Mike Ditka’s Son Arrested for Second DUI


Mark E. Ditka, the son of famed former Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka, was arrested for a DUI near his home in Deerfield, Illinois. This is his second DUI as he was arrested a little over a year ago for driving under the influence, as well.

Police pulled Ditka over early Sunday morning for driving erratically. Ditka already had a suspended license and police suspected that he may have been under the influence.  Though he refused a breathalyzer test, Ditka did perform a field sobriety test. Police searched his car and found Hydrocodone, a prescription medication.

The charges for a second DUI are significantly worse, especially if your license got suspended from your first DUI arrest. These charges can include mandatory jail and extremely expensive fines.

No matter what you’re going through, if you get arrested again for a DUI, it does not mean you should head into court without an attorney or that you don’t deserve legal representation.

You need an attorney on your side if you have been arrested for a second DUI or any type of drunk driving offense at all. Unsure where to begin? Let us help!

Cop Lies to 911 About Bar Brawl To Avoid Police


There are plenty of ways to avoid a Chicago DUI, mainly by not drinking and driving.

Calling 911 and lying about a bar fight is not one of them. Needless to say, a cop (yes, a cop) did exactly that a year ago. He is now facing disorderly conduct charges for filing a false police report, in addition to his multiple Chicago DUI charges.

You may not be in as much trouble as this cop, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find an experienced Chicago DUI attorney to fight your charges. If you’ve been arrested for a Chicago DUI, find an experienced Illinois DUI attorney today!

DUI in Illinois Reminiscent of Every Down-on-His-Luck Dude from Rom-Com Movies


Calling Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson! We may have a new romantic comedy in the works. Could it be called How to Lose Your License in Ten Days? Oh, and maybe the person who saves the day is a top-notch Chicago DUI attorney?! We can only hope…

Needless to say, a man from Waukegan, Illinois attempted to proclaim his adoration for a female co-worker. After she rejected him, he did what anyone would do: Eat Drink himself into a stupor.

Too bad this was during the work day.

When his boss (ostensibly played by Michael Douglas) saw his employee totally hammered, he fired the guy.

And the bad day only gets worse…

Leaving the office with nothing left but his pride and a BAC that was way over limit, the poor guy got arrested for a DUI after causing his ar.


Cue the opening credits!

Your Chicago DUI may not have been this dramatic, but that still doesn’t mean you should plead guilty. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Illinois, fight your charges today!