Increased DUI Patrols in North Dakota


Areas around Bismarck, ND will be increasing their DUI patrols from Friday, June 21 until Sunday, June 30. If you’re going to be in this area during this time period, be sure to take precautions or hire an attorney if you do get arrested.

Police departments will be adding more DUI patrols in the counties of Mercer, Sheridan, Burleigh, Morton and Grant. Additionally, expect additional DUI patrols in Beaulah, Mandan, Bismarck and Lincoln.

If you get pulled over for a DUI, make sure to hand the police officers your paperwork, state your name and submit to a breathalyzer test to avoid a license suspension. Remember, you don’t have to answer any questions without your attorney present.

This DUI crackdown is a part of North Dakota’s “Don’t Forget to Designate a Driver” Program or TODD. TODD is offering a safe ride program to people who need a ride home. All you have to do is text 88202 and tell them your location. This safe ride program is offered to ND residents in the areas of Bisman, Devil’s Lake, Dickinson, Fargo, Grandforks, Jamesvc, Minot, Newtown, and Williston.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you don’t deserve exceptional legal defense. Don’t go into court unrepresented. Find a DUI lawyer to learn that you still have options.