Don’t Be Kept in the Dark After a DUI Arrest


There is a huge majority of people who get arrested for a DUI who have never been in trouble with the law before.

Dealing with the police and the criminal court system can be a very overwhelming experience for many people who don’t know what to expect.

The best thing you can do in a situation like is this arm yourself with a skilled defense attorney and with as much information as possible.

We recently posted a few new articles for people who are exactly in the same situation as you. Take a look and get the details you need to be fully informed.

What Usually Happens after a DUI Arrest

Guest Blog Post: How to Stay Anxiety Free After a DUI Arrest

How Much Does a DUI Really Cost?

How Will a DUI Affect Your Job

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Feeling Hopeless After Your DUI Arrest?


Purple Teletubby Busted for DUI


Riley Sheahan DUI

If only!

As a DUI blogger, it wouldn’t be that outrageous to hear that Tinky Winky got busted for a DUI, it was actually a NHL prospect dressed in a purple teletubby costume that got arrested.

A prospect for the Detroit Red Wings, Riley Sheahan, was pulled over in Grand Rapids, MI coming from (hopefully) a Halloween celebration where he was dressed as a purple teletubby.

Furthermore, Sheahan’s BAC at the time of his arrest was .30! That is nearly four times the legal limit in most states!

For more information on what can happen after a DUI arrest, please click here.

Guest Post: How to Stay Anxiety-free After a DUI Arrest


Today’s guest post talks about how you can handle your DUI arrest if you’re sensitive to stress or suffer from anxiety. Even if you generally have a tendency to stay level-headed, a DUI arrest is a distressing ordeal no matter what. This article provides great tips on how to stay calm and balanced while picking up the pieces of your life.

Dealing with a DUI arrest can cause a lot of anxiety. Mistakes happen in life and how you deal with the emotional challenges will make you stronger. Becoming anxiety-free is dependent on your ability to bounce back after your screw up. We all make mistakes and the people that end up better from the experience are the lucky ones. Come out from the dark with some tips that could help you turn things around.

Absorb positive vibes

Much of the anxiety over your DUI arrest is from the guilt. You are supposed to overcome the feeling of guilt once you are already serving the sentence as a result of your arrest. Somehow, that fact is not enough to free you from stress. Start eliminating anxiety by absorbing positive vibes. These positive vibes should be your tool towards becoming a better you as you learn from such predicament.

Make a conscious effort not to do the same mistake again

The cause of anxiety in the first place is the experience of having a brush with the law. Now that you have a taste of what is like being in the pressure cooker; it should motivate you to become more disciplined the next time around. Instead of wallowing in regret or depression, you better make a promise to yourself not to do the same mistake again.

Beat anxiety with exercise and diet

Nothing beats anxiety and stress but good old physical activity. Exercise allows your body to release pain relievers that could calm your nerve. Also, it helps to have a balanced diet with emphasis on eating foods that stimulate serotonin which lowers the risk of falling into depression. Bouncing back from your negative experience would also mean trying to catch up on things that you missed while you were arrested.  Thus, you need to be healthier this time so that you will cease to become more vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

Have a strong support system

Having a strong support system allows you to release the tension mounting inside you. A close relative or a good friend can become part of that support system. It is important that the one you entrust to be part of the system knows his role in keeping you anxiety-free. It is important that both of you understand that you can never undo what has happened. You should learn everything that you can about your experience of having arrested for DUI.  You should also be aware of all the things that you need to do after such experience.  This knowledge will greatly reduce your stress and anxiety as you will be able to make concrete plans of putting all the pieces back together.

Accept the fact you need help

If you get arrested for DUI chances are you will be asked to do some rehabilitation sessions. Embrace this opportunity to correct your deficiencies with the help of a professional. If you are able to accept this fact, it will ease up a huge load from your chest which can help you get rid of anxiety.  Accept that you made a mistake, learn from it and move on.

Get the best legal help

Seeking advice from a DUI lawyer is a tremendous help in keeping you anxiety-free. You will be given the chance to know how to make the sentence lighter. A seasoned DUI lawyer can find ways to make the penalties lighter. You need to find the best DUI lawyer to help you with your case. Experienced lawyers will prove to be of great help in making it all easier for you.

The best way to deal with a DUI arrest is to move on. You need to focus your sights not on what you have lost; but what you have gained from the experience. DUI arrests need not to make you to your life all over. What you can do is pick up the pieces and regroup and continue with the journey. Time will come that the experience will make you a better and stronger person.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.


How the Marijuana Legalization Can Affect DUI Laws


This past election, two states voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Because it this, we can easily predict that these states, Colorado and Washington, will likely adjust some of their DUI laws as well.

The chemical in marijuana that causes a driver to be impaired is called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.  When you are pulled over under suspicion of marijuana, the officer or blood test worker would measure how much THC is in your system.

Now, this is where things can get complicated. Many DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) convictions are normally determined based on police observations of the suspect. It is usually after the arrest that any type of THC measurement is taken.

Right now, in many states, there is no way to measure THC that lawmakers can agree upon. This will likely be up for discussion throughout Colorado and Washington. As a result, it is important to pay close attention to any updates in DUI laws. After all, it can mean the difference between your freedom and a criminal conviction.


How to Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving


Image via Wikipedia

When you think of Thanksgiving, you’re probably thinking of a giant turkey, those weird shoes Pilgrims used to wear and arguing relatives. You may not realize that a large number of people actually drive drunk on Thanksgiving. After all, it’s not what the Pilgrims and Native Americans intended at the first Thanksgiving!

However, Thanksgiving is notorious for DUI arrests. Many people believe that because they’re with family and not at a New Year’s Eve-type rager, they won’t overindulge in drinking. People aren’t taking the extra precautions to avoid a Thanksgiving DUI such as having a designated driver or calling a cab. Because of this, many drunk drivers are nabbed on this holiday.

Don’t let this happen to you! Be sure to have a designated driver (even if it is granny), plan to spend the night, or keep the number of a taxi company in your phone in case your in-laws are too unbearable.

Many locations throughout the country are increasing their level of patrols this Thanksgiving and many police departments are beginning their holiday season anti-DUI campaigns right now. To get more information on anti-DUI campaigns near you, please visit our DUI checkpoint page.

Remember, if you do get arrested for a DUI this Thanksgiving, you must contact an experienced attorney right away. Trust us; you’ll be thankful you did.

3 Common Fears After a DUI – We Can Help!


DUI Fears - Image via stock.xchng

After a DUI, you may feel as if you are all alone. You’re worried about how your DUI can affect your job, car insurance and your personal life in general. What’s going to happen to you? Is your life over? Thinking about the severity of DUI penalties can be very disconcerting.

Fortunately, these are all very common fears and anxieties many people have after their DUI arrest, whether it is their 1st offense or their 4th offense.  1 800 DUI Laws has the resources and information you need to help you deal with these obstacles, so you can get your life back in order and move on from this terrible and embarrassing ordeal.

Fear # 1: Will I lose my job?

The truth is a DUI can cost you your job and can prevent you from being hired from your dream job. Find out how you can avoid this.

Fear #2: Will this bankrupt me?

Many people believe that hiring a DUI attorney is too expensive. However, they fail to realize that a DUI conviction can actually wind up costing you more money than if you hired an attorney and managed to get your charges reduced or dropped. See how much a DUI can really cost you!

Fear #3: Do I really need a DUI attorney?

If you are unsure if a DUI attorney is right for you, take a look at this article to see if you can benefit from 1 800 DUI Laws.

Guest Post: Why DUI Checkpoints?


This blog post is a guest post brought to you by MrCheckpoint. MrCheckpoint is a great service that sends the location of checkpoints directly to your cellphone. Don’t let a night out be ruined by a DUI!

Question: Why are DUI Checkpoints utilized by Police when arrest statistics are so low?

Although it may seem counter intuitive to announce the location and timing of Police DUI Checkpoints, checkpoints are actually a public service to reduce DUI arrests by raising public awareness. The realistic goal of checkpoints is to encourage drunk drivers to seek alternate forms of transportation, and to increase public safety.

The typical checkpoint costs roughly $10,000, with a staff of at least nine (eight officers and one clerical records keeper). Operational funding is usually from federal grants.

The most recent checkpoint in San Luis Obispo saw 1,368 vehicles with 684 stopped by police. Police issued 12 citations for suspended licenses (or no license at all), and conducted three arrests for DUI.

The following evening Santa Maria police screen 217 vehicles out of the 1,750 vehicles that passed through. By the end of the evening police issued 11 citations for suspended or no license, but did not conduct a single DUI arrest. The resulting cost for the holiday period was about $4,000 per DUI arrest.

Santa Maria Police report that alcohol related accidents are reduced by 20% when checkpoints are conducted with sufficient frequency and with public awareness.

MrCheckpoint has been a recognized public service helping local police departments reach hundreds of thousands of people on any given weekend with informations and educating drivers of the dangers and high cost of drunk driving. MrCheckpoint has helped tremendously using technology and social media to reach more people without costing state tax payers any money. Not only is MrCheckpoint educating but also providing discounts on cabs, designated drivers, auto insurance, and more to the subscribers of MrCheckpoint. Text NODUI to 51515 to get free DUI Checkpoint alerts sent directly to your cell phone in real time.


“Be responsible, don’t drink and drive, text NODUI to 51515″

DUI Suspect Makes U-Turn … on a Freeway


In Temecula, California, Marlies Petersen was arrested for a DUI on Monday night.

A motorist had called police after witnessing Petersen driving erratically on a busy California freeway. She later attempted to make a U-turn on the freeway. However, Petersen ended up hitting the center median, not just once but twice.

When police arrived at the scene, they suspected Petersen to be under the influence and arrested her for a CA DUI.

Petersen will likely face jail time, expensive fees as well as paying for any property damage if she is convicted of a DUI.

And the Winner of the Craziest Halloween DUI Arrest Is . . .


. . . A pregnant zombie!

Pregnant Zombie DUI

Thinking they were responding to a shooting, Birmingham, AL police found a woman passed out at her wheel on Halloween evening. She looked like she had blood all over her and she appeared to be pregnant.

However, once officers approached the vehicle they realized that the woman was actually in costume – a pregnant zombie. She was hunched over at the wheel because she was drunk. She was taken into city jail and charged with an Alabama DUI.

Even if you’re undead, it doesn’t mean DUI laws don’t apply to you! If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, contact an attorney today!