New Washington DC DUI Law


Attention Washington DC drivers! There is an updated DUI law that can affect you if you get arrested for a DUI.

Starting August 1, the fines will be exceptionally higher for felony DUI arrests. Additionally, taking a blood test to measure your BAC will be mandatory. A refusal can result in even deeper amount of trouble.

Additionally, the new Washington DC DUI law includes qualifying huffing products as illegal substances to take while driving.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Washington DC, you deserve a skilled attorney to defend your rights. Find a Washington DC DUI attorney today!

DUI Checkpoints July 27, 2012


Stash of 98 Rock Arrested for DUI in Baltimore


Stephen G. Smith, aka Stash, has been arrested for a DUI in Hartford County, MD this past Sunday. Stash is a local DJ with Baltimore’s 98 Rock.

Area police responded to a 3-car crash where they suspected Smith to be under the influence. The accident resulted in 5 people being sent to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Smith was charged with a Maryland DUI, negligent driving and other traffic offenses.

When a Maryland DUI causes any bodily harm or property damage, the punishments can increase. This can include more jail time and an increase in required fines. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Maryland, find an experienced drunk driving lawyer today!

Tennessee Titan Kenny Britt Arrested for DUI in KY


Kenny Britt, the receiver for the Tennessee Titans has been arrested for a DUI in Kentucky on Friday, July 20. Britt was arrested early Friday morning while trying to enter Fort Campbell, a local Army base.

Britt could face possible suspension as part of the NFL’s protocol in addition to the serious consequences of a DUI in Kentucky. Furthermore, Britt could face harsher punishment due to his other criminal and traffic charges in the past. These punishments can include mandatory jail time and license revocation.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Kentucky, fill out this simple form and be put in touch with up to 3 local lawyers!

MI Running Back, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Suspended After Ann Arbor DUI Arrest


The Michigan’s running back, Fitzgerald Toussaint, has been suspended from the team after getting arrested for a DUI this past Saturday. Fitzgerald was pulled over by Saline police in Ann Arbor where he was subsequently arrested for a MI DUI. His BAC at the time of his arrest was .12.

It is not uncommon for college teams to suspend athletes for driving under the influence. Many college athletes have had to sit out for time periods ranging from a couple of games to an entire season.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Ann Arbor or anywhere else in Michigan, you will likely pay expensive fines and even spend time in jail. To avoid these terrible consequences from happening, you must contact an experienced MI DUI attorney. Fill out this form and be put in touch with up to 3 experienced Michigan attorneys today!

Justin Blackmon Pleads Guilty to DUI in Oklahoma


Justin Blackmon, the wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has pled guilty to a DUI in Oklahoma. Blackmon issued a guilty plea in an agreement that would allow him to avoid jail. Blackmon will have to pay expensive fines and serve community service.

Blackmon was arrested on June 3 in Stillwater, OK. His BAC at the time of his arrest was nearly 3 times the legal limit.

The consequences for a DUI in Oklahoma include jail time, expensive fines and losing your driver’s license. If you have been arrested for an OK DUI, it is necessary to find an experienced drunk driving defense attorney to fight your charges. Contact an OK DUI lawyer today!

Bassist for 3 Doors Down Arrested for DUI


Todd Harrell, a musician with the Band, 3 Doors Down, was arrested for a DUI in D’Iberville, Mississippi on Thursday.  Police stopped Harrell after he failed to stop and collided with another vehicle at an intersection. Harrell has been released on bail.

The consequences for a DUI in Mississippi include loss of driver’s license, expensive fines and even jail time. If you have been arrested for a MS DUI, contact an experienced DUI attorney right away!

DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


Marshawn Lynch Arrested for DUI in California


Seattle Seahaws running back Marshawn Lynch has been arrested for a DUI in California this past Saturday morning.

A highway patrol officer responded to a driver weaving through lanes on the Interstate 880 near Oakland. Lynch took a BAC test and his blood alcohol level was recorded as over the limit but no exact number was released.

The punishments for a California DUI include expensive fines, loss of driver’s license and possible jail time.

Additionally, a California DUI offender may also be required to install an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock device allows DUI offenders to continue to drive while carrying out their sentence. The device is installed into a car and a driver needs to breathe into the device in order to start their car. If the device detects alcohol on a person’s breath the vehicle will not start.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, contact an attorney right away. You can protect your rights and continue to drive with quality legal defense.

Judges in Lindsay Lohan DUI Trial in Trouble


The judges who presided over Lindsay Lohan’s DUI trial have landed in hot water with the California Commission on Judicial Performance.

During her trial, Judge Marsha Revel apparently met with an attorney who wanted to become Lohan’s new defense attorney. This was noted in documents that were obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

Additionally, Judge Elden Fox made an error by denying Lohan bail for a minor charge and not hearing her attorney’s arguments.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance issued these two judges advisory letters.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, the consequences can be quite severe. You need an attorney to fight your charges. Find a DUI attorney in CA today!