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Most Driving Records Contain Inaccuracies That Could Cause You To Pay Hundreds Of Dollars More Per Year In Auto Insurance! Are you paying too much for auto insurance? Well, if your record has a mistake on it... then you could be paying hundreds of extra dollars in insurance premiums each and every single year!

The Insurance Research Council states that more than 22% contain mistakes that are costing people hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in insurance charges. These mistakes stem from a variety of things, but the most common reasons are speeding violations which have been dismissed against a person (for instance, after completing a traffic school class), yet still show up on record. Other mistakes result from clerical errors where a person will input the wrong information on an individual.

As of yet, only 14 states currently input driving history information electronically, while the rest still use ordinary paper and pen. Such a sloppy system is bound to create errors.

A Bad (Or Inaccurate) Driving Record Can Get You Fired Or, Prevent You From Landing That Job Of A Lifetime! If your job relies on you traveling a lot (especially with the company car), then it is extra important that you get a copy of your record. Any mistakes can be costly for you and your career.

Companies regularly do scheduled driving record checkups and if you fail to inform your employer beforehand of what is on it, you can (and probably will) be fired on the spot!

A Good Driving Record Can Be A Big Plus In A Traffic Courtroom When Fighting Your Speeding Ticket! If you have a good driving history, then taking a copy with you to court will do wonders to help you fight the charge against you. Although there may be a copy of your record already there, by bringing your own, it emphasizes to the judge to take into consideration your previous driving history.

Judges may give special leniency to those with good past driving histories. Also, by having purchased your own, it shows the judge that you are concerned about what this traffic ticket can do to your clean driving history and as such he will be more willing to drop the charge against you to one that won't show up on your record.

Getting a copy of your driving record can be as easy as clicking the link below and picking the state you are from.

Why you must get a copy of your DMV driving record?
I highly suggest you get a copy of your drivers license record BEFORE shopping for car insurance. Many of us have errors in our driving report that will drive up insurance rates. A few years ago I paid a traffic ticket, but they never credited my driving record, nor did they credit me for going to driving school! How did I find out? Allstate canned me! That's not the way you want to find an error on your driving record. I saw an article in the paper where the clerk of the court admitted they had a 20% error rate, and shrugged it off as normal. So lucky 20% me had my license suspended by mistake. You don't want to go through what I did to fix it. Be sure to get your driving record! If you go to driving school or pay any fines, keep the receipt in your wallet for 3 years or until you renew your license! If you get pulled over by the police, it's your only salvation from being dragged off to jail for driving with a suspended license. Just as your credit history determines car loan approval, your driving record determines how cheap your insurance will be.

Why get a copy of your Driving Record?

Don't let your driving record stall your career...
Due to the rise in identity theft and the fact that government agencies are notorious for screwing things up... inaccuracies on your driving record can wreck even the most qualified applicant's chance of success. But this is PREVENTABLE. Join the thousands of satisfied job hunters who have used our services to identify inaccurate information on their driving record before they apply for a job. Advanced knowledge will allow you to correct inaccuracies and stay on the road to success. Indeed... the information you need for the decisions you face!

We provide accurate and up-to-date driving records directly from the State DMV... without the long lines and lost time from work. How valuable is your time?

Screen Your Employees Driving Record
The best indication of future performance is past performance. As an employer, background investigations are imperative to avoid potential negligent hiring lawsuits. If you hire an individual without conducting a proper investigation of their background you are setting your company up for potential negligent hiring lawsuits. With dmv-report.com, you can