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Important Things You Need to Know after a Coosa County DUI

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You can easily get your license suspended if you don't act quickly. It is absolutely necessary to contact an experienced Coosa County DUI attorney right away or else you can get your license suspended. You also need to contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety to schedule an administrative hearing to determine whether or not your driver's license should get suspended. If you do not schedule this hearing within 10 days of your Rockford DUI arrest, you can lose your license regardless of the outcome of your case.

Your auto insurance rates will increase. When you are arrested for a DUI in Alabama, you need to fill out a form called an SR-22 Form. Filling out this form will inform your auto insurance carrier that you are a high-risk driver. This, in turn, can case your auto insurance to raise your rates or drop you altogether. As you know, it is definitely not a smart idea to drive without insurance. However, there are options. You can speak with your Alabama DUI lawyer about auto insurance options or you can get a free quote at

You need to pay more than just the required fines. Even for a first Coosa County DUI offense, you may have to pay up to thousands of dollars in fines. However, this is not all you will need to pay. The other punishments associated with a Rockford DUI include some type of fee including paying for alcohol education classes, installing an ignition interlock and getting your driver's license reinstated. Above all, an Alabama DUI is much more costly than you may expect. This is why it is necessary to fight your charges to avoid these expensive fines.

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