Buzzer Buzzes Only When Drunk To Let You Know If You Should Drive


The Buzzed Buzzer

Let’s face it. When go out for New Year’s this Monday and you’re having a good time, taking a break to figure out if you should drive using a BAC calculator can feel impossible.

Divide what by what? Multiply my weight by how many fluid ounces?

Luckily, inventers Tyler DeAngelo and Sacha De’Angeli created the Buzzed Buzzer. Basically, this contraption is a noisemaker that you would use at New Year’s, but it has a breathalyzer in it! So, if you were to blow into it at midnight and you’re sober, you won’t hear anything. However, if you’re drunk, the buzzer will make a sound and that’s your cue that you should either get a designated driver or call a cab.

Pretty neat! Check out the video below:

Buzzed Buzzer from Tyler DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Man Gets DUI in VT After Drunk Driving on Lawn of AA Co-Founder



Talk about a sign that indicates you need to make a change in your life!

Donald Blood, of Massachusetts, was arrested for a DUI in Dorset, VT when he drove onto the lawn of Bill Wilson, one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bill Wilson (also known as Bill W. until his obituary published his real name) co-founded Alcoholic Anonymous in 1935 with Dr. Bob Smith. Wilson’s house in Dorset, VT is still utilized for AA meetings.

Blood was under the impression he had pulled into a parking lot when police arrived to the scene. However, he was actually on the lawn of Bill Wilson’s birthplace.

Donald Blood will have to appear in court in January. The consequences for a first DUI in Vermont include possible jail time, license suspension and the possible installation of an ignition interlock.

MLB Hall of Famer Pleads Guilty to DUI


Carlton Fisk DUI

Carlton Fisk, a former catcher for the White Sox, has officially pled guilty to a DUI today.

If you recall, Fisk was arrested for a DUI in New Lenox after police found the former athlete driving in the middle of a field. Fisk was under the influence of both alcohol and prescription drugs.

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Fisk has been sentenced to 1 year of court supervision as well as mandatory fines. This is his first DUI. As part of his court supervision, Fisk will have to submit to drug and alcohol evaluations, seek treatment and attend a drunk driving victim impact panel. At this point, the Chicago Tribune did not report the exact type of license suspension Fisk will have to face, although Fisk does have a Florida driver’s license.

Even if you get a DUI on a vacation and/ or outside your home state, you can still find yourself with a suspended driver’s license in your state of residence. This is why it is necessary to call an experienced attorney to help you sort out these issues and to fight your DUI charges.

Laguna Beach Star Pleads Guilty to CA DUI


Laguna Beach DUI

Oh yeah! Laguna Beach was a show!

Talan Torriero, who starred on the reality show, pled guilty to drinking and driving in Orange County last week. Torriero will serve three years of probation. His probation includes fines as well as participation in a first-offenders DUI education program.

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Torriero was arrested for a CA DUI this past September in Laguna Beach after police caught him making an illegal left turn.

The penalties for a DUI in California can include jail time, expensive fines and alcohol education classes.

Sam Donaldson Arrested for DUI


Sam Donaldson DUI

Sam Donaldson, a contributor and analyst of ABC News, has been arrested for a DUI in Delaware.

On December 1, the news veteran was pulled over when police noticed him driving on the shoulder.

When police suspected that Donaldson may have been under the influence, they asked him to perform a field sobriety test. Donaldson failed and was arrested.

According to TMZ, Sam Donaldson was very cooperative and was released as long as he promised to appear in court.

Yes, sometimes you don’t need to pay bail after a DUI arrest, as long as someone is there to pick you up and you promise to make your court appearance. (If you don’t appear in court, the judge is within his or her right to issue a warrant for your arrest.) Whether or not you have bail depends on the nature of your DUI and if you have a criminal history.

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Eonline Picks the Best Mugshots of the Year


Purple Teletubby Pleads Guilty to DUI


Teletubby is busted

Riley Sheahan, a NHL prospect now known nationally as the dude arrested for a DUI in the Purple Teletubby costume, pleaded guilty to drunk driving this morning in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sheahan is a prospect for the Detroit Red Wings. According to WZZM online, the court will investigate Sheahan before giving him his official sentence.

Sheahan’s BAC at the time of his arrest was .17. According to Michigan’s DUI laws, Sheahan may face additional penalties due to his high BAC level. This is otherwise known as MI’s “super-drunk” law.

Sheahan DUI teletubby

VIDEO: DUI in Lawnmower


Remember, people, if it is a mode of transportation, you can get arrested for a DUI while operating any type of vehicle if you are under the influence.

Elliott Robert Conrad III of Wellford, SC was just one of the many people we’ve chronicled getting a DUI on a lawnmower.

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Check out the video courtesy of WBTW News 13 below:

Conrad was arrested and booked. If convicted, he will likely face jail time and a license suspension, despite the fact that he wasn’t driving a car.

Considering Using a Public Defender?


Whether you’ve seen it on TV or actually have had your Miranda Rights read to you, we all remember hearing, “You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.”

These appointed attorneys are known as public defenders. Public defenders are lawyers who are paid by the government to defend citizens who are below the poverty line who legitimately cannot afford a defense attorney for their crime.

If you’re pinching pennies, you may be finding yourself considering the idea of a public defender. However, the process of getting a public defender for your DUI can be harder than you think.

See why a public defender may not be your best option to fight your DUI!

Your chances of beating your DUI charges improve greatly with a DUI defense attorney rather than a public defender. If you can afford an experienced DUI attorney, it is in your best interest to get one if you seriously want your DUI charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Need help finding an attorney? 1 800 DUI Laws can connect you with multiple local DUI attorneys. Find out how!

Actor Michael Madsen Officially Charged with DUI


Via Wikipedia: Michael Madsen DUI

After his DUI in September, actor Michael Madsen has officially been charged with two counts of drunk driving in the state of California. Madsen is known for his appearances in many Quentin Tarantino flicks.

Madsen was busted in September while driving around in his Pontiac GTO (with painted flames on the side, mind you) and his BAC registered at .20. This is almost twice the legal limit.

Having a high BAC during your arrest is known as an aggravating circumstance and can result in harsher penalties. According to TMZ, Madsen could face two years in prison. However, we doubt that would happen as his attorney told TMZ that they plan on defending the CA DUI charges.

If Madsen is convicted, we’re sure he’d qualify for probation, which would mean he would have to participate in alcohol treatment, pay heavy fines and get his driver’s license suspended.