DUI Checkpoints in NJ, MO, IN, and LA

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The police are getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend. Are you?

In order to avoid getting a DUI this holiday weekend, you should make the smart choice of not drinking and driving.  Furthermore, you should also be aware of the police on the road and at DUI checkpoints.

Here’s a list of checkpoints that have been announced. Don’t forget about a checkpoint in Lehi, Utah, as well. Remember, these are just a few of the checkpoints that are taking place. There may be some that are near you that you may not know about. Be careful this weekend!


Noble County: DUI checkpoint will take place on Friday, May 25 in the evening in an area known for DUI occurrences.


Lafourche Parish: Checkpoints will be taking place throughout the parish during the entirety of Memorial Day Weekend.


Kansas City: A DUI checkpoint will take place Friday through Sunday in an area that is known for DUI occurrences.

New Jersey:

Ocean County: DWI checkpoints will be taking place throughout the county and will include drug recognition experts at the checkpoints.

Police May Use New Tactics for DUI Checkpoints



Because of social media and blogs such as this one, police are trying to come up with news ways in setting up DUI checkpoints to catch drunk drivers off-guard.

In an article published online by CNet, police are reported to begin transitioning how they go about setting up DUI checkpoints. This is a result of people taking to social media to warn others of where and when DUI checkpoints will be held.

Police and others believe that spreading the news of a DUI checkpoint undermines the point of a checkpoint. Furthermore, announcing where DUI checkpoints will be could potentially prevent police officers from meeting their required quota in catching traffic violations.

Therefore, police forces are coming up with new tactics to keep people from Tweeting or Facebooking about DUI checkpoints. Some of these tactics include holding checkpoints on smaller side streets as opposed to more public roads and having checkpoints take place during the week as opposed to the weekend.

However, it was yet to be determined if these new tactics will actually keep people from finding out about DUI checkpoints.

First, police departments are technically required to announce that they will be holding DUI checkpoints. If they don’t, it could be considered illegal search and seizure.

Second, with today’s technology, people can share information within seconds. They don’t even need to be sitting at their desktops reading about a checkpoint in order to distribute information. People could be sharing news about a DUI checkpoint while the checkpoint is actually taking place! It is nearly impossible to control what people Tweet, Instagram and share online. It is equally as impossible to control how people access this information because society relies on mobile technology as a primary mean of obtaining information.

Speaking from personal experience, knowing that there is a DUI checkpoint taking place can perhaps prevent one from drinking and driving. Being aware that police are patrolling, specifically looking for drunk drivers, can be an incentive for people for make more responsible decisions such as limiting the amount of alcohol they drink or calling a cab.

The sad truth is that a DUI arrest can ruin your life is you’re found guilty. Remember, if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, it is in your best interest to call an attorney to discuss your options. You don’t have to go to jail for a DUI. Your life doesn’t have to be over.

DUI Checkpoints This Weekend: CA, IN, VA


With St. Patrick’s Day approaching and other festivities throughout the month of March, you should expect to see the police out in full force trying to nab drunk drivers.

1800DUILaws.com has a list of DUI checkpoints that have been announced. Check to see if there’s a sobriety checkpoint taking place near you!

Remember, a DUI arrest is different from a DUI conviction! If you do get arrested for a DUI this weekend, be sure to contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you can. Be sure to visit 1800DUILaws.com to find a local and experienced DUI attorney who is waiting to help you!

Halloween DUI Checkpoints


Halloween DUI checkpoints

It’s pretty embarrassing to have your mug shot taken, but a mug shot while wearing a Halloween costume? Don’t even think about it!

A lot of you will be celebrating Halloween this weekend and the police know this. That is why there are going to be a lot of DUI checkpoints and roving patrols taking place this weekend. Click here to see if there are any near you!

Remember, don’t drink and drive. Have a designated driver or call a cab. In fact, make sure you have a cab company number stored in your cellphone before you head out so you can call right away when it’s time to head home.

As always, if you do get a DUI, make sure you find an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you can!

DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


Check out the updated DUI checkpoints page on 1 800 DUI Laws to see if there is going to be a DUI checkpoint or a roving patrol near you! Be careful when you go out this weekend and don’t drink and drive.

If you do get stopped at a checkpoint, remember the following things:

  1. Always be polite to the police officer.
  2. Make sure you have your license, registration and proof of insurance handy.
  3. Make sure your car is in good working order. You could get additional citations for broken lights, etc.
  4. You are not required to take a field sobriety test, but you are required to take a BAC test. This can be in the form of a breathalyzer or a blood test taken at the police station.
  5. If you do get arrested for a DUI, be sure to find an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you can so you can avoid jail time and having a criminal conviction on your record!

DUI Checkpoints This Weekend


Don’t Get a DUI This Labor Day Weekend!


National DUI Crackdown Beginning Today!


All across the country, the Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign is beginning either today or this evening.

From now through Labor Day Weekend, many states will have roving patrols and DUI checkpoints looking for drunk drivers.

Be sure to not drink and drive and be sure to check out our DUI Checkpoint page to see if there will be any checkpoints near you!

Additionally, find out what happens at a DUI checkpoint so you can be prepared if you get stopped!

Have a safe weekend!

DUI Checkpoints in California and Connecticut This Weekend!