Possible Ignition Interlock Law in Alabama


If you live in Alabama, you may have heard that there’s a movement to make DUI laws even stricter. A bill has passed in the Alabama senate that would require first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock for two years or get a license suspension.

An ignition interlock is a device that you plug into your car. In order to start your car, you must blow into the device. If the device detects alcohol on your breath, your car will not start. An ignition interlock also requires you to take rolling retests while you are out on the road.

Many people find ignition interlocks to be a nuisance, but the truth is they let you maintain a level of freedom you wouldn’t have otherwise. An ignition interlock allows you to keep driving. Can you imagine what your life would be like without the ability to drive? Installing an ignition interlock is an ideal way to carry out your sentence while still being able to drive to work or pick up kids, etc.

If you’ve been recently arrested, an ignition interlock may be an option for you. However, the best way to learn if this can be an option is to talk to an experienced DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer has the knowledge and background needed to adequately fight your charges and help you through this difficult period. Find a DUI lawyer today!

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Woman Charged with 2 DUIs in 1 Night


Veronica Wynita White did not have a good night this past Saturday, February 22, 2014. The Brunswick County, North Carolina resident was arrested for two DUIs in one night.

At around 2 am Saturday morning, police pulled White over for speeding. According to the police report, the officer could smell an odor of alcohol coming from her and suspected to be under the influence. They proceeded to give her a field sobriety test, which she failed.

Police arrested White and took her to the Brunswick County Jail where she blew a .14 percent BAC on a breathalyzer. Her license was revoked for 30 days. White was later released.

However, at around 4:45 am on Saturday, police pulled her over again. Her BAC was again over the legal limit. In addition to being charged with a DWI, White was also charged with driving while her license was revoked.

Driving on a suspended license can be a serious offense if you were arrested for a DUI. That’s why you should do everything you can to save your driving privileges if you’ve been arrested. Speak to an experienced lawyer who can help you avoid a license suspension or see if you qualify to install an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock is a device that you blow into in order to start your car. It allows you to keep driving while still carrying out your sentence.

Learn more about ignition interlocks or contact an experienced DUI lawyer today!

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Good Samaritans Help Stop Drunk Driver


3 good samaritan drivers were lauded in upstate New York for helping to stop a drunk driver.

Paul Kostraba was under the influence and behind the wheel on Monday, February 24, 2014. He ran into an 18-wheeler on Interstate 390 (near Rochester, NY). However, he continued driving.

A few witnesses saw this incident and decided to follow Kostraba at a close distance. One of the drivers, Brianna Cole, called police.

“I thought someone was going to die,” Cole stated.

Kostraba pulled off the highway and the drivers managed to box the van in to prevent Kostraba from going anywhere.

“There was no way for him to move,” Cole said. “He tried to start his car and tried to go again, but he had nowhere to go.”

Police later arrived to the scene and arrested Kostraba. In addition to charges for driving under the influence, he is also being charged with reckless endangerment and other traffic offenses.

Although police were happy that these good samaritans were able to stop this drunk driver, Sheriff Tom Dougherty said that drivers should always call the authorities if they suspect someone is drunk on the road.

“I’m glad nobody go hurt,” Cole said. “Because that’s what my biggest fear was.”

If you get arrested for a DUI, the consequences can be quite severe. You could pay very expensive fines, lose your license and even spend time in jail depending on your case. This is why you should hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight your charges. Find a lawyer today!

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Kennedy’s DUI Trial Begins


Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Sen. Robert Kennedy, spent her Monday in court defending herself against a DWI case. Kennedy was arrested on July 13, 2012 and claims that the reason for her intoxicated state was that she accidentally took sleep medication instead of her thyroid medication.

“This case is about a mistake, plain and simple,” her defense attorney, Gerald Lefcourt stated. “She certainly didn’t know at any time while driving that she had accidentally taken the zolpidem because the evidence will show that this person, Kerry Kennedy, would in a heartbeat, if she though anything was wrong, pull over.”

Zolpidem is often known as Ambien.

Kennedy was arrested after her Lexus hit a tractor-trailer on Interstate 684. There were no injuries.

Lefcourt stated that her famous family has nothing to do with her arguing her case. “She is not seeking any advantage here because of her famous family.”

In her opening statement, Assistant District Attorney Stefanie DeNise stated that Kennedy should’ve known that she wasn’t in the right condition to drive.

Kennedy will be testifying later this week. If she is found guilty, she could spend up to a year in jail. However, that may not be the case since she has no other criminal record.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it is integral you get help right away. Find a DUI lawyer today!

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Teacher’s Aide Arrested for DUI



A teacher’s aide in Florida was arrested for a DUI this past weekend and police found her driving without any pants.

Kristi Faye Steuber was driving 69 miles per hour in a 55 zone and police pulled her over. She also had a broken headlight. The deputy who pulled her over detected alcohol on her breath.

Steuber admitted to having several drinks at a bar in St. Petersburg.

Police asked Steuber to step out of her vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. However, when she stepped out of her car, police noticed she wasn’t wearing any pants.

According to the police report, the deputy stated, “I had to inform the defendant she was nude twice before she realized this and then made two requests for her to put pants on.

Steuber was arrested and taken to the Land O’Lakes jail. Her BAC measured at .135 percent and .137 percent. The legal limit in the state of Florida is .08.

Steueber was later released on her own recognizance.

Steuber was instructed to set up a meeting with employee relations at her school. Quite often, teachers who get arrested for a DUI lose their teaching license. This is why you should hire an attorney to fight your charges if you’ve been arrested for a DUI. Don’t let a DUI ruin your career. Contact a lawyer today.

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Illinois Ranks High by MADD


The state of Illinois is earning praise from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for its efforts in preventing DUI occurrences.

MADD released its national report last month and gave the state of Illinois 5 stars (its highest rating). The reasoning was due to Illinois’ efforts to have DUI offenders install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. Furthermore, last summer, the state began requiring ignition interlocks to come with camera to further combat people circumventing the ignition interlock.

An ignition interlock is a device that many states issue to DUI offenders. It allows you to keep driving while serving your sentence.

You plug an ignition interlock into the ignition column of your car. In order to start your car, you must blow into the device. If the device detects alcohol on your breath, your car will not start. You also must take rolling re-tests while on the road.

Many DUI offenders appreciate ignition interlocks because it gives them the opportunity to drive while still fulfilling their sentences. While it can be annoying at times, ignition interlocks are proven as an effective way to reduce the number of repeat offenders.

An ignition interlock device may be an option for you if you’ve been arrested for a DUI. However, the only way to know if its an option is to speak with an experienced DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer can help you qualify for an ignition interlock so you can keep driving. Contact a lawyer today!

To learn more about ignition interlock devices, we recommend visiting Smart Start of California.

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DUI Checkpoint in San Bernardino This Weekend


If you are in the San Bernardino area, consider yourself warned. There will be a DUI checkpoint on Friday, February 21, 2014.

The checkpoint will take place in the Northwest District of San Bernardino from 6pm until 2am early Saturday morning.

Also note that the checkpoint will also be patrolling to make sure that drivers have proper licensing. Don’t leave home without your license if you are going to be the San Bernardino area during this time!

Officers will be on hand to check for proper licenses and signs of intoxication. Furthermore, specialty officers may be present to check for signs of drug use.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, the consequences can be damaging. You could lose your driver’s license, pay expensive fines and even spend time in jail. A DUI not only hurts your wallet, it hurts your personal life as well. A DUI is embarrassing and can cost you your job depending on your industry.

This is why you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to fight your charges. A DUI lawyer has both the legal and scientific knowledge to create a strong defense in your favor. There is hope after a DUI. Contact a lawyer if you get arrested.

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Utah DUI Bill Placed on Hold


A bill that would’ve made Utah’s DUI laws stricter has been placed on hold.

The bill, known as HB 303, was sponsored by Representative Lee Perry and would’ve essentially changed the wording of Utah’s DUI law to include all types of controlled substances.

Now, Utah’s DUI law reads that a person can be arrested for “being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the degree it renders a person incapable of safely operating a vehicle.”

HB 303 would’ve changed the law to a person can get arrested for “being impaired to the slightest degree by alcohol, any substance, or any combination thereof.”

Perry stating that this bill addresses concerns and issues officers have involving people who huff chemicals or are taking new types of drugs.

However, the bill did receive criticism from criminal defense attorneys.

“I think the main concern is that almost any substance could be considered to be a drug and considered to be impairment,” stated attorney Richard Mauro.

What do you think?

Learn more about Utah DUI laws.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Utah, the consequences can be very severe, no matter what the wording is. You could go to jail, lose your license or pay very expensive fines. This is why you should hire an experienced defense attorney to fight your charges and help you avoid the unnecessary punishment of a DUI.

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Vanderbilt Assistant Football Coach Arrested for DUI


Vavae Tata, the newly-appointed assistant football coach at Vanderbilt University has been arrested for a DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident in Nashville on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

Tata apparently hit two vehicles on West End Avenue and later got out of his car and ran away from the accident. He was located by the cops several blocks away.

The police report stated that Tata smelled of alcohol, seemed unsteady on his feet and had bloodshot eyes.

Tata admitted to having a couple of drinks at a nearby bar.

Tata also failed a field sobriety test.

According to the police report, “The one leg stand had to be stopped because the suspect could not keep his balance and the risk of him falling over and injuring himself was high.”

Another affidavit stated that Tata fled to scene to head back to the Holiday Inn on the West End, where he has been staying since he started his new position as assistant coach. Originally from Hawaii, Tata was hired as the Commodores’ defense line coach on January 24, 2014.

Tata is due to appear in court in March 5, 2014. Head coach Derek Mason has yet to make a comment regarding this DUI arrest.

Chances are Tata could get suspended from his position, as that is often the case. A DUI can hurt your job position as most employers frown upon DUI arrests. This is why you should fight your charges with the help of a skilled attorney if you have been arrested. Find a DUI lawyer today!

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Marijuana and Driving



An article in the “New York Times” suggests that driving while under the influence of marijuana may not be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. While both are not a good decision, a 2012 study showed that only 30 percent of people under the influence of marijuana failed a field sobriety unlike 88 percent of people who fail a field sobriety test while under the influence of alcohol.

In a 2007 study, 12 percent of drivers randomly stopped on highways throughout the country on a Friday and Saturday night tested positive for alcohol. Only 6 percent tested positive for marijuana. However, this number may go up as more and more states allow the recreational use of the drug. There could be many reasons for this, one being that more users of marijuana tend to smoke at their residences, as there aren’t many “marijuana bars” popping up.

Eduardo Romano is a senior research scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. In his research, the numbers showed that marijuana does not prove to be as dangerous as alcohol when it comes to the risk of an accident.

“Despite our results, I still think that marijuana contributes to crash risk, only that contribution is not as important as it was expected.”

The article is an interesting read and shows that DUI laws need to be analyzed as more and more areas may legalize the use of the drug.

Above all, it is illegal to drive while under the use of marijuana. Getting arrested may lead to a DUID charge, or driving under the influence of drugs. The penalties include possible jail time, a license suspension, expensive fines and mandatory treatment and evaluation. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, contact a lawyer today!

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