CA Drivers: Beware of Yolo County Increased DUI Enforcement


Today, the Yolo County DA’s office announced that its DUI enforcement campaigns have received a new grant to assist with nabbing and prosecuting drunk drivers.

This means that throughout the city of Davis, CA and the eastern part of the Sacramento Metro area, drivers may see increased DUI checkpoints, as well as roving patrols. Additionally, law enforcement and officials may use this grant to increase the severity of DUI penalties.

So, be careful out there and if you do get pulled over, get the legal help you deserve!

3 Common Fears After a DUI – We Can Help!


DUI Fears - Image via stock.xchng

After a DUI, you may feel as if you are all alone. You’re worried about how your DUI can affect your job, car insurance and your personal life in general. What’s going to happen to you? Is your life over? Thinking about the severity of DUI penalties can be very disconcerting.

Fortunately, these are all very common fears and anxieties many people have after their DUI arrest, whether it is their 1st offense or their 4th offense.  1 800 DUI Laws has the resources and information you need to help you deal with these obstacles, so you can get your life back in order and move on from this terrible and embarrassing ordeal.

Fear # 1: Will I lose my job?

The truth is a DUI can cost you your job and can prevent you from being hired from your dream job. Find out how you can avoid this.

Fear #2: Will this bankrupt me?

Many people believe that hiring a DUI attorney is too expensive. However, they fail to realize that a DUI conviction can actually wind up costing you more money than if you hired an attorney and managed to get your charges reduced or dropped. See how much a DUI can really cost you!

Fear #3: Do I really need a DUI attorney?

If you are unsure if a DUI attorney is right for you, take a look at this article to see if you can benefit from 1 800 DUI Laws.

Avoiding DUI Checkpoints and DUI Penalties


Well, unlike Matthew Fox, most DUI offenders can’t go on a press junket to rectify their mistake. However, they can be smart about it and find a local experienced DUI attorney to fight any impending DUI charges.

Do you need to figure out whether or not you should hire a DUI attorney? Read this article to see if a drunk driving defense attorney is right for you.

Want to avoid a DUI altogether? Be sure to check out our DUI checkpoint page to see if there are any roving patrols or sobriety checkpoints near you!

Get a PA DUI? Head to… a Hotel?!


A new program for DUI offenders in Allegheny County, PA is being nicknamed “DUI Hotel”. Why? Because it takes place in an actual hotel.

Because of overcrowding in jails, Allegheny County has created the DUI Alternative Jail Program.  This program is a 3-day mandatory alcohol education and treatment program for DUI offenders.  It is held in participating hotels such as the area’s local Holiday Inn Express.

The DUI Alternative Jail program is for people who have been arrested for a PA DUI, but aren’t considered violent offenders. Supporters say this frees up jail space for offenders who have more serious crimes and are considerably more violent.

Opponents of the DUI Alternative Jail Program don’t believe the “DUI Hotel” will help reduce the number of repeat offenders. Many groups, most notably MADD, believe that ignition interlocks are the best method to reducing repeat offenses.

DUI penalties have been debated across the country. Many people have varying opinions about what is the most effective punishment for a drunk driving arrest.

However, like other criminal cases, each DUI case is different.  Many people from various backgrounds and circumstances get arrested for a DUI that it is hard to lay out one hard-and-fast rule.

Perhaps a suitable punishment for one DUI case may not be as effective for another. Maybe it’s time to administer DUI penalties on a case by case basis.

What do you think?