DUI and BUI Checkpoints in the Los Angeles Area


Yesterday we reported that wine lovers should be on the lookout for a checkpoint in Napa this weekend. However, California police are continuing their efforts elsewhere, as a few checkpoints in the Los Angeles area have been announced.

Malibu – A checkpoint will be taking place at an undisclosed location tonight from 7:30pm until 3 am.

Pasadena – There will be a zero-tolerance saturation patrols happening in Pasadena tonight from 8pm to 3am.

Pico Rivera- A checkpoint will be taking place tonight in an undisclosed location from 7pm to 3am.

Even though the location of these checkpoints have been undisclosed, police usually hold these checkpoints in areas known for DUI accidents and arrests. However, you should be careful no matter where we go.

Police are also going to be on the lookout for drunk boaters this weekend on Castaic Lake and and Pyramid Lake. Police will be patrolling the areas looking for BUI offenders. BUI stands for boating under the influence.

Whether you get a DUI or a BUI, you should always hire a DUI lawyer to fight your charges. With the threat of losing your driver’s license and have a criminal record, you should always fight your charges. Find a lawyer today!

DUI Checkpoint in Napa, CA This Friday Night



For those of you who are planning on going wine tasting this weekend, be on the lookout for the police.

Napa has announced that it will increase its DUI enforcement this Friday night from around 9pm until 2am. You should expect to see roving patrols and maybe even a checkpoint in high-traffic areas and areas known for DUI accidents and arrests.

If you do get pulled over, remember you don’t have to answer any questions other than stating your name and showing the officer your paperwork. Don’t answer if you’ve been drinking or where you were coming from. Exercise your right to remain silent. By remaining silent, you will see great benefit if you do wind up getting arrested and need to appear in court.

If you end up getting arrested for a DUI, always be sure to head to court represented. You should never just accept your charges or fight your DUI on your own. The court process is way more complex than you think, especially for DUI cases. Find a lawyer today.

Woman Gets DUI After Driving into Pool



Looks like someone was desperate to go for a dip.

A Philadelphia woman was arrested for a DUI after she drove her SUV into a swimming pool Tuesday night.

Apparently, the woman lost control of her vehicle and ended up in a swimming pool. The homeowner assisted the woman. However, her vehicle had to be towed out of the water. There were no injuries. Just a lot of wet clothes.

Police arrived to the scene and suspected the woman to be under the influence. She was arrested for a DUI.

If property damage results from a DUI, typically the consequences get harsher. You may have to pay higher fines and have a longer probation.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, no matter what happened, you have a right to have an attorney look over your case to make sure your rights are intact. Remember, a DUI arrest is not a conviction. You may still have options. Learn what they are by meeting with an experienced DUI lawyer.

Sisters Arrested for DUI in Same Car


sibling dui

This isn’t an ideal way to bond with your sibling…

Sisters Steffany and Vanessa Miranda were both arrested for a DUI in Florida while operating the same vehicle on Saturday night.

One sister was driving when police noticed the car swerving. When the police turned their lights on, the sisters switched seats.

The deputies said that the sisters both looked impaired. They each performed a field sobriety test and failed.

Steffany Miranda and Vanessa Miranda were both charged with a DUI, because, technically, they both were operating a vehicle, with the key in the ignition, while they were under the influence of alcohol.

This was definitely not a smart move on their part. Clearly the first driver panicked. The best thing you can do when you see those lights is to act calm. This can save you a lot of trouble and will eventually aid in the courtroom.

However, what can aid the most in a courtroom is an experienced DUI lawyer who can fight your charges. They know exactly how to go about a DUI case and will do everything in their power to get your charges reduced and dropped. Don’t you want someone like that on your side?

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July 4 DUI Crackdown in PA



PennDOT will be participating in the national “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign to help avoid drunk drivers on the road this July 4th Holiday.

From now until July 7, PA police will be conducting statewide checkpoints as well as roving patrols to target drunk drivers.

July 4 is known for being a holiday with a wide number of DUI arrests.

Drug recognition experts, also known as DRE’s, will be present at DUI checkpoints to help police determine if a driver is under the influence of a controlled substance other than alcohol. Drug Recognition Experts are officers trained to determine the signs of one being under the influence of drugs.

If you do get arrested for a DUI over the July 4th holiday, be sure to contact a DUI lawyer right away. Even if you feel you have no chance of getting your charges dropped, you still should exercise your right to get an attorney to look over your case and help you prepare for court.

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DUI Checkpoints in Los Angeles and San Diego this Weekend


Caution DUI Checkpoint

Now that summer has officially started, police in Southern CA, as well as throughout the United States, will be on high alert.

With some festivities taking place in Southern CA this weekend, be on the lookout for DUI checkpoints and roving patrols.

A DUI taskforce has been set up around the San Diego County Fair this weekend in Del Mar. Agencies from San Diego, Coronado and National City are going to be on high alert for drunk drivers.

This weekend is the International Beer Competition and Festival in Del Mar, so be prepared to see a lot of patrolling near the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Visitors to the festival are encouraged to take public transportation.

Van Nuys, CA will have a checkpoint taking place tonight. The checkpoint will be held on Sepulveda Blvd at Raymer St from 8pm to 2am.

On Saturday, a DUI checkpoint will take place on Hollywood Blvd. The checkpoint will be set up at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Gower st. It will take place from 8pm to 2am.

Don’t start your summer with a DUI. Be sure to be safe. If you do get arrested, hire a DUI attorney to fight your charges! You’ll be thankful you did!

DUI Checkpoint in Manteca, CA


Manteca, CA will be conducting a DUI checkpoint this Saturday, June 22. The checkpoint will take place from 7pm until 1 am.

This checkpoint is also a driver’s license checkpoint. If you plan on driving in this area on Saturday, please be sure to have all of your necessary documents with you. This includes your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

While everyone knows not to drink and drive, we still see people make an error in judgement on a regular basis. Sometimes people just don’t know their limits.

Therefore, if you do end up being arrested for a DUI, don’t let your mistake keep you from hiring a skilled DUI attorney to fight your charges. DUI offenses are more complicated than you think. There’s a lot of science and legal details that go into a DUI arrest that a skilled DUI lawyer can look into.

Furthermore, the court can be a confusing place and it is in your best interest to not go in alone. If you need help finding a DUI lawyer, 1 800 DUI Laws can put you in touch with a local attorney who is ready to help you today. Just fill out this simple and secure form and you’ll be hearing from a lawyer soon!


Increased DUI Patrols in North Dakota


Areas around Bismarck, ND will be increasing their DUI patrols from Friday, June 21 until Sunday, June 30. If you’re going to be in this area during this time period, be sure to take precautions or hire an attorney if you do get arrested.

Police departments will be adding more DUI patrols in the counties of Mercer, Sheridan, Burleigh, Morton and Grant. Additionally, expect additional DUI patrols in Beaulah, Mandan, Bismarck and Lincoln.

If you get pulled over for a DUI, make sure to hand the police officers your paperwork, state your name and submit to a breathalyzer test to avoid a license suspension. Remember, you don’t have to answer any questions without your attorney present.

This DUI crackdown is a part of North Dakota’s “Don’t Forget to Designate a Driver” Program or TODD. TODD is offering a safe ride program to people who need a ride home. All you have to do is text 88202 and tell them your location. This safe ride program is offered to ND residents in the areas of Bisman, Devil’s Lake, Dickinson, Fargo, Grandforks, Jamesvc, Minot, Newtown, and Williston.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you don’t deserve exceptional legal defense. Don’t go into court unrepresented. Find a DUI lawyer to learn that you still have options.


DUI Offenders Offer Police Can of Beer


DUI offender offers can of beer

We here at 1 800 DUI Laws always recommend being polite to the arresting officer if you’re getting pulled over for a DUI. However, let’s be smart about it, okay?

Omar Medina, of Kent, WA, was arrested for a DUI on June 8. However, during his arrest, he attempted to offer the police a can of beer. Yeah, nice try.

Witnesses found Medina in a 7-11 parking lot when they called the police. The officers arrived to the scene and when they asked for Medina’s license, they got a brew instead.

However, the crazy antics don’t end here. After the beer incident, Medina then told police officers that he was above the law because he was actually an assassin for the US government.

Look, you don’t have to tell the police officers everything when you’re arrested for a DUI, but you certainly shouldn’t tell outlandish lies either.

Unless you really are a government assassin. In which case, you’re pretty bad at your job, Mr. Medina.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, no matter how ridiculous you may have behaved during your arrest, you should never go into court alone. Hire a lawyer and fight your charges.

AK Man Arrested for DUI on Motorized Shopping Cart After Stealing Cookies


Motor Cart

Looks like someone had a sweet tooth!

Merrill K. Moses of Fairbanks, AK was arraigned for his DUI arrest on a motorized shopping cart this past week. He was also charged with shoplifting, as he stole cookies and cake mix from a grocery store last Wednesday night.

Police stopped Moses on a motorized shopping cart after leaving a nearby grocery store without paying for his items last Wednesday night. When they suspected him to be under the influence, he refused a field sobriety test. However, he did submit to a preliminary BAC test where his blood content was measured to be almost four times the legal limit.

This isn’t the first time Moses was seen drunk on his shopping cart. Grocery store employees state that he has been a problem for the establishment, as he is often seen operating his cart under the influence at the store.

Moses does have a criminal past, as he was previously arrested for drinking in public and an open container violation.

Many people who are arrested multiple times for alcohol violations and DUI often are dealing with issues of alcohol abuse. However, by working with an attorney, these people can often avoid jail by seeking treatment for their addiction problems.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, find an attorney today!