Girl Gets Illinois DUI and Misses a Showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn – TRAGEDY!!!!

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As if this previous story wasn’t ridiculous enough, I couldn’t help but stumble upon this gem:

This past Saturday morning, 18-year old Olivia Ornelas was arrested for an Illinois DUI. As police questioned her, Ornelas revealed that she got intoxicated because she was so angry at her boyfriend for not taking her to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn this weekend.

Ornelas was charged with an IL DUI as well as underage drinking. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be charged with poor taste in movies.

Luckily there is an experienced Illinois DUI attorney who can fight her charges. However, we cannot guarantee he or she can get Ornelas a movie ticket.

Woman Seemingly Proud of Her Arizona DUI


Two thumbs up! Is that how she rates the experience of a DUI in Arizona? Yikes. Someone needs to get her priorities in order.

24-year old Michelle Watson was arrested in Prescott, Arizona on Thursday for a DUI. During the arrest, Watson was very aggressive and even kicked an officer in the crotch as the cops proceeded to handcuff her.  At least she refused a field sobriety test…?

A lot of us here in the office are curious if Watson is smart enough to hire an experienced AZ DUI attorney. If not, we’re wondering if jail will get a thumbs up from Watson, as well.

CA DUI Checkpoints This Weekend

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Hey Californians! Get ready for some DUI checkpoints next weekend, but don’t forget that police are out and about this weekend.

Don’t get a CA DUI this weekend! Be on the lookout for the following CA DUI checkpoints:

Los Angeles – DUI checkpoint tonight from 8pm to 2am in Koreatown on South Vermont Ave between 5th and 6th streets

Palm Springs – DUI Checkpoint tonight from 9pm to 3am at an undisclosed location within city limits.

Newport Beach – DUI checkpoint tonight from 9pm to 3am at northbound Jamboree Road at Santa Barbara Drive

Ontario – DUI checkpoint tonight from 6pm to 2am at an undisclosed location within city limits.

Not located in California? Checkout our list of United States DUI checkpoints and see if there is a DUI checkpoint happening near you! Better be safe than sorry!

Coach Gary Pinkel Arrested for MO DUI

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Though overshadowed by another sports scandal this week, Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for a DUI on Wednesday in Boone County.  Pinkel was jailed and released on $500 bail. There has been no word on whether or not Pinkel will face criminal charges.

If you are facing criminal charges for a MO DUI, contact an experienced Missouri DUI attorney today. Fight your charges!

To Friend or Not To Friend: PA DUI Suspect Friends with Judge on Facebook

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It’s a relief for many people when they get their court case dismissed. With the help of a skilled PA DUI attorney, you can get your PA DUI charges reduced or even dropped.

However, what if people found out that a DUI offender is friends with the court’s judge on Facebook? Does this look bad?

This seems to be the case in Philadelphia where people are speculating Judge Charles Hayden’s dismissal of key evidence in state house member Cherelle Parker’s DUI. Apparently, Hayden and Parker are friends on Facebook and people think this may give Parker an unfair advantage.

Yes, Parker is a politician and that creates a lot of speculation to begin with, but how integral is it that she is friends with the judge on Facebook?

How a Small Traffic Violation Can Lead to a DUI Arrest: “Final Destination” Star Arrested for DUI

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Actor Ryan Merriman was arrested for a CA DUI this past Sunday night.

The star of Final Destination 3, who also appears in the hit TV show, Pretty Little Liars, was arrested in Newport Beach.

Police pulled Merriman over for routine traffic violation and suspected the actor had been drinking. After failing a field sobriety test, Merriman was taken into police custody.

Ryan Merriman’s DUI arrest shows just how easily your night can be ruined by failing to obey simple traffic laws.

If you have been pulled over by police and are dealing with a DUI in California, make the wise decision and contact an experienced California DUI attorney today.