FL DUI Offender Gets Kinky


Rodney King Avoids Jail After 2nd CA DUI


If you thought that jail was imminent after a 2nd DUI, think again! With the help of an experienced California DUI attorney, you can avoid jail if you get arrested for a 2nd DUI.

This is just the case with Rodney King. King was arrested for a 2nd DUI this past summer and successfully managed to avoid jail by pleading guilty to reckless driving. King will have to pay fines, serve three years probation, and be on a 20-day house arrest.

If you’ve been arrested for a 2nd DUI in the state of California, you should fight your charges. You have too much at stake not to. Find an experienced CA DUI attorney today!

Local Mayor Pleads Guilty to Kentucky DUI


The Mayor of Versailles, KY has pled guilty to a KY DUI today. Mayor Fred Siegleman was arrested this weekend after Woodford County Police noticed a car swerving.

Mayor Siegleman failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the local police station where he later refused a breathalyzer test.  The consequences for a DUI in Kentucky include fines up to $500.00, possible jail time, community service, and alcohol treatment and education classes.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Kentucky, it is best not to plead guilty. You should fight your charges with the help of an experienced Kentucky DUI attorney. Click here to find a skilled KY DUI lawyer near you!

New Marijuana DUI Law Up for Debate


We all know that .08 is the legal limit in most states for alcohol intoxication, but should there be a legal limit to pot smoke?

This is the issue currently being argued in the Colorado legislature as senators are debating whether or not there should be a legal limit as to how much THC is in your system.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the chemical in cannabis that induces a high.

A similar bill was up for debate last year and received a lot of opposition from both sides of the case. The legalization of marijuana supporters believe there is no correlation between THC levels and being impaired while others believed that the state needs to set some measure in place to define marijuana impairment.

The current bill suggests that a pot smoker should be legally impaired if 5 or more nanograms of THC is found in their system.

Whether or not Colorado enacts this bill has no affect on your Colorado DUI charge. If you have been pulled over in Colorado, you are at risk of facing very heavy consequences such as license suspension, heavy fines and possibly even jail time. Don’t suffer from a Colorado DUI conviction. Fight your charges. Find an experienced Colorado DUI attorney today.

What Do You Think: Should Valets Assist to Prevent DUI Accidents?


If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is impossible not to relive the experience in your head. If you got a DUI after a night at a bar or a club, it is impossible not to think, “The valet even gave me my keys! Was I really that drunk?”

This was the subject of a post on Gawker yesterday in regards to an ordinance being proposed by Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo that would allow valet companies to withhold keys if a driver seems inebriated.

The proposed legislation could prevent a lot of DUIs from happening, but it could also make a lot of valet companies liable if an accident were to happen. Should a valet company really be responsible for someone else’s mistake? What do you think?

Go to the 1 800 DUI Laws Facebook page and take the poll!

California DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


President of Pittsburgh Pirates Officially Charged for PA DUI


Frank Coonelly, the President of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was officially charged this week for his December 2011 DUI arrest. He has four misdemeanor charges, two of which include reckless driving and going the wrong way down a one way street.

This comes just days after Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward got his DUI charge reduced to reckless driving.

Coonelly will likely have to pay fines up to $500 and have his license suspended. In the state of Pennsylvania, a first time offender can opt to participate in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program which offers substance abuse treatment and education instead of a formal criminal prosecution.

Coonelly stated that he plans to work with organizations that focus on DUI prevention.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania and would like to see if the ARD program is an option for you, you should meet with an experienced DUI attorney to discuss your options. Find a Pennsylvania DUI attorney today!

Hines Ward Gets Atlanta DUI Charges Dropped


Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward successfully managed to get his Atlanta DUI charges dropped by pleading no contest to reckless driving. This means Ward was able to avoid going to jail.

The Pittsburgh Steeler will have to be on probation, participate in community service, pay fines, and attend alcohol education classes.

However, Ward will not have a DUI conviction on his record. This means he is paying much less in fines and will not run into as many obstacles as he would if he were guilty of an Atlanta DUI.

Ward’s plea agreement proves just how necessary it is to hire an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney. With the possibility of getting your DUI charges reduced or even dropped, hiring a skilled DUI lawyer is essential if you want to get your life back on track. Click here to find an Atlanta DUI attorney today!

Rhode Island DUI Offender Fails to Notice the Police


It seems very easy to notice flashing lights in your rear view mirror. However, this past weekend, a Rhode Island woman failed to notice the police attempting to pull her over and she actually led the police to her home!

When she got to the station, she refused a breathalyzer test and wrote “under duress” on her citation form where it asked her to sign her name.

Yikes. Someone needs a lawyer. Fast. This is especially true because in the state of the Rhode Island the prosecutor can use a breath test refusal as evidence of one’s guilt.

Click here for more information on Rhode Island DUI laws.

Washington DUI Laws Update: Provision Against Driving While Huffing


Driving while huffing was apparently legal in the state of Washington up until recently. This week, the Washington state House of Representatives approved Bill 2443 that has a few updates to the state’s current DUI laws.

Previously, in the state of Washington “under the influence” meant being under the influence of a product that was meant for human consumption (i.e. alcohol, drugs.) However, products not intended for human consumption (paint thinner, horse tranquilizers?) did not legally qualify. As a result, there have been cases in the state of Washington where people who have driven after huffing managed to get their DUI charges reduced or dropped.

Pretty crazy.  Luckily, this loophole has now officially come to a close.