DUI Suspect Asks Cops for a Beer


Leianne Francine Lazarus of Marion County, FL was arrested for a DUI recently. Police pulled her over and she took a field sobriety test. Lazarus also took a breathalyzer test where her BAC measured at .447! That’s nearly five times the legal limit.

However, the antics don’t stop here. After the cops arrested her, Lazarus had the audacity to ask the cops for a beer. We guess she wasn’t ready to stop partying yet.

Watch the video here:

Lazarus will face some serious charges if she’s convicted of a DUI. She may have to face a license suspension and pay some pretty expensive fines. Lazarus may also be required to spend some time in jail and she may be required to take alcohol education classes.


A DUI arrest is no joke. The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe. With a DUI conviction on your record you could have trouble getting approved for a loan if you ever wanted to make a big purchase in the future.


Additionally, you wouldn’t be allowed to apply for a professional license if you are seeking to have a nursing or teaching career. Furthermore, a DUI can be a hindrance to any type of employment. A lot of employers will frown upon a DUI conviction when it pops up on a background check.


Your career is just one of the many important reasons why it is necessary to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to fight your charges. If you’ve been arrested and need help finding an experienced and qualified lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Let 1800DUILaws.com put you in touch with a lawyer who is ready to help you.

Woman Jumps Into Canal to Avoid DUI


A woman from Garden City, Idaho wanted so badly to not be arrested for a DUI that she threw herself into a nearby canal to avoid the fuzz. Condola May Kelly and her husband, Kyle Kelly, were arrested on Sunday, September 29 after crashing their car and attempting to avoid arrest.

The Kellys were driving their Cadillac on Sunday and crashed into a Mini Cooper. They must’ve known the police were on their way. The Kellys tried to drive away, but their car was too damaged from the crash. They then tried pushing their car, but that didn’t work, either.

Sirens were heard and Kyle Kelly ran off and hid behind a fire station to avoid police. Condola Kelly jumped into a nearby canal to avoid police.

The water in the canal was shallow, so the police were able to spot her. Kelly still refused to surrender.

“She wouldn’t come out of the canal, so an officer had to wade in and pull her out,” stated Officer Leon Dennis of the Garden City Police Department.

Kyle Kelly was spotted and arrested shortly after.

Because of this, Condola Kelly is facing a plethora of charges in addition to her DUI charges. She will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, resisting and obstructing, driving without a license, and driving without insurance. Kyle Kelly will have to face resisting and obstructing charges. All of these charges the couple will face are considered misdemeanors in the state of Idaho.

If you spot the police and you’ve been drinking and driving, don’t try to run! You’ll only face more charges. The best thing to do is stay as calm as possible and cooperate with the police. Once you are able, contact a DUI lawyer as soon as you can. You may able to avoid jail and keep driving after a DUI arrest.

Source: Idaho Statesman 

DUI Suspect Barks at Police Dog


police dog

James Paul Andrews of Cranberry Township, PA, was arrested with DUI charges. However, he also has to face additional charges because apparently during his DUI arrest, he barked and growled at a police dog.

The police dog, named Chaos, was assisting police at a DUI checkpoint that was set up in Western PA. Around 2:40 am on September 15, the unit stopped Andrews to see if he was under the influence.

Andrews began taunting poor Chaos by “barking, hissing and growling” at the police pup. Apparently, Andrews was irritated that he was pulled over. Needless to say, Andrews was also found to be under the influence.

DU charges were filed against Andrews today, September 30, 2013. He will also have to face additional charges for taunting the dog. Apparently, this could be seen as a felony charge with a penalty of up to 7 years in prison.

We know that it can be very irritating to get stopped at a DUI checkpoint. It can also be very scary and we know your emotions are high. We always recommend you be as polite and courteous to the police officer as possible. Getting angry can only result in irritating the police officer which can result you facing even more charges.

When we say be polite and courteous to a police officer, it should go without saying that you should also be polite and courteous to any drug-sniffing canines who are assisting officers. Not only is it mean to animals, but, technically, you’re also obstructing justice! It may seem funny at the time, but it can only result in even more charges in addition to your DUI charges.

To get more answers about your DUI arrest, speak with a local attorney today.

Source: Radio.Foxnews.com 


Woman Arrested for DUI Within Hours at Same Location


Recently in Black Diamond, Washington, a woman was arrested twice in one day for a DUI. While we have seen this happen before (unfortunately), this woman’s case is pretty interesting. Both of her arrests took place at the same location: a liquor store.

The first arrest occurred in the parking lot of the liquor store where she accidentally crashed into a Black Diamond business. The woman totaled her car and damaged the building.

The woman was arrested and taken to jail. However, the jail was too full, so police officers took her home.

That sure didn’t keep the woman from going back to the liquor store. The woman then took her husbands truck and drove back to the store where she was arrested again.

This woman is due to be arraigned within the next couple of days.

While some people may be rolling their eyes at this story, it certainly shows that many people arrested for a DUI struggle with alcohol addiction. This is why a lot of states let DUI offenders opt to seek treatment for their substance abuse, as opposed to serving time behind bars. Not only does the offender fulfill their sentencing obligations, they also seek treatment for their addiction issues.

The best way to ensure you don’t go to jail after a DUI arrest is to hire an experienced DUI attorney. A lawyer can help you avoid going to jail after a DUI and can be your advocate during what might be one of the most stressful ordeals you’ll ever have to experience. To find an attorney near you, visit 1800DUILaws.com today and click on your state.

Source: KiroTV.com – http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/within-hours-woman-arrested-dui-twice-same-liquor-/nZ3gg/

Man Gets DUI After Driving on Two Flat Tires


flat tire

Alcohol can do severe damage to your body. However, alcohol can also do severe damage to your car.

Stephen Matthew Sisson of Cooper City, Florida, was arrested for a DUI on Sunday, September 15, after police spotted him driving for 3 miles on two flat tires.

Police stopped Sisson after running a couple of red lights. They also noticed he had two flat tires. Apparently, Sisson had been driving for three miles while having flat tires.

When police proceeded to take Sisson’s BAC, they realized he was 4 times the legal limit. His BAC measured at .32 percent.

We all know that alcohol severely impacts our judgment, especially when it comes to deciding if we are sober enough to drive. It’s an unfortunate mistake a lot of people make on a regular basis.

While some people are smart enough not to get behind the wheel, others take the risk and end up getting arrested for a DUI. If this happens to you, you can still be smart about taking action to fight your charges. Find a knowledgable and experienced DUI attorney in your neighborhood by using 1800DUILaws.com. Fight your charges and save your driving privileges. It’s the best choice you can make after a DUI arrest.

Source: Sun Sentinel


Man Gets DUI at McDonald’s Drive-Thru


DUI in drive thru

Though it surprises many people, it is all too common to get arrested for a DUI at a fast-food drive-thru.

A Louisville man was arrested for a DUI at a McDonald’s drive-thru on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Dwayne E. Blissett pulled his convertible into the drive-thru and began arguing with other customers in line. When police arrived to the scene, Blissett immediately admitted that he had a couple of shots of alcohol and that he had marijuana and cocaine on his person.

When he took a sobriety test, Blissett’s BAC measured at .165 percent. The legal limit is .08 percent.

Furthermore, the registration number on Blissett’s vehicle was rubbed off and Blissett did not provide any information on the owner of the convertible.

Blissett is being charged with DUI, possession and obscuring the identity of a machine or property.

If you were arrested for a DUI this past weekend, be sure to contact a DUI lawyer right away. You can possibly save your driver’s license and avoid jail.

Source: Wave 3

Man Gets a DUI on a Horse


DUI on horse

Giddeyup! Did you know that it is possible to get a DUI on a horse?

A man in Boulder, CO was arrested for just that in the afternoon of Monday, September 9, 2013.

Apparently, police were called because a man was on a horse disrupting traffic. When they arrived to the scene, they suspected the man to be under the influence. Apparently, the man also had beer in his saddlebags.

Police arrested the man and are charging him with drunk horeseback riding. There was no word as to what his BAC was or when he was released from jail.

No matter what vehicle, getting a DUI is a serious charge. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer right away!

Source: CBS News

Drunk Driver Looking to Avoid a DUI Ends Up Getting a DUI


Yikes. Two drunk people attempting to avoid DUI charges got exactly what they didn’t want.

On Monday, September 9, 2013, Charles Armstrong helped Beth Schwartzmiller find her way home in Butte County, MT. Schwartzmiller decided to follow Armstrong in her car.

Apparently, Schwartzmiller was too intoxicated to find her way home on her own. However, she still managed to get behind the wheel. Armstrong thought that by leading the way to Schwartzmiller’s home, he would be helping her avoid a DUI arrest.

Talk about karma.

En route to Schwartzmiller’s home, the two motorists crashed into each other. Of course, police arrived and found both drivers to be under the influence. They were arrested for drunk driving.

The consequences these two may face include expensive fines, jail time, a license suspension and the possible installation of an ignition interlock device.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, no matter how silly your logic was that night, it is a smart idea to contact a DUI lawyer. A lawyer can assist you with the complicated judicial process and help you avoid unnecessary punishment. Find a lawyer today!

Source: Montana Standard

DUI Suspect Poops His Pants


What’s more embarrassing? Having your DUI make the local news or defecating yourself during your DUI arrest?

Well, unfortunately a 21-year-old Boulder, CO man has to endure both forms of humiliation, as this exact scenario happened to him.

Early in the morning of Saturday, August 31 police spotted the DUI suspect throwing up outside of his vehicle. When the suspect noticed police officers, he started running.

The police officers were eventually able to catch up with the man. However, they noticed that he had, indeed, pooped his pants.

According to the police report, “He told them it was because he was scared.”

To be fair, a DUI is a pretty scary experience. That’s why you should ease your fears with an experienced lawyer on your side. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, 1 800 DUI Laws can help you find the ideal attorney you need to fight your charges.

Source: The Denver Channel

A Very Strange DUI Arrest in Florida



A Florida Highway patrol officer experience quite a strange DUI arrest when they apprehended Leyla Denise Aykin last Thursday.

Though Aykin’s BAC was .00 and she tested negative for marijuana, Aykin was clearly under the influence of something when she was arrested.

Police witnessed Aykin speeding, as well as sticking her scarf out the window and letting go, like in an old-timey movie. They pulled her over and when they asked Ayken to get out of the car and put her hands on the vehicle, she instead knelt down and said a prayer.

According to the police report, Aykin claimed she wanted to “taste the ocean”. In his report, the highway trooper wrote that Aykin “wanted to taste me and gaze through me.”

Aykin then started singing and chanting. When the officer asked if there was anyone he should contact, Aykin replied, “Jesus”.

Ayken claims that she had stinging nettle tea. Stinging nettle is a plant that has stingers (or trichomes) that can inject histamines when someone touches it. Stinging nettle is often used in medicines.

We’re certainly curious about the defense Aykin will use on this case! Let’s hope she hires an experienced DUI lawyer.

Source: Sun Sentinel