Mail Man Gets DUI

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mailman DUI

The poor postal service!

First the USPS gets the term, “going postal” named after them and now this!

It looks like the local mailman got busted with a DUI this past Friday.

Thomas M. Hackney, a postal worker in the Chicago area, was arrested for drunk driving while on duty this past Friday. Apparently, he was delivering mail, under the influence, when he crashed his mail truck.

When police arrived to the scene, Hackney was already taken to the hospital. However, at the hospital his BAC level was taken where it was more than twice the legal limit.

One of the main punishments of any DUI is a mandatory license suspension. However, Hackney may likely lose his job as well. Many professional drivers lose their commercial driver’s license after a DUI arrest, causing them to lose their jobs altogether. Additionally, USPS requires drug screenings as well as a safe driving record for all employees. Therefore, it’s looking like a new position may be opening up.

Losing your job is one of the main reasons why you should hire a DUI lawyer right away. While it is all too easy to lose your license, getting fired is a likely consequence as well. Find a lawyer today!

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