.

Sergio Kindle, DUI Apps Update and More! News for May 11th, 2011

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Ravens’ Linebacker Avoids Jail

Sergio Kindle pleaded guilty to drinking and driving yesterday, but he was luckily able to avoid jail. Although his future is uncertain, the judge gave Kindle two years probation because the athlete had already taken steps to get more responsible about his drinking. Last week, Kindle was in an Owings Mills facility.

Citizens to the Rescue!

Residents in the Compton area of Los Angeles helped police last night nab a drunk driver. Around 10:30 pm, a man drove his car into a house and he and his passenger fled the scene. Nearby people chased the offenders down, helping police to catch these suspects and take them into custody.

Google and Apple to Review DUI Apps

After much criticism from lawmakers and others, Google Corp and Apple Inc succumbed to pressure and will review their series of apps that provides drivers with information about where DUI checkpoints are being held in their areas. Many critics of this app believe it allows criminals and drunk drivers to bypass the law, only to make our roads more dangerous.

Coach Takes Player’s DUI Punishment into His Own Hands

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Alford Punishes Player for DUI

In what seems like a story arc in Friday Night Lights (except with basketball), New Mexico Lobos’ Coach Steve Alford is not letting his players get away with a DUI.

This past weekend, sophomore guard Chad Adams was arrested for a DUI. In addition to punishment Adams will most likely receive from a judge, Coach Alford took Adams’ car away and won’t give it back to him until after he graduates from UNM. Additionally, Adams is suspended from four games, must attend counseling and community service, as well as make a public apology.

It seems like Alford is a coach who cares. But what does he truly care about? Adams’ recovery or the team’s reputation? Probably both.

However, not all of us have a Coach Alford to get us back on track after a DUI arrest. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and need legal advice, contact a DUI lawyer today for a free consultation.

California Cinco De Mayo Checkpoints

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Cinco De Mayo is a fun day to celebrate, but it’s important that you stay as responsible as possible. CA police are going to be out and about looking for revelers and here are some places you might expect to see some flashing lights.

Contro Costa County – 22 Saturation patrols

Sonoma County – extra saturation patrols

Yolo County and Tulare County – patrols on city streets as well as on freeways and unincorporated communities

Los Angeles – Saturation patrols throughout county