How Will You Be Seen After Your DUI Arrest?

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There has been uproar in Wisconsin this week when Governor Scott Walker hired Brian Deschane – an unqualified candidate – to work in the Department of Commerce. Deschane has no college degree and has a few DUI convictions on his record. Apparently, Governor Walker hired Deschane because Deschane’s father donated quite a bit of money to Walker in the past.

Whether or not Deschane deserved the job (he doesn’t and has since gotten demoted), it is interesting to see how many articles and blogs point out that Deschane was arrested for multiple DUIs. Yes, some sources include details about Deschane’s lack of education, but almost every site I’ve seen regards Deschane as “DUI offender” or “person with a criminal past”.

I’m not trying to sympathize, but I just think it’s important to notice how the public regards someone who has gotten a DUI. Not only is a DUI on your criminal record, you run the risk of ruining your general reputation, as well. People may think of you differently if you’ve been convicted for a DUI. It’s a sad truth, but you can work as hard as possible to stop this from happening. Fight your DUI charges. Contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

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