BAC App Alcohoot Partners with Liquor Companies

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If you had a device on your phone that measured your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), do you think you would use it?

Determine your BAC by using our BAC calculator.

A company called Alcohoot aims to fashion a breathalyzer out of your smartphone. Ideally, you would purchase the breathalyzer device for $99 off of Alcohoot’s website or from Amazon. The device plugs into our smartphone’s headphone jack. Utilizing “police-grade” fuel cell sensor technology, you would blow into the device and the free Alcohoot app on your smartphone will determine your blood alcohol concentration.

Alcohoot also has another app known as “Smartline”. Basically, you would preset your desired BAC limit before you head out drinking. The next day you take something called a “Morning Quiz” where you describe how you feel. If you’re not feeling great, the app suggests a lower BAC limit.

Recently, Alcohoot partnered with liquor giant Pernod Ricard, USA. You may have heard of some of Pernod Ricard USA’s products, which include Absolut, Jameson and Malibu. Alcohoot also recently partnered with Heineken USA.

“Alcohoot engages people and has the potential to change behavior,” stated Bryan Fry, president-CEO of Pernod Ricard USA. Fry believes that Alcohoot is “totally in line with Pernod Ricard’s strong sense of ethics and our overall commitment to fight against irresponsible consumption of our products.”

Ben Biron, Alcohoot’s co-founder, wants to make the app more of a “lifestyle brand” in addition to being an effective tool in preventing DUI incidents. He sees the app as being “part of the fun of the night”.

What do you think? Can an app like Alcohoot really prevent people from drinking and driving? Or are devices such as ignition interlocks more effective?

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