Another Broncos DUI Arrest


Who knew that DUI arrests could be contagious?

While the Denver Broncos are currently dealing with the DUI arrests of two executives, it has come to light that the offensive lineman, Quentin Saulsberry, has also been arrested for a DUI.

On May 19 of this year, Saulsberry was arrested after police received a report that a car was weaving through lanes. Saulsberry was operating the car and when police pulled him over, they performed a field sobriety test. Saulsberry admitted to having one beer at a friend’s house.

Saulsberry also submitted to a blood test, but the blood test results were redacted. Luckily, Saulsberry didn’t have to go to jail because he was released to a sober adult.

This news comes just days after two managers for the Broncos were arrested for drunk driving.

Tom Heckert, the director of pro personnel, was arrested for a DUI in June. Matt Russell, the director of player personnel and the likely successor to John Elway, was arrested over the weekend following July 4.

You don’t need to play for the Denver Broncos to have your DUI arrest be embarrassing. For most people, going through the DUI process can be the most difficult time of your life. However, there is a lawyer who will be by your side every step of the way. To find a DUI lawyer, click this link.

QB Josh Portis Arrested for DUI

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Josh Portis

Backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Portis, was arrested for a DUI earlier this month and will be due in court for an arraignment on May 28.

Portis was pulled over for speeding on the evening of May 5. Police suspected him to be under the influence and took a BAC test. Portis’ blood alcohol content was over the limit and he was subsequently arrested.

Portis is due to appear at a Redmond County Courthouse where he will likely be charged with a misdemeanor. The common punishments for a DUI in Washington State include jail time or electronic monitoring, expensive fines that can run up to $5,000, a license suspension and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you know that these consequences can cost you a lot of time and money that you don’t have. However, by fighting your charges you can avoid these terrible penalties and get back to living your life. Fight your charges with the help of a skilled DUI attorney. Find one today!

DUI Action Figures (Yes, You Read That Correctly)


Bendtner DUI toys

Nicklas Bendtner is a famous Danish Football star who was arrested recently for a DUI. The Danish Football Association (the DBU) suspended the player from the national team for 6 months.

Like most people arrested for a DUI, Bendtner said that his DUI was the “worst day in my life.”

However, that won’t stop Euro 2012, a Copenhagen toy shop, from creating the Bendtner Set – a set of toys for people to recreate Bendtner’s DUI arrest.

Yes, the toy store created DUI action figures dedicated to Bendtner’s DUI arrest. It includes a toy car, a fridge magnet that looks like a beer bottle and a figurine of Bendtner. Surprisingly, the item is selling pretty well.

We always knew that a DUI arrest results in some notoriety. But toys? It looks like DUI offenders are becoming the new GI Joes.

MLB Hall of Famer Pleads Guilty to DUI


Carlton Fisk DUI

Carlton Fisk, a former catcher for the White Sox, has officially pled guilty to a DUI today.

If you recall, Fisk was arrested for a DUI in New Lenox after police found the former athlete driving in the middle of a field. Fisk was under the influence of both alcohol and prescription drugs.

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Fisk has been sentenced to 1 year of court supervision as well as mandatory fines. This is his first DUI. As part of his court supervision, Fisk will have to submit to drug and alcohol evaluations, seek treatment and attend a drunk driving victim impact panel. At this point, the Chicago Tribune did not report the exact type of license suspension Fisk will have to face, although Fisk does have a Florida driver’s license.

Even if you get a DUI on a vacation and/ or outside your home state, you can still find yourself with a suspended driver’s license in your state of residence. This is why it is necessary to call an experienced attorney to help you sort out these issues and to fight your DUI charges.

Purple Teletubby Pleads Guilty to DUI


Teletubby is busted

Riley Sheahan, a NHL prospect now known nationally as the dude arrested for a DUI in the Purple Teletubby costume, pleaded guilty to drunk driving this morning in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sheahan is a prospect for the Detroit Red Wings. According to WZZM online, the court will investigate Sheahan before giving him his official sentence.

Sheahan’s BAC at the time of his arrest was .17. According to Michigan’s DUI laws, Sheahan may face additional penalties due to his high BAC level. This is otherwise known as MI’s “super-drunk” law.

Sheahan DUI teletubby

Hall of Famer Arrested for DUI in a Cornfield


Carlton Fisk, an MLB Hall of Famer, was arrested for a DUI in New Lenox, Illinois yesterday. The consequences for a DUI conviction in the Chicago area can include loss of driver’s license and potential jail time.

Early this morning, New Lenox police were notified of a truck that drove into the middle of a cornfield. When they arrived, they found Fisk to be passed out at the wheel. He refused a BAC test and his truck ended up getting impounded. Carlton Fisk was taken to the hospital for a checkup and has since been released.

Refusing to take a BAC test can be a risky move because you can get your license automatically suspended without any opportunity of applying for a restricted license or an ignition interlock device.

Above all, an automatic license suspension and other consequences depend on the nature of your case, where you were arrested, and if you have a criminal history.

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Sports Stars Face Consequences After DUI Arrests


Though Atlanta Falcon’s running back Michael Turner will likely play on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, he may likely suffer serious consequences for the DUI arrest he received early Tuesday morning. After all, the consequences for a DUI are rather harsh as a Georgia drunk driving arrest can result in expensive fines and even jail.

Additionally, the NFL has been issuing penalties for players who get arrested for a DUI. For example, Clark Haggans of the 49ers has been suspended for 3 games following his 2011 DUI arrest.  Chances are we will see Turner face similar consequences.

In the world of baseball, Mark Grace, the broadcaster for the Arizona Diamondbacks, will have to face even tougher penalties for his August DUI arrest because of a failure to install an ignition interlock device from a previous DUI arrest as well as driving with an expired license plate.

These are just a few examples of the serious consequences people face when they are arrested for a DUI. Sometimes they may be harsher than what you actually deserve. That is why it is necessary to hire a skilled DUI attorney to fight your charges. If you have been arrested for a DUI, find an attorney today!

Tennessee Titan Kenny Britt Arrested for DUI in KY


Kenny Britt, the receiver for the Tennessee Titans has been arrested for a DUI in Kentucky on Friday, July 20. Britt was arrested early Friday morning while trying to enter Fort Campbell, a local Army base.

Britt could face possible suspension as part of the NFL’s protocol in addition to the serious consequences of a DUI in Kentucky. Furthermore, Britt could face harsher punishment due to his other criminal and traffic charges in the past. These punishments can include mandatory jail time and license revocation.

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MI Running Back, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Suspended After Ann Arbor DUI Arrest


The Michigan’s running back, Fitzgerald Toussaint, has been suspended from the team after getting arrested for a DUI this past Saturday. Fitzgerald was pulled over by Saline police in Ann Arbor where he was subsequently arrested for a MI DUI. His BAC at the time of his arrest was .12.

It is not uncommon for college teams to suspend athletes for driving under the influence. Many college athletes have had to sit out for time periods ranging from a couple of games to an entire season.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Ann Arbor or anywhere else in Michigan, you will likely pay expensive fines and even spend time in jail. To avoid these terrible consequences from happening, you must contact an experienced MI DUI attorney. Fill out this form and be put in touch with up to 3 experienced Michigan attorneys today!

Justin Blackmon Pleads Guilty to DUI in Oklahoma


Justin Blackmon, the wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has pled guilty to a DUI in Oklahoma. Blackmon issued a guilty plea in an agreement that would allow him to avoid jail. Blackmon will have to pay expensive fines and serve community service.

Blackmon was arrested on June 3 in Stillwater, OK. His BAC at the time of his arrest was nearly 3 times the legal limit.

The consequences for a DUI in Oklahoma include jail time, expensive fines and losing your driver’s license. If you have been arrested for an OK DUI, it is necessary to find an experienced drunk driving defense attorney to fight your charges. Contact an OK DUI lawyer today!