NJ DUI Causes Power Outage


An NJ DUI offender caused a blackout by crashing into an electrical pole on March, 15.

Joe Ramos was under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into a pole that provided nearby houses and businesses with electricity. A patrolling officer noticed that the traffic lights weren’t working and later arrived on the scene of Ramos’ crash.

Luckily, there were no injuries, according to the Lawrenceville Patch.

Ramos refused a breathalyzer test and was charged with a DWI (driving while intoxicated), reckless driving, breath test refusal, and failure to maintain a lane.

Often times, people who are arrested for a DWI in NJ face additional charges when any type of property damage is involved. The penalties may include increased fines as well as a longer probation and a longer license suspension.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or a DWI, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney to discuss your options. There may be a way to avoid jail and paying expensive fines. However, the only way to find out if this is possible is to speak with an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as you can. Find one today at 1 800 DUI Laws.

Man Gets DUI and Says Dog was Behind the Wheel


Image via College Humor

Ronald Gell, a habitual drunk driver from the Highland Region of Scotland, was arrested (again) for driving under the influence. During his latest arrested, he told police his dog was actually driving his vehicle.

This comment was most likely made in angry jest the cops, as Deathandtaxesmag.com reports that Gell was also violent towards the cops and refused a breathalyzer test. Because he was a repeat offender, he will now be facing up to a year in prison for this latest offense.

In the United States, a breathalyzer refusal can mean an automatic license suspension. It’s really important to contact an attorney whether or not you take a breathalyzer test during your DUI arrest. DUI laws are tricky and you can wind up in more trouble than you deserve if you don’t hire an attorney.

If you need help finding an attorney, that is what 1 800 DUI Laws is here for! Fill out this simple form and be put in touch with an experienced and local DUI attorney who is ready to take on your case.

Irish Town Legalizes Drunk Driving



Yes, you read that correctly. County Kerry, located in Ireland, has approved a law that will allow certain residents to drive with a higher BAC than normal as long as they qualify and are driving on little-used roads in rural areas.  Under these circumstances, the town believes, drunk driving is less likely to cause traffic accidents.

The question is, however, is this a traffic accident waiting to happen?

Residents of County Kerry need to apply for permits in order to drive with a higher BAC. Only older, rural residents would be allowed to apply for this drunk driving permit because, as the proposal’s main proponent states, older residents were less likely to cause accidents on seldom-used roads. The proponent also stated the importance of letting people drive themselves to a pub and back because socializing is an effective tool in preventing mental illness.

To be fair, the new allowed BAC limit for qualified drivers is .07, which is less than the legal limit in the United States. (The BAC limit in the US is .08.) However, does this law set a precedent for more “legalized” drunk driving laws elsewhere?

Woman Driving in Donuts Arrested for DUI


DUI Florida

A South Florida woman was arrested for a DUI after police found her driving in donuts.

Mary Suppa LaPeter, a salon owner, was found driving erratically, seemingly for her enjoyment, by Davie police. Not only was she driving in donuts, there was also a wheel missing from her vehicle. Police stopped LaPeter and suspected her to be under the influence. Her speech was slurred.

LaPeter admitted to have had 2 beers. She also is quoted as saying, “I had too much to drink. I am drunk. I am sorry. I don’t go out much. I am sorry.”

Well, Mary, we hope it was worth it!

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, silly or otherwise, don’t forget to contact an experienced DUI attorney to help you fight your charges!

Man Arrested for DUI Lies that He’s a News Reporter



A drunk driver told officers he was a journalist in an attempt to get out of his DUI arrest.

A man in South Africa was arrested for driving under the influence. In an attempt to resist the arrest, the man told officers that he was a reporter for Independent Newspapers. The officers called the man’s bluff as his story changed a couple of times. Apparently, the man was unable to say which newspaper he actually worked for.  Therefore, he finally admitted to lying.

His response?

“So, I lied, but that is irrelevant to the situation because I am not drunk.”

Needless to say, the officers took a BAC test and the man was drunk. His BAC was above the legal limit in South Africa.

Emotions are heated during a DUI arrest and if you’ve been arrested you may have said things you regret. Though most attorneys suggest you don’t talk at all, no matter what happens during your arrest, you should always hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight your charges.  Find an experienced DUI lawyer today!

Woman Gets Arrested for DUI En Route to Picking Up Son Who Was Arrested for DUI



It looks like DUI arrests run in the family.

A mother who was called to pick up her son from jail after a DUI arrest was then arrested for driving under the influence.

A 27-year old male driver was arrested for driving under the influence in Innisfil, a city just north of Toronto, early Sunday morning. He was taken to the station where he phoned his mother to pick him up from jail.

However, when the man’s mother arrived, she was speaking with the arresting officer who suspected that she may be under the influence. She took a blood alcohol content test, which she failed and was therefore arrested for a DUI as well.

Like mother like son!

Your story may not be as newsworthy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lawyer up! If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact an attorney today!

Portland Pirates CEO Pleads Guilty to DUI


The CEO of the Portland Pirates has pled guilty to a DUI today.

Brian Petrovek has been ordered to serve 72 hours of community service that is scheduled to begin May 24. Oftentimes, community service can be used as a replacement for a jail sentence.

Additionally, Petrovek will have to pay $750 in fines and his license will be suspended for 90 days.  Once his license is reinstated, Petrovek will have a conditional license for one year. If Petrovek were to be pulled over again while on this conditional license, he may find himself with a longer suspension and even more fines.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you shouldn’t have to face the court alone. It can be scary and you can wind up paying more than you think. Contact an experienced DUI attorney today.

Bobby Brown on House Arrest


Bobby Brown DUI

Bobby Brown will wear an ankle-monitoring bracelet for the duration of his jail sentence.

Brown only spent 9 hours in an actual jail cell. However, the rest of his sentence will be under house arrest. Brown has to wear an electronic ankle monitor for 55 days. After that, he will begin his four year probation that includes alcohol education classes and mandatory attendance at AA meetings.

There are a couple of reasons why Brown is required to wear an ankle-monitor as opposed to serving time in prison. One reason was overcrowding. However the other reason was the probation department thought Brown exhibited good behavior and released him with the condition he serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest.

When you wear an ankle-monitor you’re typically not allowed to leave your house. Depending on your case and the judge, there may be an exception such as being allowed to go to work. If you do leave your assigned location while under house arrest, the police will be immediately notified and you will face a punishment for violating your probation.

Some ankle-monitors keep track of your alcohol intake as well. The monitor samples your sweat to detect if there’s alcohol in your system. Similar to ignition interlocks, many people use alcohol monitoring bracelets to curb their drinking habits.

Getting a mandatory jail sentence switched to a house arrest can be a difficult thing to accomplish on your own. You would need an attorney to assist you in court to see if a house arrest can be an option for you. If you’re worried about spending time in jail after a DUI, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced DUI attorney right away. Fill out this simple form and be put in touch with a local attorney who specializes in DUI cases exactly like yours.

Rams’ Trumaine Johnson Arrested for DUI in Montana


Trumaine Johnson Rams

Trumaine Johnson, the cornerback for the Rams, has been arrested for a DUI early this morning in Missoula, MT.

Missoula police arrested Johnson and was booked into the county jail around 3:05 am. An hour later, Johnson was released on $700 bail.

Because Johnson has a previous criminal record that includes disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, he may face harsher penalties if he’s found guilty of this current DUI. It could mean a longer license suspension, a longer stay in jail and more expensive fines.

A criminal past may be one of the many reasons why you’re facing even worse punishments than you expected after a current DUI. Some of the other reasons why you’re facing worse punishments could be that you had a BAC level at the time of your arrest or injury was involved.

No matter what happened in your past or what allegedly happened during your current DUI arrest, you still deserve an experienced DUI attorney to help you through this time. The judicial process can be complex and even though it may not seem like it, you still have options after a DUI. Contact a DUI attorney today to learn how you can fight your charges.

March Madness DUI Crackdowns


March Madness

In the state of Michigan, police officers from Genesee and Saginaw counties will be conducting a “crackdown” to thwart drunk drivers as many people begin to revel in March Madness. If you’re in these areas, be on the lookout for extra patrols and DUI checkpoints as the basketball tournament takes place.

Of course, March Madness isn’t limited to the state of Michigan. March Madness is one our national pastimes. Therefore, police across the country are likely expecting to see an influx of drunk drivers on the road. Extra patrols and DUI checkpoints will likely be set up all throughout the United States.

This is why it is necessary to take extra precaution in the coming days. Be sure to know your limits or have a designated driver. Remember, if you do get arrested for a DUI, make up for your irresponsible choice by making the smart decision to hire a DUI attorney. A skilled DUI attorney can help you sort out your charges. A drunk driving defense lawyer will aid in getting your criminal charges reduced or dropped altogether. To find a local DUI attorney, fill out this simple and secure form today!