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Connecticut DUI arrests trigger two separate cases. First, there is the court case, where the prosecutor seeks the full array of DWI consequences following a drunk driving arrest. After that comes the Connecticut DMV Hearing, where an action is taken against the driver’s license of the person accused of a Connecticut DUI.

REMEMBER: Your life isn’t over after being arrested for a CT DUI. In fact, you can get things back to normal quickly with the help of a skilled Connecticut DUI attorney.

CT DUI lawyer Jeffrey J. Jowdy has nearly 15 years of experience fighting DUI cases in Connecticut. With more than one thousand DUI cases under his belt, Jeffrey Jowdy can help you get a much better outcome in your case. Talk to him today about how he can help your defense.

There is no doubt that CT DUI laws are serious. The judges and prosecutors who enforce these laws mean business. That’s why taking on your CT DUI alone is a huge mistake. Enlist the help of an experienced DUI lawyer near you who can fight your case. Jeffrey Jowdy has the experience you need. This is a lawyer you can trust to fight your DUI case to the end.

Connecticut DUI arrests trigger two separate cases! First, there is the court case, where the prosecutor seeks the full array of DWI consequences following a drunk driving arrest. However, there is also a Connecticut DMV Hearing, where an action is taken against the driver’s license of the person accused of CT DUI.

URGENT: If you have been arrested under CT DUI laws for Connecticut DUI, Connecticut drunk driving, or Connecticut DWI, please contact a Connecticut DUI defense attorney for a free consultation at once to protect your driving privileges. Failure to do so will result in the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Once you receive the DMV notice, you have only SEVEN DAYS TO REQUEST A HEARING. Jeffrey Jowdy can help you save your license and your freedom if you reach out to him today.

CT DUI laws require anyone arrested for Connecticut drunk driving to submit to a test of his or her blood or breath to determine alcohol content. Failure to do so will result in a DMV suspension for a minimum of six months.

Did you realize that the state can prosecute you without having your blood alcohol level? In fact, there are two ways the state can prosecutor your Connecticut DUI charges. First, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs. It is under this theory that it is not necessary to have any particular blood alcohol level. This type of DUI is proven if the driver is impaired by intoxicants. Impairment may be shown through driving pattern, field sobriety test performance, or chemical test results. However, chemical test results are not necessary for this theory of drunk driving prosecution for a CT DUI. The only required showing is the driver’s impairment.

According to CT DUI laws, you can be prosecuted for violating the state’s "per se" laws. This basically means if your blood alcohol level is .08% or higher, you are committing a crime. Under this theory, the impairment of the driver does not matter. This Connecticut drunk driving prosecution is based only on body chemistry. Mental or physical impairment from alcohol is irrelevant to this type of CT DUI.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the laws in Connecticut, and by the possibility that you could end up in jail, you need to seek out the help of a Connecticut DUI attorney. Jeffrey Jowdy is a skilled DUI lawyer who can set your mind at ease. Talk to a Connecticut DUI lawyer today to find out more about your case.

Are you a first-time offender or have you been convicted of a CT DUI before? This is an important question because Connecticut has a 10-year look-back period. This means that if you have a drunk driving conviction that is more than 10 years old, a new Connecticut DUI arrest will be treated as a first-offense. However, if you have one or more drunk driving convictions that are less than 10 years old, the new arrest will be treated as a second- or third-offense, depending upon the number of prior DUI convictions.

NOTE: Connecticut drunk driving cases are referred to as Connecticut DUI, DWI, or drunk driving. The terms are interchangeable. They all relate to the same type of case: driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Criminal Penalties Through Court
Under Connecticut's criminal law, the driver arrested for DUI will receive both a summons and a court date. If the court proceedings result in a conviction, the following penalties must be imposed:


First Offense
Test results of .08 or higher

Second Offense
(within 10 years) Test results of .08 or higher

Third Offense
(within 10 years of last conviction)
Test results of .08 or higher


$500 to $1,000

$1,000 to $4,000

$2,000 to $8,000


6 month; 48 hours minimum mandatory or 6 month, suspended with 100 hours community service.

2 years; 120 days minimum mandatory and 100 hours of community service

3 years; 1 year minimum mandatory and 100 hours of community service


One year

Three years (or until you are 21 years of age, whichever is longer)

Permanent revocation

Administrative Per Se Through DMV

The driver's license sanctions (license suspension periods) outlined below have been revised recently and will be imposed in addition to criminal penalties. In most cases, the driver's license sanctions will be imposed much earlier. In all cases, they will be imposed in addition to criminal penalties and will appear on your driving record.

Blood Alcohol Level

First Offense

Second Offense

Third Offense

Refusal to submit to a blood, breath or urine test

6 month

1 year

3 years

Test results of .02 or higher and you are under twenty-one years of age

90 days

9 months

2 years

Test results of .08 or higher; up to, but not including, .16

90 days

9 months

2 years

Test results of .16 or higher

120 days

10 months

2 1/2 years

According to CT DUI laws, if you have been arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and either failed a chemical alcohol analysis of your blood, breath, or urine or refused to submit to such analysis, your operator's license or privilege is suspended effective 12:01 a.m. on the thirty-first day following the date of the arrest. A Notice of Suspension will be mailed to your address of record allowing seven days to request a hearing.

Before the final date to request a hearing noted on the suspension notice, you must call the Administrative Per Se Unit directly at 860-263-5204. That Unit can be contacted between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have already scheduled a hearing and wish to request a continuance, you must contact the Administrative Per Se Unit directly at 860-263-5204. However, if the suspension has already taken effect and you would like to find out your requirements for restoration, please either write or call:

Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Services Division 60 State Street Wethersfield, CT 06161-2525 Phone: 860-263-5720

The laws in Connecticut can be confusing. Possible penalties are frightening. But there is a way to combat CT DUI charges. An experienced Connecticut DUI attorney like Jeffrey Jowdy can fight your case. You could end up with a much better outcome.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for drunk driving, please contact a Connecticut DWI defense attorney for a free consultation at once to protect your rights. Remember, you have only SEVEN DAYS to request a DMV Hearing, so it is critical to act right away if you’ve been arrested for DWI in Connecticut.

Jeffrey Jowdy will stand by you throughout this entire ordeal. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Pace University School of Law and is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Connecticut Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and a lecturer with the acclaimed "People’s Law School." He has dedicated his practice to defending people just like you who are accused of drunk driving. Get help from Jeffrey Jowdy today if you want to have a strong defense.

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