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Michigan DUI Law

Michigan counties - map view

Michigan counties - map view


Immobilization Chart MCL 257.904d & 904

Immobilization Chart MCL 257.904d & 904e

  1st 2nd within 7 years 3rd or more within 10 years
Child Endangerment
Up to 180 days 90 -180 days 1-3 years
Person Under 21 with BAC None None None
Failure to Yield/ Injury/Emergency Responder None None None
*Priors include: Murder or Manslaughter with vehicle, 625m, Neg Hom & all those listed above. MCL 257.904d(8).
-OUIL Operated Under Influence Liquor
-OUID Operated Under Influence Drugs
-UBAC Unlawful Blood Alcohol Content
-UBAL Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level
-OWI Operating While Impaired