Mike Ditka’s Son Arrested for Second DUI


Mark E. Ditka, the son of famed former Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka, was arrested for a DUI near his home in Deerfield, Illinois. This is his second DUI as he was arrested a little over a year ago for driving under the influence, as well.

Police pulled Ditka over early Sunday morning for driving erratically. Ditka already had a suspended license and police suspected that he may have been under the influence.  Though he refused a breathalyzer test, Ditka did perform a field sobriety test. Police searched his car and found Hydrocodone, a prescription medication.

The charges for a second DUI are significantly worse, especially if your license got suspended from your first DUI arrest. These charges can include mandatory jail and extremely expensive fines.

No matter what you’re going through, if you get arrested again for a DUI, it does not mean you should head into court without an attorney or that you don’t deserve legal representation.

You need an attorney on your side if you have been arrested for a second DUI or any type of drunk driving offense at all. Unsure where to begin? Let us help!