DUI and the holidays

Top 5 Holidays Known for DUI Arrests

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Yearís

Weíre combining these three holidays because most states begin their DUI crackdowns around Thanksgiving and maintain them until New Yearís Day. Usually around this time, many companies and families have holiday parties in between the actual holidays. Because of this, there are quite a few DUI arrests in between the actual holidays, especially during the weekends.

St. Patrickís Day

This is probably an obvious one. Not only do police set up DUI checkpoints, but many local cab companies and other organizations such as AAA set up free sober driver services for people who need a ride home. If youíre interested in celebrating these holidays without worrying about driving, you should look into one of these services.

Memorial Day Weekend

Itís the unofficial kick-off of summer and itís when the grills and the coolers full of beer come out. Many people tend to go a little overboard. Therefore, many states tend to set up DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout the weekend.

Fourth of July

It must be the overall relaxing attitude that is summer, but many DUI arrests occur around Fourth of July, especially if the holiday happens to be on a weekend.


Oh the amount of costumed mugshots weíve seen! Many people who are of drinking age like to revert to their childhoods and embrace the fact they can include alcohol in their celebrations. Of course, area police expect these festivities to get out of hand and are usually on high-alert. Remember, if Halloween occurs on a weekday, many people tend to celebrate on the weekend before, so expect to see DUI checkpoints and roving patrols during that time, too.

It can be inevitable that someone gets arrested for drunk driving during a holiday. If it happens to be you, the important thing to do is not panic, but contact an experienced DUI attorney right away.

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Donít ruin your holiday celebrations with a DUI conviction!