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Ways to Avoid Jail after a DUI in Montgomery County, PA

Hire an attorney. If you are worried about going to jail, you need an experienced attorney on your side fighting for you. There is an experienced PA DUI attorney who will get you results. A DUI lawyer knows exactly how to successfully defend your case. Fill out this form and be put in touch with up to 3 Montgomery County DUI attorneys.

Inquire about the ARD Program. If you qualify, you may be able to participate in Pennsylvania’s ARD Program. ARD stands for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. You can avoid jail and a DUI conviction by successfully completing the ARD program, which includes drug and alcohol treatment, counseling, community service and other requirements. Speak with your Montgomery County DUI attorney to see if PA’s ARD Program is an option for you.

Opt for Community Service. Oftentimes, you can avoid going to jail if you agree to perform a maximum number of hours of community service. There are other jail alternatives in addition to community service. Speak with your attorney to see if you qualify for these jail alternatives including community service.

Seek Treatment. If you agree to seek treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, the judge may consider your treatment to be your prison sentence. Again, it is important to discuss with your attorney about this option. Every PA DUI case is different.  However, at the end of the day, each DUI case is worth fighting.



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