MLB Hall of Famer Pleads Guilty to DUI


Carlton Fisk DUI

Carlton Fisk, a former catcher for the White Sox, has officially pled guilty to a DUI today.

If you recall, Fisk was arrested for a DUI in New Lenox after police found the former athlete driving in the middle of a field. Fisk was under the influence of both alcohol and prescription drugs.

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Fisk has been sentenced to 1 year of court supervision as well as mandatory fines. This is his first DUI. As part of his court supervision, Fisk will have to submit to drug and alcohol evaluations, seek treatment and attend a drunk driving victim impact panel. At this point, the Chicago Tribune did not report the exact type of license suspension Fisk will have to face, although Fisk does have a Florida driver’s license.

Even if you get a DUI on a vacation and/ or outside your home state, you can still find yourself with a suspended driver’s license in your state of residence. This is why it is necessary to call an experienced attorney to help you sort out these issues and to fight your DUI charges.

Hall of Famer Arrested for DUI in a Cornfield


Carlton Fisk, an MLB Hall of Famer, was arrested for a DUI in New Lenox, Illinois yesterday. The consequences for a DUI conviction in the Chicago area can include loss of driver’s license and potential jail time.

Early this morning, New Lenox police were notified of a truck that drove into the middle of a cornfield. When they arrived, they found Fisk to be passed out at the wheel. He refused a BAC test and his truck ended up getting impounded. Carlton Fisk was taken to the hospital for a checkup and has since been released.

Refusing to take a BAC test can be a risky move because you can get your license automatically suspended without any opportunity of applying for a restricted license or an ignition interlock device.

Above all, an automatic license suspension and other consequences depend on the nature of your case, where you were arrested, and if you have a criminal history.

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