What’s the Difference Between Traffic School and DUI School?

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There is often confusion about the difference between DUI school and traffic school. Many people think they are one in the same but actually they are quite different. A person who gets arrested for drunk driving is often required to attend DUI school. A person with a traffic violation is required to attend traffic school. Now, if you get arrested for a DUI and also have charges for a traffic violation, you may have to attend traffic school in addition to DUI school. It may be a requirement in order to get your license reinstated. However, it all depends on your case.

Unlike DUI school, traffic school may not necessarily be ordered by the judge. Many people opt to take traffic school to erase their poor driving record or to lower their auto insurance rates. However, other people who are ordered to attend traffic school by a judge may do so to avoid paying the expensive fines that result from a traffic violation. Many traffic schools are now being offered online.

In traffic school, students learn about defensive driving techniques and traffic laws. They learn ways to prevent automobile accidents as well as the effects drugs and alcohol can have on driving. A multiple-choice exam typically comes at the end of traffic school. The student receives a certificate of completion that they may be required to show to the judge or their auto insurance company.

DUI school is much different from traffic school. Most of the time, DUI offenders are ordered to attend DUI school as part of their probation. How long one must attend DUI school depends on the case. If someone has multiple DUI offenses or a high BAC, they may be required to attend more classes than if they were a one-time offender with a lower BAC.

In DUI school, you typically learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and ways to abstain from drinking or taking drugs. You may be required to participate in discussions and quite often members of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous lead talks on how you can get involved in local chapters. Staying sober is a requirement of DUI school and you may be subject to sobriety tests while you attend.

Attendance is key when it comes to DUI school. Unlike traffic school, you may not necessarily be required to take a test at the end of the session. You’re often graded on attendance and participation. Failing to attend all of your classes may result in a probation violation or even a warrant for your arrest.

Similar to traffic school, DUI school students receive a certificate of completion once they have finished their classes. It’s very important to hang on to this certificate in case you need to use it as proof to their judge or your auto insurance company.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and are required to attend DUI school, you may be required to enroll within a certain amount of time. It’s important to enroll as soon as possible so you can avoid a probation violation. Luckily, 1 800 DUI Laws can help. We have a listing of DUI and DWI education programs throughout the country. Find a DUI school near you today.


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