Man Gets DUI . . . in the Ocean


Surf’s up! Literally!

A man in Hawaii was arrested for a DUI this past Saturday after police realized that this man drove his truck into the Pacific Ocean.

Norman Akana was drunk driving on Lydgate Beach in Kauai where he managed to drive his Ford pickup all the way into the ocean. This means he drove off the road, over sand and into water. Not only that, he drove his car deep into the ocean. Check it out:

We’re curious as to when Akana realized he wasn’t driving on the road anymore.

Needless to say, police arrived to the scene to find Akana uninjured, but probably a little soaked. We wonder if the field sobriety test involved swimming…

Akana was arrested for driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a BAC test and reckless driving.

Look, your DUI doesn’t need to make the local news in order to be constituted as “embarrassing”. The truth is everyone feels some sort of shame after a DUI. It’s understandable.

However, the smartest thing you can do after a situation like this is lawyer up. Don’t go into court unrepresented. Always hire an attorney who has your best interest in mind. To find a DUI attorney today, fill out this simple form and get started fighting your charges.

Huntsville, AL Has New DUI Truck


The Huntsville, Alabama police force has a new upgraded DUI tuck to accompany officers at DUI checkpoints. If you drive in the Huntsville area, be on the lookout for increased checkpoints and patrols.

Many DUI checkpoints have a van or a trailer equipped with breathalyzers and holding stations to assist troopers with DUI arrests on location. The Huntsville Alabama police recently updated their truck with two breathalyzer devices, more room for movement and storage, as well as the ability to hold multiple DUI offenders until they are transported to the station.

Many police forces across the United States set up DUI checkpoints to nab drunk drivers when the drivers are least expecting it.  DUI checkpoints are typically held over the weekends and in the evening. They are also put in place over holidays, especially holidays known for drinking such as St. Patrick’s day or Memorial Day weekend. In fact, you should expect to see many DUI checkpoints on the July 4th holiday,

Police departments are also known for having roving patrols . This where a checkpoint isn’t stationed at one location. Police are typically concentrated in an area of town keeping a lookout for erratic driving behavior to stop drunk drivers before an an accident happens.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI at a checkpoint or elsewhere, it is imperative that you contact a DUI lawyer right away . The consequences for a DUI are extremely severe and can cause many obstacles in your life for years to come. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact an attorney today!


Woman Arrested for DUI, Pants Fall Down



What is with DUI offenders getting caught with their pants down lately? Is there some unwritten rule that if you drink you’re not allowed to wear a belt?

A woman from St. John’s County, FL was arrested for a DUI on Monday and when she was asked to step out of her vehicle, her pants fell down. Although this has the making of a viral Youtube video, the consequences of her DUI are going to be pretty serious.

Kristen Rebecca Lively was arrested after crashing her vehicle on Monday. Police asked her to step out of the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. However, when she stepped out, her shorts fell down.

Not only that, she failed to realize that her shorts had a drawstring on them. She kept attempting to button her pants, which really wasn’t helping the situation.

Lively alluded to police that she may have been under the influence and then straight up told police she had imbibed a six-pack of beer. She also admitted that she was using prescription medication for the stomach flu. Furthermore, she revealed to police that she would begin probation for an undisclosed crime within the week.

Because Lively may have a criminal past, it is possible that she will have to face worse consequences for this DUI. It can include higher fees, a longer license suspension and possibly a longer time in jail.

Whether or not your DUI has aggravating circumstances, you should also seek legal representation when you go into court. If you’ve been arrested for any type of DUI, contact an attorney today!

9-Time DUI Offender: “Beer Is My Coffee”


DUI Florida

A DUI offender who was arrested for a ninth time informed police that “beer is my coffee”. Phillip P. Jordan was arrested for a DUI near a KFC drive-thru in Marion County, Florida. Jordan is a 9-time DUI offender.

Deputy Steven Simpson responded to call from a KFC employee that a drunk driver was in the drive-thru of the fast food restaurant.

Drive-thrus of fast food restaurants are a common place where DUI arrests occur. Many employees of drive-thrus call the police when they suspect a driver is drunk, especially when they pass out at the window, which is often the case.

Luckily Simpson was stationed near the KFC when he pulled over Jordan who was noticeably impaired. Jordan had informed Simpson that he had been drinking and that he usually drinks beer, like coffee, in the mornings.

Simpson asked Jordan to perform a field sobriety test, which he failed. He was subsequently arrested for his ninth DUI.

It is clear that Jordan is suffering from alcohol addiction which is common for many repeat DUI offenders. Often times, when you hire a DUI attorney, you can opt to seek treatment for substance abuse, as opposed to jail time. However, DUI laws can be harsh, so it’s important to hire an attorney to avoid jail.

Study Shows Many Designated Drivers Drink Alcohol, Too


A recent study has concluded that a number of designated drivers drink alcohol to point where they may be too impaired to operate a vehicle.

A study by the University of Florida was taken at a bar in Gainesville. They performed breath tests of people leaving the bar and it was ascertained that 41% of the designated drivers had been drinking.

Around 17% of these drivers had a blood alcohol content of .02 or below. Though this isn’t a high BAC level, there have been some studies that show that a .02 BAC can, in fact, impair a driver’s abilities.

18% of these designated drivers had a BAC of .05 or above. For a designated driver, a .05 BAC is pretty high. In fact, many lawmakers have been proposing making the new legal limit .05%. If this were the case, these drivers would be arrested for breaking the law.

The study opines that campaigns should encourage designated drivers to completely abstain from drinking to ensure the safety of passengers.

However, will a campaign keep designated drivers from the temptation of alcohol?

As a designated driver, if you do end up drinking, you may feel embarrassed that you ended up drinking when you promised your passengers you wouldn’t. As a result, you may still get behind the wheel.

Let us give you a piece of advice. Yes, your passengers may get a little annoyed if you tell them you can’t drive them home. Just deal with it. Apologize in the morning. Right now, the most important thing is their safety – and yours! If you assess that you may be too tipsy to drive, trust those instincts and don’t get behind the wheel. Call a cab or use an app to find a safe ride home.

If you do end up getting behind the wheel and getting arrested, don’t let your shame keep you from hiring an experienced DUI attorney. Even though you made a mistake, you have a right to fight your charges and ensure that the law is working for you, as well.

If you need help finding a DUI attorney, head to 1 800 DUI Laws today!

Actor / Musician Cody Longo Arrested for DUI

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The young actor on the Nickelodeon television show, Hollywood Heights, has been arrested for a DUI early Friday morning in Los Angeles.

Cody Longo was spotted by police after they witnessed him driving erratically and flashing high beams at other drivers. They pulled him over. When they suspected him to be under the influence, they asked Longo to perform a field sobriety test. Longo failed.

Following, police performed a BAC test and Longo’s blood alcohol content was .2%. The legal limit in CA is .08%.

Longo was arrested and later released from jail on $15,000 bail.

A representative for Longo states, “This was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Cody takes it very seriously as his focus is music and acting.”

The consequences for a DUI in Los Angeles include jail time, a license suspension, expensive fines and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI anywhere in the United States, 1 800 DUI Laws can help you find an attorney. Fill out this simple form and talk to an attorney by Monday!

Man with 0.00 BAC Arrested for DUI

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Jessie Thornton, a retired firefighter from Surprise, AZ was arrested for a DUI, even though his BAC was 0.00 and he had no drugs in his system. He, along with his attorney, believes this was due to racial profiling.

Jessie Thornton usually keeps his schedule busy in the evening, due to his wife’s work schedule. He runs errands or works out, but he notes that he often gets pulled over by the cops during these late hours.

During his most recent incident, cops pulled over Thornton because they believed he was driving under the influence. Their reasoning for pulling Thornton over was that he was swerving.

The police noticed Thornton’s bloodshot eyes. Thornton had just come from swimming. The police asked Thornton to perform a field sobriety test which Thornton was unable to complete due to hip problems. Thornton was actually due to have hip replacement surgery two days from the arrest.

When he was brought into the station, police measured his blood alcohol content and it concluded that there was no alcohol in his system. Police even brought in a drug recognition expert who also concluded that there was no altering substance in Thornton’s body.

Despite this, Thornton’s driver’s license still got suspended and his car was impounded.

After this incident, Thornton decided it was time to take action. He hired an attorney, Marc Victor, to sue the state for racial profiling.

“It was driving while black,” Thornton believes.

“This is not the way American citizens ought to be treated by officers or treated by anybody for that matter,” said DUI attorney Marc Victor.

If you feel you were unfairly arrested for a DUI, don’t just accept your charges. You need to fight them. To find a lawyer who can assist you with this process, head to today!

DUI Offender Caught with Pants Down, Literally

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When police pulled over a Medina, OH man on May 28, they probably saw more than they were expecting.

Police stopped a vehicle for driving erratically, including breaking at random times and swerving.

When the man stepped out of the vehicle, police noticed this his pants were falling down.

Apparently, the drunk driver was attempting to take his pants off while driving.

The reason for him taking his pants off? No one wants to know, thank you very much.

The man was arrested for an OUI after failing a field sobriety test and a BAC test.

DUIs in Ohio are commonly referred to as OUI – operating under the influence. OUIs are basically the same thing as a DUI. You can still go to jail, lose your license and pay very expensive fines.

If you’ve been arrested for an OUI or a DUI, you’re likely feeling embarrassed and overwhelmed, even if you were wearing your pants properly. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire an attorney. A DUI lawyer understands exactly what you’re going through and will be by your side with no judgment whatsoever.

To find a DUI lawyer today, fill out this simple and safe form on and you will be put in touch with a skilled attorney today.

Farrah Abraham To Get Probation

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farrah abraham DUI

The reality star of Teen Mom 2, Farrah Abraham, will be pleading guilty to a reckless DUI in order to avoid jail.

Farrah Abraham was arrested in March for a DUI and pleaded not guilty. She even appeared on Dr. Phil and said she was innocent.

However, today she and her attorney made an agreement with the judge that if she pleads guilty, she’ll be able to avoid jail.

This is often the outcome of many DUI cases. As a substitute for jail, you have to serve probation.

Probation can last up to a couple of years. It includes attending alcohol education classes or seeking treatment for substance abuse. You may be required to submit to mandatory drug tests. It also may include community service, morgue duty or traffic school. Similar to most DUI punishments, Farrah’s probation will also a license suspension.

This is in addition to required fines that she will have to pay.

By looking at Farrah’s case, you should know that it is possible to avoid jail after a DUI. However, you do need the help of an experienced DUI attorney to do so. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact a lawyer today. 1 800 DUI Laws can help!


Chicago Bears’ Evan Rodriguez Gets DUI

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Evan Rodriguez DUI

The fullback for the Chicago Bears, Evan Rodriguez, has been arrested for driving under the influence in Chicago. This is his second arrest within a few months and Rodriguez made a statement expressing his remorse over his poor decision-making.

Rodriguez was arrested for driving under the influence at a traffic stop early Friday morning. He was stopped at I-90 near Hubbard.

This arrest comes just mere months after a former arrest in Florida. Rodriguez was arrested for resisting an officer and disorderly intoxication. This arrest came as a result of a traffic incident, but Rodriguez was a passenger.

“I am deeply sorry for the incident that occurred the other night,” Rodriguez states. “I want to apologize to the entire Bears organization, my teammates, coaches and Bears fans everywhere. I realize I made a very poor decision. I know that more is expected of me, and that I let a lot of people down that are counting on me. I will make positive changes in my life so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Oftentimes after a DUI, an offender can avoid jail if they promise to seek treatment and attend traffic classes. However, the best way to avoid jail after a DUI arrest is to hire an attorney to help you get a better outcome. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, find an attorney today and see how you can avoid jail.