Brother and Sister Arrested for DUI



For some, DUI arrests run in the family. The case seems true for the Taverniers, as siblings were arrested for a DUI at the same time near Colorado State University yesterday.

Tyler Nathaniel Tavernier was pulled over for driving with a defective headlamp. Not far behind, his sister, Sarah Elizabeth Tavernier, pulled her car over near the police stop.

Police suspected Tyler Tavernier to be under the influence and performed a field sobriety test on him. He failed. Police approached Sarah Tavernier, consensually according to 9 News, and suspected her to be under the influence. Sarah Tavernier also failed the field sobriety test.

The siblings were arrested and later released on bail by Tuesday afternoon.

The charges the pair will likely face if convicted include heavy fines, a driver’s license suspension and mandatory jail time or probation. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it is in your best interest to fight your charges.

Having a DUI conviction on your record can keep you from gaining employment and getting approved for a loan. If you need help finding a DUI lawyer, visit today.

Avoid a DUI Conviction in West Palm Beach?


West Palm Beach County, FL is developing a new DUI diversion program to help first-time DUI offenders learn from their mistakes without suffering the consequences of a DUI conviction on their records.

According to the proposed bill, first-time DUI offenders can plead guilty to reckless driving and serve 12-months probation.

Ideas to combat recidivism during the 12-month probation have been discussed. Such probationary requirements proposed include the installation of an ignition interlock and alcohol education programs.

However, MADD shows a bit of concern for this DUI diversion program. “Obviously, we feel people should be made to pay the full penalty for the crime of DUI”, states FL MADD member, Diego Ascencio.

Nonetheless, many states and counties do have DUI diversion programs similar to this one. People who have no prior DUIs or any other criminal convictions are able to qualify, as long as no injury, property damage, or death occurred as a result of their DUI.

These sentencing alternatives could be a possibility for you if you speak with an experienced DUI lawyer right away. Find out how you can avoid a DUI conviction!

GOP Spokeswoman Suspended After DUI


Kelsey Cooper

The GOP spokeswoman of Kentucky, Kelsey Cooper, has been suspended from her position following a DUI arrest that occurred Saturday night.

Cooper was arrested for a DUI in Lexington, KY after she pulled over near where officers were stationed. The officers approached Cooper where she stated she was lost. The police officers had reason to suspect she was under the influence and arrested her for a DUI.

Cooper is currently placed on a two-week unpaid suspension. The RPK chairman, Steve Robertson, states:

“She has learned a very valuable lesson about what she should and shouldn’t do. We look forward to moving forward from here.”

The truth is a DUI can affect your job and the penalties can be much worse than an unpaid suspension.

In fact, after a DUI you could lose your job altogether and you could even lose your professional license if you are a teacher, doctor or nurse.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer right away.

Two CA DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


There will be two additional DUI checkpoints taking place in California this weekend. If you are located in Novato or San Jacinto, be aware of these DUI checkpoints and always hire a DUI attorney if you’ve been arrested.

On Friday, Novato police department will be holding a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint. The exact time and location have been undisclosed. However, it’s a good idea to expect this checkpoint to take place in a location that’s known for DUI arrests and at a time where there’s a high traffic volume. Also, it’s a good idea to double-check that you have your driver’s license on you.

Riverside County will be conducting a DUI checkpoint in San Jacinto this Saturday. It will take place from 7pm until 3am. No exact location has been announced; but again, expect this to be a location known for having a high rate of DUI incidents.

Be safe this weekend, CA drivers!

DUI Checkpoint in Finksburg, MD


There will be a DUI checkpoint in Finksburg, MD on Saturday. Although a time has not been disclosed, you should expect to see the checkpoint during a time when there’s typically a lot of traffic on the road.

The checkpoint will be held on Baltimore Blvd at Bethel Road.

If you do get stopped, always be polite with the police officer. You do need to show the police officer your driver’s license and paperwork. However, you do not have to answer any questions. If you are required to take a breathalyzer test, note that a refusal to do so can result in an automatic license suspension. Furthermore, your refusal can be admissible as evidence of your intoxication in criminal court.

If you get arrested for a DUI, contact a Maryland DUI attorney right away. A DUI can happen to anyone and the consequences can be harsh. Contact a DUI lawyer as soon as you can to get the legal help you need.

4 DUI Offenders Arrested While Leaving the Court House



If you head to court and receive a license suspension, maybe it’s a good idea to not get back in the driver’s seat right away.

In Indio, CA 4 DUI offenders were arrested again for driving on a suspended license from their court hearing. On Monday, 20 DUI offenders appeared at the Riverside County Court House to receive their sentence. A license suspension is often a repercussion of a DUI arrest.

However, right after they were told not to drive by the judge, four of these DUI offenders get in their vehicle anyway. They soon regretted this decision as a sting operation was conducted by the Palm Desert Police Department’s traffic services team. The officers arrested these offenders for (immediately) violating their probation.

These four offenders may have had more a chance of not getting arrested for this if they hired an experienced DUI attorney. Remember, a DUI lawyer can help you keep your driver’s license if you contact one right away. If you or someone you know was arrested for a DUI, contact a lawyer today!

Racer Arrested for DUI


Fast 5

This kind of sounds like a possible plot for the next movie in the Fast and Furious series…

Leslie Charles Hunter a racer from San Jose was arrested for driving under the influence Friday night. Apparently, he was driving drunk during the race. Other racers had to drive off the track or get on the side of the track because they noticed Hunter driving so recklessly.

Police arrived to the scene after the race was over and took Hunter’s BAC. His BAC was over the limit and he was arrested.

Looks like Hunter’s driving career may be over for 6 months to a year if he’s found guilty. Let’s hope he hires an experienced DUI lawyer!

Woman Charged with DUI While Having Sex in Car


A San Francisco woman is facing DUI charges after police arrested for a DUI on July 1. However, the woman was also caught engaging in sexual acts during the time of her arrest. Furthermore, the woman is only 20 years old.

Police found a car parked illegally on Geneva Ave. When they approached the car, they saw what looked like a sexual act happening. The woman and the other man in the car noticed the police and immediately stopped. The woman then put the car in drive and drove about 20 feet until the officer ordered her to stop. When the officer finally approached, they noticed bottles of liquor.

Although the woman’s BAC was above .08, since she is underage, she’ll still have to face underage DUI charges. This includes an automatic license suspension for a year without the ability to apply for a restricted license.

Whether underage or not, you should always hire a DUI lawyer to review your case before you head into court. It is your best bet against suffering the harsh consequences of a DUI conviction. To find a DUI lawyer, fill out this simple and secure form today!

DUI Offender Demands Free Burgers



Kimberly Jean Womack was arrested for a DUI at a McDonald’s drive-thru on Sunday in New Port Richey, FL. Womack was demanding free food at the drive-thru when McDonald’s employees called police.

At 6 am on Sunday morning, Womack arrived at the fast-food restaurant demanding free burgers because she didn’t like the food during a previous visit. The employees couldn’t get Womack to pay or leave, so they called the police.

Police arrived and suspected Womack to be under the influence. Her BAC turned out to be at 0.108 percent and she admitted to taking Klonopin. Klonopin is a prescription medication that helps anxiety and sleep disorders.

Womack was arrested and taken to jail, but later released on her own recognizance.

No matter what you do to get arrested for a DUI, you should always hire an experienced DUI attorney to look over your case. DUI laws can be harsh and you could be paying a punishment you don’t deserve. To find a skilled attorney in your neighborhood, fill out this form today.

California DUI Checkpoint on Friday


There will be a DUI checkpoint in San Rafael, CA on Friday. Not only will the checkpoint be looking for drunk drivers, but it will also make sure all drivers have valid driver’s licenses.

The checkpoint will take place from 6pm until 2 am at an undisclosed location within city limits. You should expect to see it in a location known for drunk driving accidents, but don’t be too surprised if it’s in a place you wouldn’t normally expect either. Many police departments have been holding checkpoints in locations known as being “backroads” or “short cuts” due to a lot of people Tweeting about the locations of DUI checkpoints.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, fill out this form right away. It is necessary you find a lawyer right away if you’ve been arrested because you could lose your license within the month and be required to spend time in jail. However, an attorney can prevent this from happening.

Be safe this Friday!