More Mothers Getting Busted with Kids in the Car


In an article posted on the WXYZ News website, studies are showing that more mothers are getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

It is all too often we hear news stories about people getting busted for a DUI with children in the car. Judge Brian MacKenzie believes that a lot of people are denying that mothers would ever do such a thing.

“People don’t want to believe they have a problem. Alcohol is so prevalent and accepted, a person who has a problem can lie to themselves and say everyone has a problem.”

Judge MacKenzie sees a lot of DUI cases in his courtroom and has seen the number of women driving drunk with kids in the vehicle increase.

“More and more women are working and are more likely to go drinking with fellow workers afterwards, more likely to engage in drinking activities,” he stated.

In almost all states, getting a DUI with a minor in the vehicle can be considered a felony. It means that you could possibly spend a lengthy time in jail and lose your driving privileges after that. A felony conviction is a serious matter that can cost you your job, your house and more.

Furthermore, going to court with a looming felony conviction can feel confusing and overwhelming, at the very least. That’s why it is always recommended you hire a DUI defense lawyer to see what your options are.

Angel Harris, a victim services specialist with MADD, states that driving with children in the car isn’t just a “mother’s problem”.

“We need to continue to make the community aware of this problem. It’s not just moms having a drink, this is going on everyday in your neighborhood, your community.”

Let’s hope communities can become aware and drink more responsibly before it is too late.


4 DUI Offenders Arrested Outside Courthouse


If your license got suspended after a DUI, do yourself a favor and don’t drive away from the courthouse where officials can easily witness you behind the wheel.

This is exactly what happened to four DUI offenders in Napa County on Monday, September, 23, 2013.

Early in the morning, when DUI hearings were taking place, officers were monitoring the Napa County Superior Courthouse. These officers witnessed four DUI offenders, who were ordered by the judge to not drive, get behind the wheel.

The officers stationed at the courthouse then went on to notify other officers in the field. These officers pulled over these drivers and arrested them for driving on a suspended license. Furthermore, these four DUI offenders also had their vehicles impounded for 30 days.

Napa Police Sgt. Brian Campagna stated:

“Many people arrested for DUI or who are driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license are under the impression that if they drive anyway, the consequences aren’t that tough or that the law doesn’t apply to them, or that they can drive without a license and won’t get caught.”

The truth is you can get caught. Plus, the consequences for driving on a suspended license can be devastating. The penalties for driving on a suspended license include an even longer suspension and probation period as well as the possibility of mandatory jail time. You would need to make another appearance in court and possibly pay additional fines.

This is why it is important to make sure your license doesn’t get suspended in the first place after a DUI arrest. Contact your state’s DMV right away to schedule your administrative hearing. This is the best thing you can do to save your license, besides seeking help from an experienced DUI lawyer.

Source: Napa Valley Patch

Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney


A DUI can wind being up being more serious than you think. When you have a DUI on your record, you could lose your job, be denied a bank loan, lose a lot of money and even spend time in jail. Because of this, you need a DUI attorney that you can trust.

Meeting with an attorney for the first time can be overwhelming. How do you know if this attorney is right for you? What questions should you ask? These are concerns many people have when they are shopping for a lawyer. Therefore, we made the following list of questions you can ask your potential lawyer to see if he or she is right for you. Good luck!


Don’t Get a DUI This Holiday Weekend


Labor Day Weekend is typically when many of us have one final hurrah before summer comes to a close. Guess what? The police know it. That’s why troopers across the country are having a DUI crackdown this weekend, so you better be prepared to see extra patrols and DUI checkpoints.

Here are ways you can avoid a DUI this Labor Day Weekend.

Drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Having a beer at a BBQ can be tempting, but if you are getting behind the wheel, abstaining from drinking is the best way to prevent a DUI.

Have taxi or driver services apps and numbers on your phone.

This way, if you do feel you can’t drive, you won’t have to scramble to find a local cab company to take you home.

Trust your instincts.

If, deep down, you feel you shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel, trust your gut. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Have plenty to eat.

Drinking on an empty stomach can get you intoxicated quicker. Be healthy and safe.

Obey all traffic laws.

Don’t take any risks behind the wheel. Police are more likely to pull you over for a traffic infraction. It is after they pull you over where they can detect if you’re driving under the influence.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer right away.

DUI charges can result in a license suspension, expensive fines and even jail time. However, these punishments can be avoided if you hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight your charges.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!

Driving on a Suspended License


One of the consequences of a DUI conviction includes a license suspension. For most people, your license suspension starts when you are convicted. If you haven’t been to court yet and want to avoid suspension, be sure to contact a DUI lawyer right away.

Ideally, if your license gets suspended, it’s a good idea to not get behind the wheel. There are steps you can take to legally get behind the wheel such as applying for a restricted license or installing an ignition interlock device. Be sure to talk with your attorney to see if these are options of you.

If you are caught driving on a suspended license, it’s important to take action right away. Appear in court on your assigned day and explain your situation. Not appearing in court gives the judge the right to issue a warrant for your arrest.

You should also contact the probation authorities and DMV to explain your situation.

The consequences of driving on a suspended license can include a longer probation. Furthermore, the chances increase that you may need to serve a mandatory jail sentence.

Similar to your DUI arrest, every situation is different so the best piece of advice we can give you is to seek legal assistance. If your lawyer provides post-conviction assistance, be sure to contact him or her right away.

Tour Guide Convicted of DUI



Getting a driver’s license suspension can certainly be a drag, but it can be even more damaging if you’re a professional tour bus driver.

Leon Maynard, a San Francisco tour guide and bus driver, will have to lose his commercial license for a year due to a DUI.

Maynard was arrested this past July when police officers noticed Maynard having trouble holding a microphone and operating the steering wheel of the bus. When the officers approached the double-decker tour bus, they noticed a couple of small bottles of brandy. Maynard’s BAC was .21 percent.

In addition to a license suspension, Maynard will also have to face 3 years probation, as well as 6 days of community service and 6 months of alcohol education classes.

It is important to understand that you, too, could lose your professional license if you are convicted of a DUI. Nurses, doctors and teachers all are at risk of losing their professional license as a result of a DUI conviction. That is why it is important to avoid a conviction at all costs. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and are worried about your job, contact a lawyer right away.

Source: San Francisco Examiner

Tips to Avoid Getting a DUI This July 4

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July 4

States across the country will be having DUI crackdowns. As you can assume, July 4 has one of the highest rates of DUI incidents. Be on lookout for DUI checkpoints and roving patrols.

Here are some tips to avoid a DUI.

If you plan on driving, opt for non-alcoholic beverages.

If you do decide to drink, be sure to pace yourself. Sip slowly and alternate between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages.

Make sure you have plenty of food in your stomach. It is never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach as you will feel the effects of alcohol quite faster.

If there is any part of you that feels uneasy about getting behind the wheel, even if you feel your are under the legal limit, trust those instincts. Don’t get behind the wheel.

Don’t be afraid to tell your passengers you’re unable to drive. You could be saving their lives.

It’s always a good idea to have a smartphone app or the number of a cab company in your phone. You never know when you are going to need one.

If you do end up getting a DUI this July 4, remember the consequences are quite serious. You could go to jail, lose your license and a DUI can create obstacles for future employment.

However, there is hope after a DUI. By hiring a DUI lawyer, you will have an advocate on your side who knows exactly how to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Remember, if you get arrested, find a lawyer right away.

The staff wishes you a safe and happy July 4!


AZ DUI Cases Affected by Old Breath Test Software


breath test

In Scottsdale, AZ, almost a dozen DUI cases could be dismissed due to the police station’s use of faulty breath test machines.

Apparently, the Scottsdale Police lab has been using older software with their newer breath test machine. However, the older software was found to be incompatible with the new breath test machine. It recorded false results.

Furthermore, the new breath test machine was using this software since 2009. That means Scottsdale DUI cases that have taken place for the past 4 years will be called into question.

Remember, breath test machines are not the most accurate way to determine your BAC. In fact, 1 800 DUI Laws attorney Harley Wagner proved just that in his home state of West Virginia. You can read more about it here.

Faulty breath machines are just one of the many ways you may still have a case. You don’t have to be hopeless after a DUI. The only way to most effectively comb through the details of your DUI arrest is to hire an experienced DUI attorney.

If you are unsure where to find one, can help you! Just fill out this simple form and we’ll put you in touch with a lawyer who has handled DUI cases exactly like yours. Best of luck and remember, don’t go into court alone!

March Madness DUI Crackdowns


March Madness

In the state of Michigan, police officers from Genesee and Saginaw counties will be conducting a “crackdown” to thwart drunk drivers as many people begin to revel in March Madness. If you’re in these areas, be on the lookout for extra patrols and DUI checkpoints as the basketball tournament takes place.

Of course, March Madness isn’t limited to the state of Michigan. March Madness is one our national pastimes. Therefore, police across the country are likely expecting to see an influx of drunk drivers on the road. Extra patrols and DUI checkpoints will likely be set up all throughout the United States.

This is why it is necessary to take extra precaution in the coming days. Be sure to know your limits or have a designated driver. Remember, if you do get arrested for a DUI, make up for your irresponsible choice by making the smart decision to hire a DUI attorney. A skilled DUI attorney can help you sort out your charges. A drunk driving defense lawyer will aid in getting your criminal charges reduced or dropped altogether. To find a local DUI attorney, fill out this simple and secure form today!

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