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What to Expect in Blount County Court After an Alabama DUI

Making an appearance in Blount County Court can be an overwhelming experience. However, with the help of an experienced Alabama DUI attorney, you'll be prepared to take on this process. Here are some procedures that can happen:

Bail Hearing: In most cases, you will be released from custody once the police determine that you're sober and you promise to appear in court. In some jurisdictions, you may need to post bail in order to be released after a DUI in Blount County, AL. If you can't afford bail, you decide not to go to a bail bondsman or if your lawyer advises not to pay bail, you may file a motion to drop or reduce your bail. This is an extremely tricky process as it can result in your bail being increased. Plus, you are presumed guilty by the judge. This is why it is absolutely necessary to hire an experienced Oneonta DUI attorney if you want to undergo this process.

Arraignment: Your arraignment is your first appearance in court where the judge will officially tell you the charges against you. It is where you will plead guilty or not guilty and schedule your pre-trial meetings.

Pre-trial meetings: More often than not, this is where your Blount County court process will end. Pre-trial meetings are with you, your Alabama DUI attorney and the judge. It is where a plea-agreement is settled. Usually, a plea deal is agreed upon by all parties. However, there have been cases where an Oneonta DUI case has gone to trial. Click here for more information on DUI trials.

Motion to Withdraw Plea: You can withdraw your plea before or after you have been sentenced for an Alabama DUI. This is usually in cases where you haven't been properly explained about what is happening to you or if you have worked with an under qualified attorney. Again, this is a tricky process and one you can avoid by hiring an attorney that specializes in Alabama DUI laws. Fill out this simple form and be put in touch with up to 3 skilled Blount County DUI attorneys.

Motion to Appeal: If you're convicted of a DUI in Blount County, AL, you can file a motion to appeal the conviction. Appeals are time-sensitive and very complex and you need a skilled Alabama DUI lawyer on your side to assist you with this process.

Remember, it is likely that the only court appearances you will need to make are your arraignment and pre-trial meetings. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Blount County, AL, you need a defense lawyer to assist you with this process. If you have yet to find an attorney, fill out this simple form and up to 3 skilled Alabama DUI attorneys will contact you.

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