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Frequently Asked Questions about the Covington County, Alabama DUI Process

What happens after I put my information in on the above form?

Your information will be sent to up to 3 experienced Andalusia DUI lawyers who will contact you right away. You'll answer questions about what happened during your Alabama DUI arrest and receive information about how a DUI lawyer can fight your charges.

How can I keep driving after a Covington County DUI arrest?

The first thing you need to do is contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety to schedule your administrative hearing. If you don't contact the Department of Public Safety within 10 days of your Alabama DUI arrest, you can lose your driver's license regardless of the outcome of your criminal court case. If your driver's license does get suspended, you can apply for a restricted license or install an ignition interlock device. Your lawyer can assist you with this part of the DUI process.

What will happen to my auto insurance?

Unfortunately, if you are arrested for an Andalusia DUI, your auto insurance carrier can dramatically raise your rates or drop you altogether. If you are need of new auto insurance after a Covington County DUI arrest, visit

What are some of the long-term consequences of an Alabama DUI?

Having a criminal conviction on your record will result in a number of obstacles in the long-run. If you want to change jobs, you may be required to disclose to a potential employer about your criminal record. You may also run into difficulty getting approval for a bank loan with a DUI conviction on your record. This can get in the way if you plan on buying a home or a new car. Additionally, if you were to get in trouble again, the punishments you receive could be a lot worse since you have a prior conviction on your record. All of these reasons indicate why it is necessary to hire an Alabama DUI attorney and fight your drunk driving charges. You have too much at stake to plead guilty.

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