Weekend DUI Checkpoints


Have a big weekend ahead of you? Don’t ruin it by getting arrested for a DUI. Take note of checkpoints happening in your area.


San Rafael- Checkpoint tonight starting at 6pm. Eastbound on Third and Union streets. Possible relocation to northbound Irwin Street and Fifth Ave

Pacifica – Checkpoint tonight starting at 6pm. Location undisclosed but checkpoints in the area usually take place near Crespi Drive and Linda Mar Blvd.

Not Located in California? Find where DUI Checkpoints are happening in your neighborhood! Click here!

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a WA DUI Attorney for a First Offense


DUI arrests are no fun in The Evergreen State and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Washington State, you’ve got a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

A lot of people think that once they are arrested for a WA DUI, they will have a guilty conviction on their record. This is not the case. If you hire an experienced DUI attorney you can potentially get your WA DUI charges dropped.

Here are some other reasons why you should hire a Washington state DUI attorney for a first DUI offense.

Penalties for a first offense in Washington are extremely harsh.

According to WA DUI attorney Jonathan Dichter, the penalties for a first offense WA DUI include jail time, loss of driver’s license, probation, and even the installation of an ignition interlock. Dichter strongly states, “These harsh penalties make the need for a quality DUI defense attorney paramount.”

There could be flaws in the investigation.

One of the first pieces of advice attorney Jonathan Dichter gives to anyone arrested for a DUI is to not take the field sobriety test or any other voluntary tests. These are methods the police use to show you’re guilty. Even if you feel the odds are against you, an aggressive DUI defense attorney like Jonathan Dichter can prove there are flaws in the police investigation. Therefore, your charges could potentially be dropped.

There is a WA DUI attorney out there waiting for your call.

You may not know this if you’ve been arrested for the first time, but many lawyers like Jonathan Dichter devote their practice to DUI defense. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Washington, chances are that attorney Jonathan Dichter has fought and won cases very similar to yours. He has a passion for fighting for criminal defendants, ensuring that their rights and freedoms remain intact. This is definitely a quality you would want in a WA DUI attorney. Above all, help is out there.

If you have been arrested for a WA DUI in Island, Kitsap, or Whatcom counties, contact DUI attorney Jonathan Dichter today!

For more information on the Law Offices of Jonathan Dichter, please click here.

Don’t Get a DUI in Pennsylvania This Weekend!


Attention Pennsylvania Drivers! If you’re going to be in Northern Delaware County tonight, be on the lookout for tons of DUI roving patrols.

Police are going to be out tonight looking for intoxicated drivers in the townships of Radnor, Haverford, Marple, Newtown, Springfield, and Upper Darby.

Please be careful and have a fun weekend.

Click here for more checkpoints!

If you are in Pennsylvania and you have been arrested for a DUI, fight your PA DUI charges with an experienced DUI attorney today!

DUI Checkpoints! September 23-25, 2011



Kosciuko County- checkpoint tonight from 11pm to 3 am at Dollar General Store, 106 Higbee St. (Ind. 15) in Milford

Lake County- checkpoint happening this weekend within Hammond. Expect 2-3 minute delay if not pulled over.


Northern Delaware County – Roving patrols tonight in the townships of Radnor, Haverford, Marple, Newtown, Springfield, and Upper Darby.


Kansas City- Checkpoint tonight within city limits


Kings County – Checkpoint tonight within central portion of the county (possibly near Stratford or Guernsey). Beginning at 6pm.

Orange County – Checkpoint in San Juan Capistrano

Dublin area – Checkpoint on Sunday within City of Livermore from 2pm to 10 pm.

Napa– Checkpoint within city limits tonight starting at 6pm.


Middlesex County – Checkpoints tonight on public roadways.

Ryan Gosling DUI Secret Revealed!!


What? What? Ryan Gosling!?! Secret DUI?!?

I’m having a stroke right now. Thank goodness he got his license back because Drive wouldn’t have been nearly as cool…

Radar Online reports that my future husband was arrested for a DUI back in 2005 and kept it a secret. He pleaded no contest to “exhibiting speed”, which is also known as a celebrity plea bargain.

Ryan, if you’re reading this, if you ever need a DUI attorney, please hit me up.

National Be(er) Responsible Day


I didn’t know that were was a National Be(er) Responsible Day until a few googles ago. Needless to say, it’s tomorrow, folks. Expect a lot of advocates promoting the use of a designated driver.

The National Be(er) Responsible Day is being sponsored by none other than Anheuser-Busch, the maker of many of our favorite beverages:  Budweiser, Michelob, Stella…

Tomorrow, many Anheuser-Busch employees will be out and about in local hotspots getting people to support designated drivers. Additionally, you can show your support for designated drivers on Budweiser’s Facebook page.

My question is…

Is there anyone who doesn’t support designated drivers?

The DUI Tip of the Day Brought to You by OH DUI Attorney, Benjamin Luftman


Today’s DUI Tip is brought to you by OH OVI Attorney, Benjamin Luftman. Columbus DUI attorney Benjamin Luftman is a partner at Luftman, Heck, and Associates and focuses his practice on OH OVI laws. He offers affordable and professional representation for anyone in the Columbus area who has been arrested for an Ohio OVI.

Tip: If you are caught driving on a suspended license following a DUI, seek legal help once again.

If you have been arrested for an OH OVI and you continue to drive on a suspended license, you may find yourself in a lot of trouble if you get pulled over. Even if the officer gives you a ticket and you think it’s no big deal, think again. According to Luftman, Heck, and Associates’ website, you shouldn’t just pay for a traffic ticket. Like your OH OVI, it can affect your insurance rates again and you can get your license taken away for even longer. You have the right to challenge these charges. Speak to an experienced OH OVI attorney immediately.

For more information on OH OVI laws and Columbus OVI attorney, Benjamin Luftman, please visit this page.

Guy Doesn’t Want DUI – - Just Tacos.


Wasn’t there a story last year about a woman who called 9-1-1 because she couldn’t get chicken nuggets at a McDonald’s?

Regardless, a similar story happened in Florida this weekend that’s just as ridiculous.

In the Largo area, a drunken man walked up to a Taco Bell drive-thru window where he was refused service because he wasn’t in a car. The man responded that he was drunk and couldn’t drive, but the Taco Bell employee insisted that he must be in a car in order to use the drive- thru.

So, using drunken logic, the man concluded that Taco Bell wanted him to get a DUI in order to get a taco. Obviously, being refused a taco is a huge violation, so the man decided to call 9-1-1.

And, I bet you can guess what happens next…

Man Gets DUI in Pennsylvania While on Lawn Mower


A crazy DUI in Pennsylvania took place this weekend, leaving one man with a pretty bad cocktail of hangover and embarrassment.

This past Thursday, Mark Grove was arrested for a PA DUI while driving on a lawn mower. Witnesses saw him driving erratically and called the police.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Grove with a coffee mug filled with alcohol. Grove proceeded to admit he was intoxicated and asked police to take him home.

When police proceeded to arrest him for a PA DUI, Grove assaulted the police officer and head butted the partition in the police car. As a result, Grove also faces assault charges in addition to his Pennsylvania DUI.

You don’t need to be an idiot like Mark Grove to get a DUI in PA.  It can happen to anyone. To learn more about PA DUI laws, please visit this page.

VA DUI Checkpoint Tonight


Don’t get a DUI in Virginia this weekend!

If you are in Loudoun County tonight, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a VA DUI checkpoint. VA police are holding a checkpoint in the western part of Loudoun County, near a very popular hotspot. Take a different route, but more importantly, don’t drink and drive.

To learn more about VA DUI laws and what can happen if police arrest you, please visit this link.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Virginia, get help today!