What is The National College for DUI Defense?

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If you see that your possible attorney is a member or has received training from the National College for DUI Defense, you should rest assured that you’re speaking with an experienced DUI attorney who is able to adequately fight your DUI case.

There are many factors to determining whether or not a specific DUI attorney is right for you. The most important factor to pay attention to is whether or not you feel you can trust your attorney and that he or she will focus their attention to your case.

Another way to determine the value of your potential defense attorney is their membership in professional organizations. Many of the most prominent defense attorneys are active members in many professional organizations including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Bar Association, and your state’s local bar association.

However, since DUI defense is such a specialized form of law, when researching an attorney, you should look for memberships in legal organizations that revolve around defending drunk driving cases. One such organization is the National College for DUI Defense.

The National College for DUI Defense is a non-profit corporation made up of DUI attorneys who aim to improve criminal defense standards and provide the public with accurate information about DUI defense as a specialized area of practice. There are many different levels of membership and it is usually a good sign that a potential attorney is dedicated to their field if you notice that they are a member of NCDD.

Additionally, the National College for DUI Defense has a certification program. You should look to see if your DUI attorney has been board certified by the National College for DUI Defense. In order to be certified with the NCDD, an attorney must have experience of litigating pre-trial cases, have an extensive knowledge of the science behind a DUI arrest and have a complete understanding the framework of the legal process when it comes to convicting a DUI defender.

When you see that a DUI attorney is a member and received certification from NCDD, you should now understand that this is a sign that your potential lawyer is a dedicated member of his or her field and has the proper accreditation to effectively fight your charges.

Many of the attorneys who are members of 1 800 DUI Laws are active members and even instructors with the National College of DUI Defense. Use this map to find a local attorney near you. To get in touch with an attorney, please fill out our simple and safe form and you’ll be put in touch with an experienced attorney within one business day.

For more information on the NCDD, you can also visit NCDD.com.



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